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Friday, July 04, 2008

"Have A Happy Fourth of July!"

Since I have to work today I will have to leave ya with this...I read this over at Crooks & Liars and it is a great follow up to the recent court ruling, that allowed Viacom to get access of all of YouTubes user data. This was posted by a guy that goes by the name mrbill...

People are missing the real significance of this ruling. The 4th Amendment has been trashed since the Reganites on the SC killed the Warren’s Courts rulings starting in the mid 80s. Give up on any notion of privacy - you have none - abeit anonymity and that isnt worth much in today’s electronic world.

The real significance of this ruling is that the law suit by Viacom(a firmly established M$M corporatist propaganda machine) is just a flimsy discovery argument being used to justify destroying the emerging alternative media. It is a clear fact that Youtube and Goolge Video are the main sources of spreading the truth about all the crap the ruling elite is involved in. Mass exposure to real news and the real world are what YouTube and Google video are.

No one in there right mind can argue any lost revenue by the display of Viacom materials on YouTube. The quality is generally so awfully poor than no pirate organization would use anything posted on those sites as master material for any large scale distribution of copyrighted video material. It is just a smoke screen to cover the true intentions. Large volume piracy occurs off-shore or utilizes BitTorrent to transfer production quality video. No this law suit has more nefarious purposes.

People are becoming aware of the 9/11 Truth Movement, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, the real Iraq war, CIA/Illegal-Drug Cartel, Oil Price/Futures Scam, the lies of the ruling elilte, Bilderburger, NAU, SPP or what ever new plot being sprung on the massive naive “We the People” and the rest of th 99%ers (Iran War).

YouTube is an entry point for people who are finally waking up from the coma of ignorance. Easy to access and view videos stimulate the basic curiosity that humans possess and the ruling elite despises. No this is direct attempt to finish off the 1st Amendment, after they have already killed the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th ones.

The ruling elite’s corporatist propaganda arm (5 companies already own over 80% of all the traditional media sources) want is to eliminate the growing remainder (20%) of what they dont control.

The data being supplied has nothing to do with protecting copyrighted material - not one single real-life thing. The IDENTITY of who views any source of material has NOTHING to do with copyright infringement - not one single thing. The sole remedy that a copyright owner has is against the parties who KNOWINGLY MASS produce or publish the materials in violation of the owner’s copyright.

If Viacom claims that YouTube is an active co-conspirator or negligent party to the publishing or production of the violated materials, then only the QUANTITY not the IDENTITY of the publishing is could possibly be an issue. And then, the QUANTITY of the publishing will only be an issue once VIACOM proves that YouTube either knowingly or negligently published KNOWN copyright infringed materials. The QUANTITY can be used only to infer negligence, active knowledge or damage calculation. IDENTITY has no relevance to the real common/tort/IP laws involved here.

This ruling is typical of Neo-con/fascist judges. It is results oriented Scaliaeque obfuscation, lies and fiat. These appointed fascist enablers are the same types that all ruling classes infect a judicial system with to control any opposition to their rule. Rubberstamping Neanderthals Brownshirts who represent the worst in human nature. They do the bidding for their feudal lords and will only be removed by force once their over-seers are eliminated.

History has shown that these enablers and their rulers will come to a violent ending. Many innocents have suffered in the process. But it is becoming increasing clear, that we as a species have not progress sufficiently to perform self-enlightenment/correction.

The “straw that broke the camels” back will come again - it always has come. But sadly not before many more will suffer under the throws of the fascists. No, Natures medicine is harsh, uncaring, but effective. If the world’s population does not stand up very soon to the likes of these feudal lords, then the cure to the ills which they infected mankind will be painful for all involved.

Celebrate the words and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution this Fourth of July, not the current temporary occupiers of the offices of public trust. No, re-discover the the Rights of Man, the Federalist Papers, the note of the Constitutional Conventions and renew the independent revolutionary spirit that once identified this nation as unique. Do not fall for the jargon, propaganda and subjugation being spewed by the 1%’s propagandists.

YouTube is the modern day pamphleteer. In 1776 and 1798 it was undergound presses, in 1860 is was the same, now it is Youtube. Be a real patriot and honor the spirit and words of the Founding Fathers - fight these Neo-con fascist and their lackeys now - using strength and intelligence. For failing to defeat them peacefully, America will become just another footnote in long list of fascist states destroyed by violence with untold and unnecessary suffering.

FU trolls, lackeys, Brownshirts and Quislings.

Power to “We the People” and the “Spirit of 1776″!!!

But hey it's the Fourth of July and your only as free as you mind allows you to be! If I didn't have to work I would be firing up my grill today! Enjoy it while you can, might not be this free ever again!

Fireworks & Frankfurters~!


The New Defenders of Freedom...Baaaybeee!

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