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Monday, July 30, 2007

"Maniac Monday's - Fooling Oursleves!"

When I first started doing these Maniac Monday's Posts way back in the day...The primary purpose was to try to use a little bit of psychology on the issues of the day that are most pressing and for a while, I was accomplishing that...Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked...I do remember to distinct emails about me being, "to hard on the rethugs and their supporters" and "how am I going to get people to convert if I treat them so mean..." I took that to heart and backed away from it and it turned into me just pointing out the stupidity of the GOPigs...Now it seems to me that the more absurd and outrageous the more people seem to gravitate to the boy wonder (wondering where his brains are), because most people can really understand how things "just happen" like the GOP is trying to attribute to the BCS (Bush Crime Syndicate) and all it's bullshit..."Well the guy is human he makes mistakes!" Yeah but how many is he allowed to make? He is a public servant and the biggest front man in the world (that standing is falling faster than bldg 7 did on 911), and he has made mistake after mistake and blunder and misstep...Or so it might seem to the Sheeples eyes...

We have to examine all the major faux paux's of this administration and the fallout behind them to fully understand the full scope and that is not what this post is for but we can with a little common sense and logical, critical thinking that most of what we have been told is bullshit...What we see on TV or hear on the radio has already been thought out in advance, in it's scope of what reactions it can invoke, it's ability to inform or misinform and the effects of that misinformation...Not only that we keep going back to the source of the misinformation after we see time and time again they were wrong! We go to the same people over and over again in respects to the MSM about the war and any number of the scandals and they have been woefully wrong...These are the experts and the ones that right the policies and they are so woefully wrong all of the time?! You keep thinking that!

I had a little conversation about Coondeleeza Rice on a friends page, a friend who I worry about because she loves to argue from inside the Matrix, but who I have hope in anyway, but I digress...It is so very sad, so very, very disheartening to hear how pitifully misinformed some of the folks on 360 are...Blissfully ignorant of the horrors that they are facing...However they are the first to offer their opinion on everything and will argue you down on what "they feel" regardless of all the evidence to the contrary...I put this statement in my blast before, and i have a variation of it now...I recently left it on the above mentioned friends page and it goes like this:

ANYONE that STILL supports this bullshit presidency are either a liar and criminal like them, or just naive and/or stupid! You are no friend of mine!"

I stand by it, I mean it and I am enforcing it with no more regard for someone's "feelings" or because it "is their opinion" especially if that opinion is obviously wrong, uninformed, misinformed or downright stupid as most are! Then there are the ones that have the NERVE and Gall to keep right on pushing their bullshit even when the evidence clearly refutes them...WTF?!? The ones that can't grasp the concepts you have clearly laid out and try and change the focus of the argument because they cannot comprehend the explanation no matter how plainly stated...Then you claim not to be stupid and resent being called that...Well what else do you do? Let them go ahead with the bad information and be called stupid later or cut to the chase, put the smack down and tell them to read a book! I go with the latter every time...

Why? Because the information is out here and many people have said this same stuff! None of this is new...There is nothing new under the sun! I forget the author of that quote, it might be biblical but it is true...The founding father's saw men like Nixon and bush when they were writing the Constitution, hell they had just left the tyranny of a king...They put protections in the Constitution to remedy the situation caused by men with tyrannical designs...We just have to utilize them...All of this stuff worked! Maybe not perfectly but they worked for 200 years and then along comes Gumby! Now nothing works and it is confusing and old and outdated and all of that is bullshit! You wanna be rethugs that go to your 9-5 everyday or McJob because all of you shrub supporters are not rich hell you would probably fall in the poor range, because stats show it is usually poor dumb uneducated rednecks and hillbilly's in the southern and heartland states that always vote against their own interests and elect a rethug! Dumb asses! Which re illustrates my point that if you are not stupid, then you are indeed naive, and a part of the problem because you remain uneducated and there is no reason why you should be with all the access to information...Otherwise your criminal and again stupid because the BCS ain't sharing with you! The evidence is all around you that THEY are looking out for THEM and not YOU...THEY will use YOU and make you think YOU are part of THEM but if YOU are definitely THEIR enemy too! Once they finish with you you have to go also because if you would turn on your own people is it safe to assume you will turn on them! History lessons a little knowledge of current events, shutting the fuck up when you don't knw and listening to those that do go a long way to not being perceived as stupid, naive or criminal...

I have wasted enough time on my own wrestling with what THEY have told me is true and what I know in my mind and heart to be true...We have found and continue to learn that everything they have said that was good for US has not been good for anyone but THEM! That everything THEY do is for them and their ultimate ambitions...You can all it what you want the NWO, Illuminati, The BCS it's all the same...EVIL and if you have no desire to educate yourself or want to keep holding on to "what they told you to be true" go ahead but I will have no compassion for ya when you start talking that garbage...Everything is not fair and balanced, in fact for most people it is completely unfair and real fucked up! Look around you! Everything is not debatable either...Just because someone who has a degree says it's right doesn't mean it's so! Because things may seem rosey for you that may not be the case for everyone, and if you really think about it and most of us wont because it is painful to think about but, wrong is wrong no matter who says it or does it and the shit that is going on all around you is wrong in every way!

There are a couple of dynamics (emotions) running here besides just profound stupidity, but the main one is fear! I see it in my wife and all the people that I encounter that are aware of what is going on and that is this: They are SCARED! SCARED TO DEATH! Scared of losing jobs because how they feel, scared of being "renditioned" and tortured, scared to death of this government and what it will do, can do! If you are not scared then you better get scared because THEY mean business this time...

I am fearful myself but not enough to let them just get away with this bullshit because my less than brothers and sisters are so blissfully ignorant and want to stay that way...Then you have the "It don't have shit to do with me crowd"...This is where the majority of the Sheeple sit...They got a decent job, made a little living for themselves inside the Matrix and all these "stories" I write about "Will Never Happen To them" so they could careless, that is until it DOES happen to them...Will happen!

Remember when that pussy said, "You are either with us or against us!?"! He was not referring to other countries...He was talking about Amerikkkans...Who is he spying on?! Not Osama and them...He spying in Amerikkka! That statement and they way he looked at the camera with that psychotic glaze was the scariest thing I had seen since they bombed the Towers...PEOPLE ARE TERRIFIED! They know deep down inside that they did in fact bomb them towers and that Cognitive Dissonance about it is kicking their asses...Who has been affected by all these new Laws like the Patriot Act and Military Tribunals?! Not the Terrorists, they still come and go, bomb and destroy while we are standing in long ass lines with our shoes in our hands subjected to someone running they hands all over you...We have "free speech zones" now in Amerikkka, They can seize your property if you are thought to be hindering the war on terror, people are being arrested for signs, t-shirts and buttons depicting their political views...Don't believe me please research all of this stuff for yourself you might learn something you didn't want also...I dare ya!

For you folks that don't think it will happen to you not because you are terrified and wouldn't do it anyway but who think they are really still in the Amerikkka we all grew up in check this out from the Downer's Groove Sun:

A Downers Grove man believes he is being prosecuted for his political views - and an area attorney has taken his case pro bono.

Jeff Zurawski, 39, of Downers Grove and Sarah M. Hartfield, 45, of Naperville were initially charged with disorderly conduct for displaying a banner that read "Impeach Bush and Cheney - LIARS" on May 6 on the Great Western Trail above Interstate 355.

But more charges were brought against the two war protesters last week in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton: reckless conduct and unauthorized display of a sign in viewing of a highway, both misdemeanors.

The new charges each carry a penalty of up to one year imprisonment, while the original charge was up to a three-month sentence in the county jail.

"This is political prosecution," said environmental rights attorney Shawn Collins, who has taken on Zurawski and Hartfield's case pro bono. MORE!

Now here is the rub...I have seen those right to life wackos with that "abortion is murder bullshit" on signs hanging on over passes also and I have never heard about any of those wack jobs getting cited...They really might throw something at your cars too...Like them Peta people was getting stomped for throwing red paint or blood on them rich white peoples furs...Bet they wouldn't try that on any black churches on any given Sunday...I'm talking bout them PETA people though they might try it ONCE! The ACLU has lots of evidence of this kind of stuff at their website, check it out research this stuff for yourself...

The NWO is coming, the Matrix is getting it's final touches and it is happening no matter how you feel, what you think about me or the truth that is punching you in the face...The only thing that is going to stop it is all of us banding together against it...Here is the saddest part of all...Most of you have welcomed it with open arms and didn't even know it!

Then there is the biggest enemy of all to getting our country back besides the fact that most people would willingly give their lives to be safe (now aint that stupid)is the fact that most folks are in a word: apathetic...Partly because of the reasons listed above and more so from the constant dumbing down of our nation along with TV and it's mind numbing effects...

Main Entry: ap·a·thy
Pronunciation: 'a-p&-thE

Function: noun

Etymology: Greek apatheia, from apathEs without feeling, from a- + pathos emotion -- more at PATHOS

1 : lack of feeling or emotion : IMPASSIVENESS

2 : lack of interest or concern :

Which type are you type 1 or type 2? I really have a problem with both types because they both denote selfishness and hypocrisy, because if it was happening to you, you would want someone to help and until it concerns you, you wont help anyone else! You won't remember that you might have been in that same situation and someone helped you blinded by indifference, the attitude that you did something more extraordinary then the next person and people that came before you (work hard)to get where you are in life...That somehow, because you go to a particular church that you are somehow more blessed than the next person...The fact that because you have made a decent life inside the Matrix that everyone else has...Oprah is rich, not black people! Yes standards have improved but for the minority and still no where comparable to our white counterparts...I got more of this and I would put it out tonight but then whatever shall I write about tomorrow...Ha! Wake up!

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