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Friday, July 01, 2011

The Cicada Killer

Okay so I was actually up and out the door this morning about 9 am...Yeah I know, wtf was I up doing at that hour...NUNYA! Anyway, I walked up to the top of the hill round my way and I ran into a gang of what I thought were hornets, "Brown Hornets" at that. There were literally hundreds of them just flying around so naturally I grabbed the camera and started recording because I have never seen any shit like that! Planet Baltimore NEVER ceases to amaze me! Check out the video...

I know they were hard to see but trust me they were there. You can hear me talking to a maintenance guy who was working in the apartment complex where I now reside and he didn't know what they were or what they were doing either. You can hear in the video that I thought they were mating, of course I wasn't as eloquent then and said fucking but that was what they were doing! It was kind of unreal and I thought typical of Planet Baltimore especially because the indigenous people of said planet was going on about their business like they didn't even see them. I mentioned that in the video also which brings me to the point of doing this post. If you read my comeback post from yesterday you might remember how I said I no longer discount folks feelings outright because I have been having some feelings of my own which had really come to a head since I have been back on Planet Baltimore dealing with the indigenous peoples of said planet. Now don't get me wrong I love Planet Baltimore I have lived here for damn near 20 years went away and couldn't wait to get back, met a lot of good people who were willing to help me out without question, but it is the majority of the people I can do without.

I know I have said this a time or two before but some of the people here have taking hating to a whole 'notha level. They might be in a running gun battle with each other one minute but will team up with each other the next against anyone they perceive as an outsider in a heartbeat, especially if you are trying to effect change or don't feel the same way they do about a particular subject. For example if you don't know this is the home of the "Stop Snitching" videos that got Carmelo Anthony in a lil trouble a few years back. I can remember being in the barbershop a few years ago and the conversation was about those same videos and of course I chimed in to set the record straight about snitching and protecting yourself from dumb shit which is really simple.

If you and them are doing a crime and one of you gets caught and the other tells that is snitching! If I as an outsider to the crime spree sees you and them breaking into someones home and tells on your stupid ass it is protecting myself from dumb shit because if you or them get away with it that time who is to say you won't be breaking into my home the next time. Now if you or them give me some profits of said crime and then I tell then I am snitching. See...Simple! Wordy but simple to understand nonetheless. Of course after that explanation I am considered the worst person in the barbershop. No one considered that it could be their mothers, sisters or brothers house and they would want to know who the hell it was if it was them. Now I don't just say this to make some point this is real life shit...Dig!

Terrorist Attack in Waverly!

Don't Snitch!It's Edna McAbier and the Dawsons all over again!

A Waverly family's house was firebombed in retaliation for their complaints about drug dealing on their street.

Mary Pat Clarke: "I talked to the Commissioner, and he says that he will pound down in this area until we clear out this drug disease and this terrible threat to a wonderful neighborhood."
Pounding? How about some security for these people?!
Not once but twice on Planet Baltimore. Now granted this is a police issue after these people put themselves out there to try and protect themselves, their property and their families. After trying to be good citizens and help the police who are constantly talking about how the citizens have to get involved in community policing and helping to stop crime in their own neighborhoods then leave them out there to fend for themselves! I can understand why no one wants to talk to the gang in blue. You make your own mess! I myself have called the police at my job about people loitering outside of the store where I once worked, told them I don't need follow up and the police busting up in the store and announcing that they were taking care of the problem that we called about. But I am digressing and making this about them instead of me and my feelings.

So I had been feeling some kind of way because of how people were mean mugging me, walking up on me like they were going to do something to me, laughing at me, dissing me in the stores where I was spending my fucking money and me not understanding what it was about. Notice I said still taking my money! Wonderful people! Of course this shit had been bugging the hell out of me because if you know me you know I am a very good looking, likeable person (emphasis on good looking), for the most part, I mean I don't fuck with no one and keep to myself. Listening to my music on my boostberry, occasionally flirting with the ladies and shit but I am not smoking crack, robbing and mobbing! Hell I haven't had a blunt since my birthday in May and I wasn't writing anything at all so I really couldn't understand what the fuck was pissing people off so about me. Then I started thinking with the help of my man John Jameson about how when I was writing I did have a pretty good little following although my numbers were being skewed by those I was writing about, how I was internationally known, a big time political, social blogger, poet and real good friends with the Christians who I might have seemed like I was bashing, but was just trying to get them to understand that THEY are the masters of their universe and not some imaginary man in the sky, which I will be revisiting in another blog post at another time. In other words I was the shit!

However, I know the decline 2-3 years ago in readers and my blogging popularity had a lot to do with my feelings about pResident Obama and the fact that I only voted for him because he was black and that pissed of my white readers, but hey I finally had a choice of someone that looked like me and the same old white guys I always voted for, honestly flip the script, what would you have done? Or the fact that I was saying he was going to do what THEY told him to do and all that change shit was about the coming of the NWO and not about him changing how Black America would be perceived or us finally getting our 40 ounces and pit bulls that pissed of my black brethren. I know you Christians have a 1000 topics you can pick but I wasn't sodomizing them little boys, and I didn't put all that misogyny and women bashing in the Bible or Koran. You Muslims are the worse about your attitudes about women! I didn't steal from every other religion that predated Christianity by 100,000's years especially those pagan beliefs and try to sell it as the truth, or how the Jewish girl lied or any of the other shit I might have said about your precious religion which I still stand strongly behind! Religion is still mans bullshit no matter how ya spin it. And for real you Obama bama's actually thought in the Home of the Slave, Land of the Thief (for my Indian brothers, not dot Indian but slot Indians) the place where racism was fined tuned and made into a way of life was going to let some brotha actually change some shit! You all must be smoking! Really?!? Stop shooting at the messenger!

And I say all of that to say this, "Stop Hating The Player And Help Him Change The Game!"

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