"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?" — Chuck Palahniuk

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guess Who's Back?!

"Been A Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You, Without A Strong Blog To Step To, Think Of All The Weak Blogs You Sleep Thru, Times Up Sorry I Kept You! Thinking Of This Ya kept Saying Ya Missed Them Blogs By The Crazy Conspiracy Theory Soloist" -Modified lyrics from Eric B and Rakim's I Know You Got Soul!

Ya miss me? Probably not but that's okay I missed you all and writing my conspiracy blogs and bashing my government and of course arguing with all of you. Guess I should tell you all that's been happening with me but that will have to wait until next time. Needless to say a lot has changed since I last wrote anything here but the more things change the more things stay the same. While I have calmed a little bit I still detest dumbshit, still not afraid to be the only one to resist, still get all up in your chest and to get to the truth I will never ever rest. However, today I realize these are my opinions albeit well thought out, logical and researched opinions they are just that and we all have them like the saying goes "Opinions are like assholes and lord knows this country is full of those"... oh wait...that is one of mine, but I am sure you have heard it.

I no longer care if you don't like my opinion nor am I here to try and make you change yours like I was determined to do a few years ago. Imma still argue mine but not to the death like before. I am no longer concerned with how I am perceived like I was before, I am who I am and my experiences have shaped and molded me and my opinions. I still believe strongly that experience trumps book learning and feelings, but I no longer discount your feelings as much because I have been dealing with a few feelings of my own these past two years.

Now since it has been two years I need to build my stamina back up, and work on this slowly, because I still go from 0-60 in seconds and that is what contributed to my last crash and burn session and I do not want to be gone another two years in a matter of months. Maybe tomorrow I will tell you about my journey to Philly and back to Planet Baltimore and the reasons for the journey, but then again I don't want to piss too many people off right out the gate....naaaaah who am I kidding I LOVE causing folks cognitive dissonance! So tell your friends that it is safe to come back to the blog and i am sure my haters will follow

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