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Monday, July 07, 2008

"Maniac Mondays - NBRA: Not Based in Reality at All!"

This story is not new in fact it actually surfaced a few years ago during the midterm elections when the rethugs got bounced out of the majority and the democrats were given a clear mandate to reign in Lil' king george and the neo-clowns, which they haven't. But I am getting off topic here. The point is that this story has popped back up here recently with billboards this time, like the one in the pic. The last time it was radio ads and the four or five people who make up the NBRA spewing that nonsense on radio programs. Thank god they didn't do the talking head shows spouting this garbage. Because you know how the sheeple believe everything they see on TV!

Now MLK may have been republican, but that was before the republicans turned into the rethuglicans, sometime in the early 60's! Today it would be utterly absurd if you know anything at all about the man to even suggest that he would support this current clusterfuck pretending to be conservatives, with pre-emptive forever war, corporate welfare not too mention all of the corruption. MLK despised everything the rethugs have become.

The NBRA's sad pitiful attempt to bring this issue back up is nothing more than smokescreen stuff, to keep our minds off the real issues. No one black is going to believe those billboards nor are the rethugs going to "woo" any black voters with ads that should insult every hardworking black person in this country who has a dream. From Rawstory:

Billboards Claim Rev. King Was Republican
Associated Press

Published: Saturday July 5, 2008

TALLAHASSEE - A black Republican group has put up billboards in Florida and South Carolina saying the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, a claim that black leaders say is ridiculous.

The National Black Republican Association has paid for billboards showing an image of the civil rights leader and the words "Martin Luther King Jr. was REPUBLICAN." Told about the billboards, the Rev. Joseph Lowery let out a soft chuckle that grew stronger as he began to think more about the idea.

"These guys never give up, do they?" said Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with King. "Lord have mercy." MORE!

What comes to mind when I think about groups like the NBRA (Not Based in Reality at All) I think of this pic:

This is almost as silly as the GOP claiming to be the party of Lincoln. Speaking of Lincoln I just recently read that his ethnicity is back in the news and that he was actually a black man. I had read about this a long time ago and I remember my grandfather telling me that he was black too and that is the reason why he was put on the penny. His image was opposite all the other coin profiles because as the story goes he turned his back on them when he freed the slaves. When in actuality they all turned their backs on him. Let's add some more context to this. There hasn't been a real election decided by the people since Lincoln. After Lincoln the Electoral College was formed in part so that the "uninformed voters" would not elect anyone that was not of a certain lineage or bloodline. Remember folks Barack is related to Cheney...I'm just saying!

I am hoping that a lot of rednecks see this and decide not to vote because they don't want to be associated with MLK. there are a lot of stupid people out there and that is a fact, but regardless you know no matter how many times this has been trashed over the past 2 years there is still some idiot somewhere that is going to claim it's gospel. This just proves how divorced from reality the GOP is in it's backard thinking. They may have once been the party of Lincoln but no longer.

No it is NOT okay that your Rethuglican!

Bloodlines Become President
The New Defenders Of The Black Vote!

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