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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Weekly (C)Wrap-Up - The Corporate Congress!"

This has got to be the final straw! We have absolutely NO say in what happens in this country! All of our "leaders" have sold their souls to the big corporate interest that run and have been running this country for a long time now. Almost 60 years now according to Rockefeller:
“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” - David Rockefeller at Bilderberg Meeting… Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

FUCK YOU ROCKEFELLER! I would rather die than to have some ignorant, in-bred pussy like you telling me how I should live! Now they are not even trying to hide the fact that they are subverting the Constitution and the will of the people to put their new slavery system into effect. If you don't know by now you should really be ashamed, but the House passed the new FISA bill which gives the Telecoms who participated in the BCS wiretapping scheme well before 911 blanket immunity against all lawsuits and even expands the "spying on American citizens provisions. " From Crooks & Liars:

HOUSE passes new Steny Hoyer/FISA bill

The vote just went down. As expected, the House passed the disgraceful Steny Hoyer led capitulation bill passed 293-129 I believe…It now goes to the Senate to debate next week.

What this bill means to the Telecoms: The lawsuits they face could be dismissed by a court if the Telecoms proved that they had received directives from the administration that said warrantless wiretapping was legal. They already have that evidence so basically they have been give immunity against all lawsuits with this bill. MORE!

I knew I made the right decision when I voted against Hoyer the last time he was up for re-election and from this day forward I will be doing everything in my meager power to try to get him on the unemployment rolls along with all of the other Democrats that have sold out to the MIC (Military Industrial Complex), the Corporate Media and the BCS (Bush Crime Syndicate)!

Where the Hell is the new Democratic leader on all of this?! Barack is supposed to be about change but he has kept real quiet on this issue, guess he just wants to change the drapes and furniture in the WH! I can't say I blame him, if I was the new president to be I would want all the new executive powers and law breaking ability the Shrub has too...However I recently came across this and it is rather disturbing. From Unqualified Offerings:

June 19, 2008

The Odd Assity of Hope

I agree with my man Thoreau that telecom immunity is a genuine test of Barack Obama’s bona fides on civil liberties. It’s also a genuine test of the liberal side of any liberal-libertarian fusionism.

I think it’s very possibly a test that Obama has already failed. I have a sneaking suspicion that, as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party, Obama could have kept the bill from getting even this far with a quiet word or two. Nothing stopped him from dragging Steny Hoyer and Harry Reid into the same corner where he buttonholed Joe Lieberman. If the House and Senate leadership really did sneak the bill past him last week, which I’m not inclined to believe, still nothing stopped him from shutting them down this week. Except if he either doesn’t consider it important enough to be worth his time and credibility, or if he’s just as happy that the measure might pass. MORE!

***UPDATE: From Crooks & Liars:

UPDATED 1: Obama has come out with a statement via Glenn Greenwald:

Given the grave threats that we face, our national security agencies must have the capability to gather intelligence and track down terrorists before they strike, while respecting the rule of law and the privacy and civil liberties of the American people. . . .

After months of negotiation, the House today passed a compromise that, while far from perfect, is a marked improvement over last year’s Protect America Act. . . It does, however, grant retroactive immunity, and I will work in the Senate to remove this provision so that we can seek full accountability for past offenses.

It is not all that I would want. But given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as President, I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives -– and the liberty –- of the American people.

He says he will work to remove amnesty from the bill, but once that fails, will vote for the “compromise.” Obama has obviously calculated that sacrificing the rule of law and the Fourth Amendment is a worthwhile price to pay to bolster his standing a tiny bit in a couple of swing states. The full Obama statement is here.

UPDATED 2: Digby says:

Roy Blunt and Steny Hoyer are practically tongue kissing on the floor right now and congratulating each other on their mutual fabulousness in negotiating the rape of the constitution this morning. It’s quite a love fest. MORE!

Barack could have killed this bill and didn't! I guess that change he was talking about is in his pockets! SMGDH! Some are calling this a compromise, but there was no compromise at all as Russ Feingold notes, “The proposed FISA deal is not a compromise; it is a capitulation." From Crooks & Liars:

Turley on new FISA bill: ‘It’s what any criminal would love to do.’

Jonathan Turley comes on KO once again to blast the umpteenth version of the compromise FISA bill that is being shoved down our throats. This time the Hoyer/FISA rollover bill is attached to the new GI Bill and extending unemployment benefits bill. Please don’t forget to chip into our FISA Actblue page so we can take a stand against all atempts at subverting our rights. Anyway, it’s being debated today so we’ll let you know what happens.

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Turley: They repeatedly tried to cave it in to the White House only to be stopped by civil libertarians and bloggers and each time they would put it on the shelf, wait a few months, they did this before, reintroduced it with Jay Rockefeller’s support and then there was another great dust up and they pulled it back. I think they’re simply waiting to see if public’s interest will wain and we’ll see that tomorrow because this bill has no quite literally public value for citizens or civil liberties. It is reverse engineering. Th type of thing the Bush administration is famous for and now the Democrats are doing. That is to change the law to conform to past conduct. It’s what any criminal would love to do.

As usual Russ Feingold isn’t happy.

“The proposed FISA deal is not a compromise; it is a capitulation. The House and Senate should not be taking up this bill, which effectively guarantees immunity for telecom companies alleged to have participated in the President’s illegal program, and which fails to protect the privacy of law-abiding Americans at home. MORE!

I know I will be canceling my Verizon cell phone account because I will not pay those criminal corporate f*cks to spy on me and my phone calls! That is where we can get them back at it is the only way we can make them pay apparently. Everyone should cancel their accounts with them since the only thing they care about is making more money and trampling the people's rights.


This issue really has me pissed off, because we voted the Dem majority in 2006 to stop this type of bullshit and they are the ones who have made it all possible for this madness to continue, from taking Impeachment off the table to this latest soul sale on FISA! Time for revolution is coming fast folks I hope your prepared! I need to move on...

Seems our man "Beam Me Up Scotty" made it to his congressional hearing unscathed, physically that is and while he wouldn't come out and just SAY IT he did leave some doubt as to whether this whole issue has been fully disclosed. From McClatchyDC:

McClellan: White House still avoids scrutiny in Plame affair

WASHINGTON — Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan says he has little if anything new to say about the Valerie Plame affair and the White House role in the matter.

"I do not know whether a crime was committed by any of the administration officials who revealed Valerie Plame's identity to reporters," McClellan told the House Judiciary Committee Friday morning. Plame, a former CIA agent, had her identity revealed by administration officials--the committee wants to know if President Bush or Vice President Cheney were involved.

MCClellan would not say. "Nor do I know if there was an attempt by any person or persons to engage in a cover up during the investigation," he says. "I do know that it was wrong to reveal her identity, because it compromised the effectiveness of a covert official for political reasons."

He left open the notion that the full story is not yet known, though. MORE!

Still there is nothing ground breaking in Scotty's testimony, we already knew the things he is hinting at. What's next?!

IsItReal was recently tuning up it's war machine by doing some "exercises" over the Mediterranean Sea and Greece. From the Herald Tribune:

U.S. says exercise by Israel seemed directed at Iran

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