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Monday, June 09, 2008

"Maniac Monday's - Spare The Rod?!"

Only in Texas. No not the picture they are at some kind of McSame shindig. This is going to be the typical crowd at most of McLame's events, that is the reason he wants more debates and town hall meetings with Barack. He knows Barack can fill the stands and he can't, so the logic is appear with Barack and HIS crowds then the corporate media can claim McInsane is bringing in big crowds. Or has just as many supporters at the event as Barack does when he doesn't. Although it will give Barack more chances to expose McGrampa for what he is...Old, out of touch and outmatched! However, lets get back to Texas. No more am I amazed nor surprised when I hear about crazy shit going on in Texas or Florida. This time the Maniac Monday's trophy goes to Texas...From KGBT.com:

Lawsuit: Los Fresnos JP ordered spankings

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS (AP) -- A Los Fresnos family is going to court to prevent a Cameron County justice of the peace from ordering spankings in his courtroom.

A lawsuit filed today alleges Justice of the Peace Gustavo "Gus" Garza told a 14-year-old girl's stepfather to strike her repeatedly on the buttocks in open court.

If he didn't, the judge said the girl would be found guilty and fined $500 for truancy.

The lawsuit by Mary Vasquez and her husband, Daniel Zurita, described the paddle provided by Garza as large and heavy and fashioned from a thick piece of lumber.

In a story for The Brownsville Herald, Garza declined to comment on whether he has people spanked in his courtroom. He also said he had not seen the lawsuit.

Zurita says he didn't feel as if he had a choice but to follow the order.

In an affidavit, Zurita says that when he was through, the judge told him he had not struck the girl hard enough.

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Now while I am not against a good old fashioned ass-whupping, but ordered by a judge in open court?! The whole thing is kinda creepy if you ask me. Sounds like the judge has some issues. Of course the guy could have avoided the whuppin if he paid the $500 bucks. It is not true that he didn't have any choice although getting $500 up in this economy can seem like an impossibility to some. Granted it is not the first time or second or third time for them to end up in truancy court. So there is some issues on both sides but for the judge to order that in open court in real perverted. Especially to say afterwards the man didn't hit his daughter hard enough?! I wonder if step-dad was in court for beating that ass for skipping school would the judge charge step dad or would he be alright with dad spanking his daughter?! The whole creep factor about this has got to be an 11. Sounds like the judge gets off on seeing young girls spanked. Reminds me of when I was young and my grandmother used to bring me comics books all of the time and she didn't realize for a long time some of them were pornographic. i can remember seeing a couple of those post war Nazi cartoons or "pulp" books. There were a couple about this very thing young girls (jewish) and sadistic Nazi perverts. At least in the story that I remember they went into the judges private chambers.

Remember that kid that got "caned" in the Philippines? Wonder how he feels about ass whuppins?

I got my share of "beatings" and I turned out just fine...Well you know what I mean!? The majority of us born in the 60's know all about a good ass whuppin'. If I had to point to one major reason I'm not in jail or dead it would have to be because of the "ass-whuppin'"! Being an ornery kid myself I was getting popped in the mouth (speaking out of turn, being disrespectful to any other adult or bad grammar), popped in the back of the head (eye rolling, heavy sighs or other sounds after being told to do something or sucking of teeth) and full frontal assaults (lying of any kind, anything school related (Moms never brought the teacher is picking on me story) and anything else they deemed a beatable offense). I have only been in serious trouble twice and one of those times was a fluke so I think it worked out pretty good.

I gotta admit though some of the things my parents did to me to get it through my thick skull was straight up child abuse especially according to today's standards but we all got through it and it made us either better for it or worse for it. If you are worse for it it was probably not discipline but child abuse. None of the whuppin's I got came without warning. Several in most cases and other times, we knew the rules and the consequences for breaking them.

We can see since it has become so taboo to "beat a child" and it does sound barbaric..."beating a child", but everything now is about time out and talking to a child trying to get him to understand and that is not really working out. Think of it like brakes on a car. The kid is running around out of control and you "tap" the breaks ie; tap that ass and they stop. Crude analogy but you get the point. It's not like I am just rambling without merit. Everyday you hear about some crazy kid doing something crazy and taking a lot of other crazy kids with him/her. Maybe if they had of got that assed whupped a couple of times about it they would have thought again about doing something that could have gotten them killed or put in jail. I can remember a time when kids were actually afraid of adults and not the other way around.

To Beat Or Not To Beat?!
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erb1 said...

LOL @ picture!

I look at butt whuppins up until about age 8-9 as preventative medicine. If you still having to kick that butt past that age, you didn't do it right. But once those kids turn 13-14, there is a fine line that is easily crossed. If you are beating teenagers and they still don't care, you have a serious problem on your hands. You need a new method.

When I hear of people stripping their teenagers naked and paddling or beating them, I honestly believe they are getting some kind of perverse satisfaction from that. I would bet this judge is one of those.