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Thursday, July 31, 2008

"SOP In New America!"

Yesterday I blogged about all the Taser deaths recently and now we have to revisit the death of Army PFC LaVerna Johnson. The army classified her death as a suicide, but it turns out that there is much more to it. This is even more disturbing than the Tillman Incident and makes all the other BCS scandals about Iraq seem trivial however, nothing is as it seems with the BCS in charge. Can't minimize the rest of the crud they have thrown on the people. This is a very sad story...I have also noticed that the internet has been scrubbed in respects to this story. Do a google search! From Crooks and Liars:

PFC LaVena Johnson Was Raped, Beaten, Set On Fire And Worse - Army Calls It Suicide

Nicole and I have both written posts about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of PFC LaVena Johnson, and Democracy Now! had a heartbreaking interview with her family last week. LaVena’s family has worked hard to find the truth about her death and have finally had a breakthrough in the case. Unfortunately, the new details they uncovered are so disturbing that they could potentially make the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories pale in comparison. The above video from Cenk of The Young Turks captures my exact feelings about this horrific case. What you’re about to read will sicken and enrage you.

The Army claims the 5’1” African-American soldier from North County died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound with a rifle on July 19, 2005. Her father, John H. Johnson, Ph.D. of Florissant, said color photos and documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the military suggest otherwise.

“Our worst fears were substantiated when we started going through information from the Army,” Johnson said.

He said the pictures and documents from the incident proved that his daughter had been brutalized - raped, beaten, shot and set on fire.

“Someone poured lye in her vagina to destroy evidence,” her father said. “Her body was dumped in a dirty, filthy contractor’s tent. Read on…

This was not a suicide. Contact your representatives in the House and Senate to demand a full scale Congressional investigation begin immediately. This crime and obvious cover up cannot go unpunished. MORE!

This is the type of stuff that just burns me up that more people are not screaming at the tops of their lungs to get it stopped! This is what is has become. New America with "War First" as it's slogan and it's people following along like obedient sheeple to the slaughter. They still say it's the land of the free and home of the brave but that all needs to be updated and changed to "the land of the slave and home of "be afraid" be very afraid!" These types of things start slowly like this and then turn into a full blown revolution. Just too bad sooo many will be working for them instead of themselves and getting what they deserve for it. please believe we are seeing a preview of what's to come! Someone should be held accountable for all of these atrocities!

Say No to New America!


The New Defenders of Old America!

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