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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Now This Was Funny!"

I had to share this video and while I do not use tha c-word in my house or I would be houseless, but they say McInsane has a very large mean streak and legendary temper!

Now I don't know whether or not it's true that Grampa McSimpson said this to his "hunnybun suga mama wife" but...It doesn't matter it's out there! Rethug 101! It's up to him to prove he is "no longer beating his wife!" Now this version is uncensored so you sensitive punk types might want to skip this but the next one might be more your speed. It's a mash up of speaking engagements of Grampa McSimpson!

For real I also thought that was really funny and while I am at it I thought I would pile on a bit...Here is what 4 more years are going to sound like...

Now do you understand why I call him McSame or McBush! How is this man going to debate someone as sharp as that Brotha Barack?

Quit Foolin Ya Self's Ya GOP Hacks!
The New Defenders of The Black President!


erb1 said...

He is NOT ready for a debate with BO! In addition, he has a well documented temper that will blow the first time BO stumps him.

You know, I thought about your entry regarding his age and POW status. Regardless of what actually happened to him, he was still held against his will for over 5 years. I can't stand to be at work for 10 hours a day, let alone something like that. So I am still very concerned about the effect that had on him.

In addition, I cannot imagine being more than 65yo and wanting to do anything more than walking the dog or whatever. You're crazy to even want to be obligated to do all that would be required as the president, at that age.

erb1 said...

D, imma leave this for you, lol


I told you there was 'damage'. lol

erb1 said...

I just spent almost ten minutes trying to find this link Dusty. lol