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Thursday, August 09, 2007

"The Cult Of Christianity - Part 2 -The Cognitve Dissonance Of The Christ!"

Thanks for the inspiration Winter!

As I was writing this earlier I was rushing to get it done so that I could go see Beyonce...Wait correction: The "Beyonce Experience" as it was dubbed and she set it off almost for 2.5 hours! Well she was actually on stage for about 2 hours with all the changes she did, but it was a great show...I got some video I am uploading to youtube and I will post it later today...Now back to the task at hand and it is a long one but you will be so much more enlightened after reading...

Like the message says at the top this was inspired by a confused Christian...I feel the need to clear some stuff up right from the door...In no way did I just wake up one day and stop believing in religion and the loss of my religion was gradual and very painful! I didn't come to a lot of these revelations until a few years ago...2ooo was the year! Lot of strange shit happened in 2k...Shrub stole the election and then was appointed by the Supremes, The Y2K Bug was a dud, play station 2 was released the kids got dumber, and I lost my Religion! Now I said I lost my religion, not my God! As I have always asserted that I can reason a God or Creator or Higher Power as we use to say in NA, by the miracles that happen everyday, the miracle that is me...I can also reason by all the evidence in the world and how things work in nature that God has set the world in motion to evolve and to take care of itself...The Earth heals itself, but has been taking one hell of a beating lately, people heal, there is rebirth and renewal (keep that in mind) in everything in nature...We are also given choices (free will) and we know that the better the choices we make the better our options become, the better our life will turn out...No great mystery there, no need for supernatural interference...All our choices are laid out for us, 1000's of different paths that lead to different futures, no future is set in stone...You predict your own future...I can predict without a doubt that if I spend $200 for them Beyonce tickets, instead of on the electric bill I won't be writing this shit! I pay the electric bill and then I can go to youtube and watch Beyonce to my hearts content! Not exactly the same as seeing her live in concert but there is some concert footage and I got a big monitor...The upside is that you have electricity and maybe the next time she comes you will be in the position to see Beyonce live...That might be simplistic but that is what it is! If I
go to college and study real hard, eventually I will get a good job...If I go out sell drugs eventually I will end up dead or end jail...This is already hard wired into our psyche...A child has a sense of right and wrong in two or three years depending on it's development and interactions with others, they might not understand it like we do but it's there...That "feeling" you get, that voice in your head saying, "don't go there" or "you know that ain't right" after doing or saying something that wasn't nice! The signals that indicate that something is just not right with a particular situation...All of this stuff is already inside of us...I heard it said by a lot folks even Al Sharpton, "That if there was no God people would not be moral and all would be chaos!" Well the natural order of the universe is chaos and this can be proven by taking a handful of anything and dropping it on the floor...It doesn't fall in neat little rows or piles it falls and scatters everywhere...But I digress...We can see that that statement is just not true...Not everyone ascribes to the same God and that is the biggest part of the whole religion debate in and of itself but even those that don't ascribe to a certain God, atheist's for example, the majority of them go to work contribute to society and are law abiding...The majority of people on earth fit this mold...Man is not inherently evil, we see that when a disaster strikes, there are good people doing great things everyday...

"Left to there own good men will do good things and evil men will do evil things. To make good men do evil add religion." -(?)

That simply means that there are good and bad people, you cannot have one without the other...However, man has always justified killing in some God's name...The Church killed in God's name, especially the people that disagreed with it or thought differently from it! The pResident kills in God's name...There was a quote in NA that spoke about addicts justifying the most outrageous stuff to get high, it is no different with religion...People still justify the most outrageous stuff when it comes to religion...

Christian capacity for believing the impossible in nature is unparalleled in any time past amongst any race of men. Christian readers denounce the primitive [Page 34] realities of the mythical representation as puerile indeed, and yet their own realities alleged to be eternal, from the fall of Adam to the redemption by means of a crucified jew, are little or nothing more than the shadows of these primitive simplicities of an earlier time. It will yet be seen that the culmination of credulity, the meanest emasculation of mental manhood, the densest obscuration of the inward light of nature, the completest imbecility of shut-eyed belief, the nearest approach to a total and eternal eclipse of common sense have been attained beyond all chance of competition by the victims of the Christian creeds. - GMassey

Real quick all that means is that as man has progressed he has become dumber in terms of religion and not more enlightened...We have regressed instead of moving forward and I attribute that to Cognitive Dissonance...

Main Entry: cognitive dissonance
Function: noun
: psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

Two beliefs can't occupy the same mind at the same time or this condition exists...Not all people suffer from this...They can learn and move on but a lot of people especially people stuck in the trap of religion cannot and cognitive dissonance is the reason why...I have heard many stories about various other cults and UFO groups that were the study groups for this research into the condition...One in particular had a revelation that a UFO was going to come to earth and take them up into space New Years day of the year 2000...When it didn't happen instead of revising their beliefs to conform with the results they made different dates they revise the "mythology" and continue with greater fury to believe because it was some fault within themselves and because they didn't believe enough, or pray enough or was good enough...Never thinking that the belief itself might be flawed...

The Great Disappointment is viewed as an example of how the psychological phenomenon of cognitive dissonance manifests itself through failed prophecies which often arise in a religious context.[6] The theory was proposed by Leon Festinger to describe the formation of new beliefs and increased proselyting in order to reduce the tension, or dissonance, that results from failed prophecies. According to the theory, believers experienced tension following the failure of Jesus' reappearance in 1844 which led to a variety of new explanations. The various solutions form a part of the teachings of the different groups that outlived the disappointment.

In this particular case a lot of people suffered the great disappointment and left the movement, but those that remained formed new beliefs around the same myths and kept on pushing...

Cognitions which contradict each other are said to be "dissonant," while cognitions which agree with each other are said to be "consonant." Cognitions which neither agree nor disagree with each other are said to be "irrelevant." (Festinger, 1957).

The introduction of a new cognition that is dissonant with a currently held cognition creates a state of "dissonance," the magnitude of which relates to the relative importance of the involved cognitions. Dissonance can be reduced either by eliminating dissonant cognitions, or by adding new consonant cognitions. The maximum possible dissonance is equal to the resistance to change of the less resistant cognition; therefore, once dissonance reaches a level that overcomes the resistance of one of the cognitions involved, that cognition will be changed or eliminated, and dissonance will be reduced. This leads some people who feel dissonance to seek information that will reduce dissonance and avoid information that will increase dissonance. People who are involuntarily exposed to information that increases dissonance are likely to discount that information, either by ignoring it, misinterpreting it, or denying it. MORE!

The emphasis was all mine, and I will take it a step further, people do not have to be involuntarily exposed to the information to suffer the dissonance...They can seek the information and still suffer the dissonance as in the case with people who read these well thought out, well reasoned arguments I present with all the back up from people smarter than me and you yet, I still get folks like Winter coming here and damning me to hell and smacking me down with something she knows absolutely nothing at all about...

"ALL men are apt to have a high conceit of their own understanding, and to be tenacious (10-acious) of the opinions they profess," said Jordan, justly adding to this – "and yet almost all men are guided by the understandings of others, not by their own; and may be said more truly to adopt, than to beget, their opinions." -HP Blavatsky

If you subscribe to a God in a book that understanding of God is not yours but that of the men who wrote that book...If you subscribe to the God of a particular preacher or a church that understanding is not yours but the preachers or of the churches...We have truly "back slid" in terms of understanding and that is not just with respects to religion but everything! Even basic learning, that ignores centuries of learned knowledge to even suggest something as silly and downright stupid as Intelligent Design is a prime example of the stated "back slide" in all things intelligent, logical and based in some semblance of reality...The truth is all around us, but we close our eyes and stick our fingers in our ears because the truth hurts...It hurt me too!

The following excerpt further illustrates my point by actually showing examples of both that back sliding thing and cognitive dissonance...The ancients realized their "stories" were mythology, but the Christian claims their "stories" as fact, historical fact at that...Not the allegories and astrology that they are based on...

No race of men ever yet imagined that the animals talked in human language as they are made to do in the popular Märchen. No men were so “primitive” as to think that anyone was swallowed by a great fish and remained three days and nights in the monster’s belly, to be afterwards belched up on dry land alive. They were not human beings of whom such stories were told, and therefore those who first made the mythical representations were not capable of believing they were human. Put your living representatives of primitive or aboriginal men to the test. Try them with the miracles of the Old or New Testament, presented to them for matters of fact, as a gage of credulity. What does Dr. Moffat say of his African aborigines? “The Gospel appeared too preposterous for the most foolish to believe,” and “To speak of the Creation, the Fall, and the Resurrection seemed more fabulous, extravagant, and ludicrous to them than their own vain stories of lions and hyaenas.” (Missionary Labours, p. 245).But they knew more or less, that their own legends were mythical, whereas, the Christian was vouching for his mythos being historical, and that they could in no wise accept. A Red Indian known to Hearne as a perfect bigot with regard to the arts and tricks of the jugglers could yet by no means be impressed with a belief in any part of the Christian religion, or the documents and vouchers for its truth. (Hearne, Journey among the Indians, p. 350). When Robert Drury told the Malagasy for the first time how God created a man, and made a woman from one of his ribs while he was asleep, they said, “it was plain untruth, and that it was a shame to tell such lies with a serious countenance.” They at once proceeded to test the statement by reckoning ribs of a woman and a man. “They said that to talk of what was done before man was made was silly, and that what I had said of God’s talking with men and telling them such things had no proof; and the things I pretended to know and talk of were all old women’s stories. When I mentioned the resurrection of the body, they told me “ it must be a lie, and to talk of them burning in fire after this life was an abominable lie.” (Madagascar: Robert Drury’s Journal, during Fifteen Years' Captivity on that island). And A Further Description of Madagascar , by the Abbé Alexis Rochon. Edited, with an Introduction and notes, by Captain Pasfield Oliver, R.A.)

The aborigines do not mistake the facts of nature as we have mistaken the primitive method of representing them. It is we, not they, who are the most deluded victims of false belief. Christian capacity for believing the impossible in nature is unparalleled in any time past amongst any race of men. Christian readers denounce the primitive [Page 34] realities of the mythical representation as puerile indeed, and yet their own realities alleged to be eternal, from the fall of Adam to the redemption by means of a crucified jew, are little or nothing more than the shadows of these primitive simplicities of an earlier time. It will yet be seen that the culmination of credulity, the meanest emasculation of mental manhood, the densest obscuration of the inward light of nature, the completest imbecility of shut-eyed belief, the nearest approach to a total and eternal eclipse of common sense have been attained beyond all chance of competition by the victims of the Christian creeds. The genesis of delusive superstitions is late, not early. It is not the direct work of nature herself. Nature was not the mother who began her work of development by nursing her child in all sorts of illusions concerning things in general. She did not place her hands upon his eyes and bid him to interpret the world subjectively. Primitive man was not a metaphysician, but a man of common sense. And if limited as a limpet, he clung hard and fast to the rock of reality as the sole ground he had to go upon. The realities without and around were too pressing for the senses to allow him to play the fool with delusive idealities; the intellectual and sentimental luxuries of later hylo-idealists. Modern ignorance of the mythical mode of representation has led to the ascribing of innumerable false beliefs not only to primitive men and present-day savages, but also the most learned, enlightened, and highly civilized people of antiquity, the Egyptian; for had these natural impossibilities been believed the Egyptians must have shared the same mental confusion, the same manifest delusion concerning nature, the same incapacity for distinguishing one thing from another, as the Pygmy or the Papuan.

No rational human being would continue to believe and take the bible literally if you really open you mind and accept the undeniable amount of evidence both in this long ass post and in nature itself...We will never be able argue successfully either way for the existence or nonexistence of God however, we can reason, not under the influence of emotions and feelings but by solid logic and real history not church dogma to the fact that everything about religion, has been purposefully distorted, revised and re-written to hide the fact that it is no more than the myths that it was spawned from...When you really put Christianity or any religion for that matter under intense scrutiny it just never holds up...Most stories in the bible can be found in older documents predating Christianity by thousands of years and the sheer volume of direct comparisons with the Egyptian religions is nothing short of plagarism...The Ten commandments come directly from the Egyptian Book of The Dead...You can click HERE! to see for yourself...There is no way that that amount of comparisons are a coincedence...Even within the pages of that bible text it plagiarizes it's own words, from the Old Testament to the New Testament...


miracle birth

miracle birth
had 12 brothers

had 12 disciples
Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver

Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver

Joseph's brother
Judah sold him

Judas betrayed Jesus

Joseph started his work at 30

Jesus started his ministry at 30

The parallels just go on and on...

My assertion is that the figure Jesus was like most stories in the Bible an allegory myth that represents nature or the supernatural...Not only that, the Bible has more to do with astrology than anything else...The Ancients have tracked the stars for almost half a million years...We are currently in the Age of Pisces the Fish, that is why the Fish symbol figures so prominently in the New Testament...Jesus was called the fisher of men...What Christians refuse to recognize is these are all references to the astrological sign of Pisces than any real person that lived and breathed...Egyptian/Pagan in it's origins like the rest of Christianity...The proof I assert is that there is no outside corroboration with the character of Jesus outside the bible...I will say this again...No historian or writers of the time talked about Jesus other than the Bible...Now you would think someone walking on water and making wine with water and feeding the masses with a few fish, healing folks would have garnered a little bit of outside attention, however no other historian outside of the church mentions him...The cited source of Josephus has been proven a fraud...

Furthermore it is my assertion that if you have not read any book on religion other than the bible you have no basis in fact to base your beliefs on...Most if not all Christians have this religion and God thing ALL WRONG! Just because someone said it doesn't make it so...Those that came before that told them, that told them, that told you what to believe!

Quote From G. Massey Lectures: The Logia of the Lord, 1900

["It is the commonly accepted orthodox belief that Christianity originated with the life, miracles, sayings, and teachings; the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of an historic Jesus the Christ at the commencement of our era, called Christian; whereas, the origins were manifold, but mostly concealed. It is impossible to determine anything fundamental by an appeal to the documents which, alone out of a hundred Gospels, were made Canonical. And when Eusebius recorded his memorable boast that he had virtually made "all square" for the Christians, it was an ominous announcement of what had been done to keep out of sight the mythical and mystical rootage of historic Christianity. The Gnostics had been muzzled, and their extant evidences, as far as possible, masked. He and his co-conspirators did their worst in destroying documents and effacing the tell-tale records of the past, to prevent the future from learning what the bygone ages could have said directly for themselves. They made dumb all Pagan voices that would have cried aloud their testimony against the unparalleled imposture then being perfected in Rome. They had almost reduced the first four centuries to silence on all matters of the most vital importance for any proper understanding of the true origins of the Christian Superstition. The mythos having been at last published as a human history everything else was suppressed or forced to support the fraud. Christolatry is founded on the Christ, who is mythical in one phase and mystical in the other; Egyptian (and Gnostic) in both, but historical in neither. "]

We know that Christmas and Easter were based on pagan beliefs what is so hard to understand about the rest of Christianity being based in those same pagan beliefs? Although they were not so much as Pagan beliefs but explanations of what was happening in the world around them put in a way that only they could understand at the time...There is no proof other than the feelings of the righteous no logic, rhyme, or reason to Christianity...What sources do you take your information from? One source (the bible) equals closed mind! I would continue this update, but I have given enough of my book away already...

One more thing though and I am tired of folks mis-classifying my truths as just some random thoughts that pop into my head...Far far from it...Christians proof of their beliefs are "thoughts" My opinions are based in facts, evidence, great research and learning...

Religion Is Mans Bullshit!
The New Defenders Of Reason!

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