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Friday, June 06, 2008

"The Weekly (C)Wrap-Up - History In The Making!

I have always dreamed of seeing a black man as the President of the United States of America and now that dream is coming true right before my eyes. We have all seen the movies with Morgan Freeman playing the president and for a minute the Allstate commercial guy was playing the President on 24, so even Faux viewers have been programmed to the idea. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime especially after the neo-clown onslaught to take over our government in the "Great 2000 Coup" when they hi-jacked the presidential election that year.

Now I stand on the verge of seeing one of my dreams for my country, my people and the world is finally coming true. Now I don't want to get too excited too early because this is New America and anything can, will and still happen to totally derail Barack's chances of going all the way to the House, but short of rethugliclan tricknology and a full frontal assault by the "corporate media", this should be the most lopsided victory for a democratic candidate ever! From Crooks & Liars:
Barack Obama : The Next President Of The United States

Calling it a little early? Perhaps. But I have to believe that we are looking at the beginning of just that historic event and one that should make us all proud.

video_wmv Download | Play video_mov Download | Play (h/t Heather)

There are those who say that this primary has somehow left us weaker and more divided. Well I say that because of this primary, there are millions of Americans who have cast their ballot for the very first time. There are Independents and Republicans who understand that this election isn’t just about the party in charge of Washington, it’s about the need to change Washington. There are young people, and African-Americans, and Latinos, and women of all ages who have voted in numbers that have broken records and inspired a nation.

All of you chose to support a candidate you believe in deeply. But at the end of the day, we aren’t the reason you came out and waited in lines that stretched block after block to make your voice heard. You didn’t do that because of me or Senator Clinton or anyone else. You did it because you know in your hearts that at this moment – a moment that will define a generation – we cannot afford to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We owe our children a better future. We owe our country a better future. And for all those who dream of that future tonight, I say – let us begin the work together. Let us unite in common effort to chart a new course for America.

Will Bunch: People died so that tonight could happen.

Full transcripts and video available at BarackObama.com

Both candidates met together Thursday night alone to discuss how to move forward. From Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton met rival Barack Obama face-to-face with no one else present, hours before her campaign formally announced she would endorse him Saturday at an event in Washington.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Friday the two Democratic presidential candidates arrived separately at her home for their Thursday night meeting. Feinstein said she took them to her living room, where they sat "in two comfortable chairs facing one another" and then she left the room. No one else was present during the meeting and nothing was served except water.

"There was a desire on both sides, I think, to have private meeting," Feinstein said.

The two candidates emerged laughing from their hour-long meeting.

The California senator had gone up stairs to do her own work when the meeting began at 9 p.m. EDT.

"They called me when it was over," Feinstein said. "I came down and said, `Good night everybody, I hope you had a good meeting.' They were laughing, and that was it." MORE!

Hillary announced today that she was going to hold a special event Saturday to announce her official endorsement of Barack. From Reuters:

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By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Hillary Clinton laid plans on Friday for an event she hoped she would never have to hold, her endorsement of U.S. presidential campaign rival Barack Obama, which party strategists say needs to be convincing to avoid a rift.

Clinton and Obama held a private one-on-one meeting on Thursday night at the Washington home of California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and neither side was giving details of the discussion.

Clinton, a New York senator, is to formally withdraw from the race on Saturday in Washington and throw her support behind Obama, ending her once high-flying campaign to get back into the White House after spending eight years there as first lady to President Bill Clinton.

Obama clinched the party's nomination on Tuesday when he secured the required number of delegates to the party's August convention.

The extent of Clinton's endorsement will be of keen interest to the Obama camp.

Her speech on Tuesday after the South Dakota and Montana primaries -- the last in five months of state-by-state nominating contests -- had raised eyebrows because she refused to concede immediately. Critics said she sounded like a sore loser. MORE!

As a not so casual observer it seems to me that Hillary is trying to make Obama's win all about her. I saw a little clip on Thursday and she was saying, "Everyone wants to know what Hillary wants!" Umm no they don't! They just want you to concede and start campaigning for Obama like ya promised, like he would have done for you if it was the other way around.

Here is the link to a great article on why Barack won and Hillary lost @ Newsweek: Five Reasons Obama Won and Five Why Clinton Lost. One of the biggest factors from the article that I wholeheartedly agree with is the fact that during the whole primary process Barack was COOL! He remained cool and calm even during the Reverend Wright media storm. His people remained remarkably cool and collected also especially in comparison to the Clinton campaign. He also just ran a better campaign than her and her biggest mistake is that she never gave him a chance. She never thought for one second that he was going to be an issue. She assumed that the race would be over by the Iowa primaries and she was very wrong and for that reason almost by itself is the reason she has to make a concession speech and give an endorsement. I hope the laughter at the end of the meeting they is a good thing. Don't forget to answer the poll question on the site; "Who Ya Voting For!"

Moving on...The Iran War Rhetoric is ratcheting up again this time it's our good buddies IsItReal that is going to try and start WW3! From Yahoo News:

The image “http://d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/nm/20080606/2008_06_06t111705_450x272_us_israel_iran_mofaz.jpg?x=400&y=241&sig=ZsPLvDzaLQ2GTEwtmv_SoA--” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister

By Dan Williams Fri Jun 6, 9:02 AM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites looks "unavoidable" given the apparent failure of sanctions to deny Tehran technology with bomb-making potential, one of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's deputies said on Friday.

"If Iran continues with its program for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective," Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz told the mass-circulation Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

"Attacking Iran, in order to stop its nuclear plans, will be unavoidable," said the former army chief who has also been defense minister.

It was the most explicit threat yet against Iran from a member of Olmert's government, which, like the Bush administration, has preferred to hint at force as a last resort should U.N. Security Council sanctions be deemed a dead end. MORE!

Let's not forget that in December 2007 Bush's own spy agency said that Iran halted it's nuclear program in 2003 due to diplomatic pressure. The "Faction" of the GOP that has hijacked our government is hoping on very short attention spans and tendency of the sheeple to be distracted easily by the shiny objects the corporate media throws in front of them. Don't you remember seeing this movie?! It's the same nuclear doom and gloom bullshit that got us into Iraqnam. That has most Americans scared to death. More Fear Factor! From NPR:

All Things Considered, December 3, 2007 · A new U.S. intelligence report on Iran says that Tehran may be able to develop a nuclear weapon between 2010 and 2015. But the National Intelligence Estimate finds that Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in the fall of 2003 due to international pressure — contradicting claims by the Bush administration.

Iran may be able to develop a nuclear weapon between 2010 and 2015 — but the country halted its nuclear weapons development program in 2003 due to international pressure, according to a new National Intelligence Estimate report.

The findings, which contradict claims by the Bush administration, suggest that Iran is continuing to enrich uranium, and that it could acquire enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon after 2010, and possibly not until after 2015.

The U.S. intelligence community stated "with high confidence" that Iran ceased its efforts to develop nuclear weapons when international inspections began in fall 2003. The report's authors went on to say that Iran could likely be persuaded to abandon the program further. MORE!

It seems however, that the neo-clowns and the rest of the BCS lackeys are hell bent on Bombing Iran and that is not going to go well for the cons. Remember the cons had IsItReal do the dirty work in Lebanon. From Thinkprogress:

Pipes: Bush Will Attack Iran If A Democrat Wins The White House

danielpipes.gifDaniel Pipes, a far right-wing pseudo scholar who called the NIE report on the halting of Iran’s nuclear program a “shoddy, politicized, outrageous parody of a piece of propaganda,” said he believes that President Bush will attack Iran if a Democrat wins the White House in November. During an interview posted at the National Review Online, Pipes said that the U.S. and its allies should tell Tehran to “watch out” for “an American attack”:

What I suspect will be the case is, should the Democratic nominee win in November, President Bush will do something. And should it be Mr. McCain that wins, he’ll punt, and let McCain decide what to do. MORE!

Where do they dig these idiots up from?! It seems like there is an endless supply of stupidity in American politics since 2000 or since Reagan if you really want to get technical! Most of the idiots in control and making policy today have been endlessly recycled by the GOP. One thing is certain they have been consistently stupid, or rather criminally insane is a better term because stupid they are not. They have gotten away with everything they have wanted to do including 911 and all that has followed. I caution everyone not to make the mistake and think that they are stupid or incompetent, far from it! Maybe we can stop them this time before it's too late?! The media is quietly conditioning the sheeples minds about war with Iran and I am certain especially after hearing IsItReal's announcement today that they have something in store to provoke the bombing of Iran ala another 911 type attack. I won't put it past these criminals!

However it seems a lot of Americans are waking up and realizing that bombs and bombing people will not stop terror it only increases it and that talking and trying to work out differences maybe a better solution. From Crooks & Liars:

Gallup: Majority of Americans Support “Appeasement”

What a shocker. A new Gallup poll finds that a large majority of Americans support meeting with leaders of foreign countries who are considered our enemies.

Just more proof that John McCain and the Republican party are wildly out of touch with the majority of Americans.

Make sure to read the entire article, as it confirms what many in the elite press don’t want you to believe.

This is another poll I saw at Thinkprogress that states only 7% favor war with Iran:

Only 7 percent support taking military action against Iran.

According to a new poll from Public Agenda, nearly 50 percent of those who follow the situation in Iran say “the one” best way to deal with Iran is through using diplomacy “to establish better relations.” Only five percent favor threatening military action, down from nine percent in fall 2007. Seven percent support taking military action:


(HT: Democracy Arsenal)

Lot's of other interesting articles and poll information over at Gallup Daily, make sure you check it out! For example:

Gallup Daily: Obama 46%, McCain 45%

Two days after Barack Obama declared victory over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic delegate contest, he remains locked in a statistical tie (46% to 45%, respectively) with John McCain in the presidential preferences of national registered voters. More...

The only reason McSame is even anywhere near Obama in the polls is the simple fact that McLame has been propagandizing and dittoing the Shrub uncontested for a couple of months now while the dems were locked in a primary battle that should have been over itself at least a month ago. Now all of that should change, well maybe not. Seems the biggest story during the primary race with Barack and Hillary was not the campaign nor the candidates nor political position's but reverend wright...From Thinkprogress:

Rev. Wright dominated media’s presidential primary coverage.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism has officially crowned Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) relationship with his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “the dominant media story of the entire” presidential campaign, “by far.” Wright’s comments “received four times more coverage than any other theme or event throughout the campaign.” Reports of the superdelegate role and Obama’s so-called “bitter” comments were the second and third most covered stories, respectively. However, “[n]o other story line came close to attracting as much coverage as the Wright-Obama association, and most of it was negative.”

On the one hand we have the fact that people are waking up to the corporate media manipulation and LIES on the other that weapon of mass distraction the TV is very dangerous when used for evil. We shall see as the weeks and months drag along. I am personally going on record right now that I think it is going to be a long hot summer, especially because the Black man is running for President. I hope I am wrong but if I have read all the indicators right and I think I have, get ready cause it's going to be a hot one!

Speaking of the heat, seems the weekend is posed to bring us a little preview of ust how hot it is going to be this summer...From the Weather Guys:

Weekend forecast: Intense heat for eastern USA

Wxfocus060608Searing heat for South, East -- Intense, record-breaking, and potentially dangerous heat and humidity will spread across most of the eastern half of the USA through the weekend. A large area of high pressure -- known as a "Bermuda" high -- will pump the heat from the South to the Eastern Seaboard. Excessive heat watches and warnings have been posted for parts of the Carolinas along with large cities such as Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia, as highs will soar well into the 90s and may hit 100 in some spots. A few isolated pop-up thunderstorms will provide only temporary relief as mostly dry conditions will prevail all weekend.

More storms for the midsection -- Severe storms are likely today and will continue through the weekend in the upper Midwest and central Plains, thanks to a stationary front draped across the region. More wind, hail, tornadoes, and flash floods are all possible.

Western chill -- On the other end of the temperature spectrum, the nation's only cool spot will be the Northwest, where highs will top out in the 50s and 60s. Showers, thunderstorms and even some high-elevation snow are all likely. Although the California coast will be cloudy, drizzly and cool, inland areas of the Southwest will be typically hot and dry all weekend.

Guess I will be cranking up the window units Saturday and Sunday. Still think global warming is a myth?!

Let's file this one under supporting the Troops Bush Style! From Thinkprogress:

Report: Bush Administration Negotiating ‘Secret Plan’ To Keep Troops In Iraq ‘Indefinitely’

bushp.jpg Today, the UK Independent has a troubling report on a “secret plan” for U.S. occupation in Iraq allegedly being pushed by the Bush administration:

A secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election in November.

The terms of the impending deal, details of which have been leaked to The Independent, are likely to have an explosive political effect in Iraq. Iraqi officials fear that the accord, under which US troops would occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis and enjoy immunity from Iraqi law, will destabilise Iraq’s position in the Middle East and lay the basis for unending conflict in their country.

This strategic framework seems even stronger than one reported by UK Guardian in April, which was described as “temporary” and said that the United States “does not desire permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq.” MORE!

Seems more and more of our troops are in need of antidepressants a number as high as 20% was quoted from Time:

America's Medicated Army

...While the headline-grabbing weapons in this war have been high-tech wonders, like unmanned drones that drop Hellfire missiles on the enemy below, troops like LeJeune are going into battle with a different kind of weapon, one so stealthy that few Americans even know of its deployment. For the first time in history, a sizable and growing number of U.S. combat troops are taking daily doses of antidepressants to calm nerves strained by repeated and lengthy tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The medicines are intended not only to help troops keep their cool but also to enable the already strapped Army to preserve its most precious resource: soldiers on the front lines. Data contained in the Army's fifth Mental Health Advisory Team report indicate that, according to an anonymous survey of U.S. troops taken last fall, about 12% of combat troops in Iraq and 17% of those in Afghanistan are taking prescription antidepressants or sleeping pills to help them cope. Escalating violence in Afghanistan and the more isolated mission have driven troops to rely more on medication there than in Iraq, military officials say. MORE!

It's no wonder why this is necessary. War is Hell! Then add to it the foolishness and greed that is keeping these kids in this hell and we get these results. McCain wants to keep your kids and sons and brothers and sisters in Iraqnam for another 100 years and there are seriously people thinking about voting for this guy?!?

Did anyone catch his speech Thursday night? More importantly did you see the fallout from his own propaganda network Faux? The speech was downright sad in every way, low attendance, no energy, no excitement and McLame has got to be the worse speaker in the history of the Senate...From Crooks & Liars:

FOX News rips McCain’s Kenner Speech: Is Carl Cameron a Lefty Blogger now?

FOX News reacted quite differently to McCain’s speech last night in stark contrast to what Harold Ford thought. While he said it was McCain’s most powerful speech, Carl Cameron, Hume, Rove, Wallace and William the bloody Kristol thought it was awful. Will right wingers and the Bush administration attack Carl for sounding just like a left wing blog for pointing out McCain’s deficiencies as a public speaker? Remember what Rove and Co. said about McClellan? He reads off the teleprompter, uses a weird smile when he looks at the audience and stumbles mightily.

video_wmv Download | video_mov Download|

Cameron: …he’s just not as glitzy. Sen. McCain is working off a teleprompter, he’s stumbles with it. Occasionally you’ll see what looks to be an awkward smile as he tries to sort of connect to the audience, but it sometimes feels a little bit off. He recognizes it, the campaign recognizes it, the audience recognizes it.

Wallace: …and I have to say sometimes when you’re reading the speech along, the speech reads better than it sounds, sometimes it sounds better than it reads. I think we would agree this is a speech that was better on the printed page than it was coming from John McCain’s mouth.

Rove: Yea, content better than delivery tonight.

Kristol: I’ve got to say however watching that speech, I don’t think it was a successful speech by Sen. McCain and I think he came off as just snipping at Obama…

It was more than that it was just sad and pathetic and like yoyo's said on Faux and Friends he better get better at speaking if he wants to beat Obama! However, Jon Stewart chimes in on both speeches and compares the big differences...

All McLame can do is quote Obama's campaign slogan trying to use it against him and he fails miserably the only thing worse is the crowd itself.

While I am on the subject of McInsane let's talk about him and the black vote in America which has got to be a slight concern of McBush, if it wasn't he wouldn't be trying to rewrite his-(story) record on Katrina. From Crooks & Liars:

McCain Fails to Come Clean on Katrina Record

Unlike last month’s photo-op where the media let him get away with his make-believe Katrina record, Maya Rodriguez with the New Orleans CBS affiliate news brought a dose of reality to McCain’s town hall in Baton Rouge on Wednesday:

Rodriguez: Senator, my understanding is you have voted twice against the creation of commission to investigate the levee failures around New Orleans, and my question is: Why have you voted against that creation of that commission?

McCain: I’ve supported every investigation and ways of finding out what caused the tragedy. I’ve been here to New Orleans. I’ve met with people on the ground. I’ve met with the Governor. I’m not familiar with exactly what you said but I’ve been as active as anybody in efforts to restore the city. …

Despite his claims otherwise, the reporter was correct, and McCain’s record on Katrina is not at all what he would have you believe.

  • McCain Voted Twice Against Establishing A Commission To Study The Response To Hurricane Katrina. [ 9/14/2005, 2/2/2006]
  • McCain Opposed Granting Financial Relief To Those Affected By Hurricane Katrina. [9/15/2005]
  • McCain Voted Against Five Months of Medicaid For Hurricane Katrina Victims. [11/3/2005]
  • McCain Voted Against Emergency Funding Bill, Including $28 Billion for Hurricane Relief. [5/4/2006]

And as for McCain’s: “I’ve been here to New Orleans. I’ve met with people on the ground,” ThinkProgress notes that “until traveling there one month ago, McCain had “made just one public tour of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina touched down in August 2005.””

The truth is, until Bobby Jindal won the Louisiana Governor’s race in Oct. and McCain began trying to remake his Katrina image out of pixie dust and media complacency, his gulf coast record hadn’t changed much since the day the hurricane made landfall.

Now with the distraction of Barack and Hillary over we can get to the rel business at hand and finish exposing these criminals and fools for what they really are and get them ALL out of office and restore our country back to sanity. McSame is a vote for 4 more years of Bush and if you want four more years of that there is only one explanation...You are stupid!

i was just thinking maybe they want to attack iran so that they can use that not changing regimes in wartime excuse again or even sinister yet, somehow let it affect the elections this November?! Something to think about, as it worked in 2004 with the help of Diebold and Ohio.

Speaking of Ohio it seems the unemployment rate this quarter jumped up to a 5.6%! Ohio and michigan have been hit the hardest by jobloss since the Shrub took office literally, and yet they continue to vote for the idiots...Now who are the stupid ones in this situation?! Anywho, this is the biggest jobless since '86. From Yahoo News:

Biggest jobless jump since '86 — Wall Street sinks

WASHINGTON - Pink slips piled up and jobs disappeared into thin air in May as the nation's unemployment rate zoomed to 5.5 percent in the biggest one-month jump in decades. Wall Street swooned, and the White House said President Bush was considering new proposals to revive the economy.

Help-wanted signs are vanishing along with jobs, so the unemployment rate is likely to keep climbing, a government report indicated, underscoring the toll the housing and credit crises are taking on jobseekers, employers and the economy as a whole.

Adding to the pain, oil prices soared to a new record high, while the value of the dollar fell.

The Dow Jones industrials tumbled almost 400 points. MORE!

I guess the "stimulus" checks didn't help much?! Some folks want to go as far as blame it on Barack becoming the democratic nominee for president and not at the cause of the problem; a lame ass Bush economic policy especially domestic. It was basically markets rule, corporations are people too and anything goes and they went along with the jobs and the value of the dollar.

The oil companies are doing just great though, as there price per barrel just rose another $11 overnight! Yahoo News:

Ned Zeller rubs his eyes while working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, June 6, 2008 in New York. Stocks plunged Friday, sending the Dow Jones industrials down nearly 400 points, after oil prices shot up by more than $11 a barrel and neared $140 a barrel — and wiped out investors' recent optimism about the economy in the process. (AP Photo/Jin Lee) Stocks fall sharply on surge in oil, jobs data.

Wall Street tumbled Friday, taking the Dow Jones industrials down nearly 400 points, on a pair of alarming economic developments: oil prices that shot up by more than $11 a barrel and approached $140 for the first time, and the biggest gain in the government's unemployment reading in more than 20 years.

The jump in oil to a price that might have seemed unfathomable only a few months ago appeared to wipe out investors' recent optimism over the prospects for a strengthening of the economy. Oil jumped following a
Morgan Stanley analyst's forecast of $150 oil by July 4, and in response to a drop in the dollar and fresh tensions in the Middle East. MORE!

This of course in turn raises the price for gasoline, which is almost $4 a gallon nationwide. As it stands the prediction of $5 a gallon by the 4th of July might come true. Opec and big oil are doing their parts to make it happen.

More of the airlines are cutting staff, Continental Airlines to cut 3,000 jobs, capacity. United slashes staff, planes in cost-cutting move. Surprisingly Ford is not cutting jobs this time but salaries. From Black America Web:

Ford to cut white-collar salary costs by 15 pct

By TOM KRISHER -- AP Auto Writer, Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) Even though employees knew the dreaded e-mail would be coming, the fear became more real on Thursday when it popped up on computers at Ford Motor Co. offices across North America.

The company notified workers it will cut white-collar salary costs 15 percent by Aug. 1, and an unspecified number of people will lose their jobs.

"This unfortunately will result in involuntary separations of Ford employees and agency personnel as well as cost savings through attrition and the consolidation of open positions," President of the Americas Mark Fields said in the message.

The cuts are in response to shrinking U.S. automotive sales brought on by $4 per gallon gasoline and a rapid shift to smaller vehicles from Ford's traditional moneymakers - pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. MORE!

It's not getting any better out there folks and even if Barack gets into office he is going to inherit all this crap from the Shrub. It's going to take more than 4 years for any president to fix what Bush has messed up here at home and around the world.

Here is a story I wanted to post before but it got lost in all the other dirt and grime, but seems our southern redneck brothers feel as though it is cool to show off their racist heritage. You would think they would feel ashamed about it and the fact that they are losers, supporting a losers flag, remember the south lost the war? Anyway, it seems that some southern group feels that it's heritage has been marginalized. From Thinkprogress:

‘Marginalized’ Southerners Clamor For Right To Display ‘World’s Largest’ Confederate Flag

As ThinkProgress noted last weekend, the “world’s largest” Confederate flag will soon be flying over Tampa at one of the nation’s busiest intersections. The backers of the project — the Sons of Confederate Veterans — insist the flag isn’t about racism or slavery but rather “honoring our ancestors and about celebrating our heritage.”

The Tampa Tribune reports that the flag was raised on Tuesday to celebrate “Confederacy President Jefferson Davis’ birthday,” but was taken down Tuesday night. At a county commission meeting on Wednesday, local officials said they did not have the legal authority to prevent the flag from being flown, but are urging the Sons group not to go ahead with its plans.

“There is a right way and wrong way to respect history,” said Michelle Williams of the Community Activists of Public Affairs. “You don’t see us out there flying flags of lynching.” Local black citizens have “threatened an economic boycott and protests that could sully the county’s image as the nation focuses on Tampa in January as the site of the Super Bowl.”

The massive Confederate flag, which will be hoisted on private property just off Interstate 75, costs $800 and was made in China. MORE!

WHY?! They claim its not about racism and slavery but their ancestors and heritage! Well your ancestors and your heritage is about racism and slavery. However when your stupid I guess that point just goes out the window. The funniest thing about all of this is the fact that the flag is made in China! Hilarious! While they have a right to fly it on private property, the nearness to the highway should negate that right! Anyway, it should serve as a big ass reminder of how stupid the people are in that city. I think all southern towns start flying the confederate flag that feel the way they do in Tampa so that we can easily identify them and not spend any money in their towns and cities!

Like I stated earlier, "This is going to be the long hot summer of our countries discontent!" At least we should get some of the ugliness of racism addressed, because it's coming from the GOP and the Corporate media hot and heavy!

I guess I could go on but even I have a limit to the amount of muck I can dig through. As usual tell me anything that I missed, got wrong or anything you need clarity on.

President Obama?!
The New Defenders of the Democratic Nominee!


erb1 said...

It shonuff is gonna be a long hot summer. I'm looking forward to seeing what other stuff they try to pull out on dude, seeing as Clinton played most of the trump cards. I know they are going hard on his wife.

The Repubs know they have a situation.

10-acious_D (predatorius politicalis) said...

You are right Erb the party just got started. So far the very best they can do is what some other man said. I know they are digging and you know the rethugs have no problems making shit up either...However McLame and 'Nem really don't want to go there about wives and such. too many skeletons in that closet.

They are in big trouble and they know it so like the animals they are when backed into a corner they might try anything...I am still not convinced they are even going to have elections this November (adjusting my tinfoil hat) but that's just my paranoia.

Thanks for stopping through and reading through all that mess!