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Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Dusty's Comedy Club Presents...Bill Maher!"


I normally leave this kind of stuff on my yahoo page but since he is a bit of a political satirist of sorts I decided it can't be all bad...

I am not the biggest fan of Bill Maher but he does make some good observations...It's 8 parts long and I don't know how long it will be available but here goes...Oh, just one thing and this is for my truth seekers out there...Maher makes the point about the BCS being stupid or dumb and that is a mistake a lot of sheeple, people and truth seekers fail to realize...Bush himself maybe mentally challenged but the rest of the Mob is not...You can see through his act and best believe that good old boy common man bullshit is an act! No group of people even on the most extreme crack would not fuck up as bad as these guys...I hear the latest scum rethugliclan buzz word is "political theater" Well we have been watching "kabuki political theater for 20 years almost with advent of the Madison Ave Marvel Ronald Raygun...

Bill Maher gets right to the edge of really saying something real about the rethugs and then makes it a joke about something else...Instead of sticking the knife in further...But I guess he really isn't gonna say a whole lot becuase he likes his cushy little spot on Matrix TV..Okay enough ranting.."enjoy the show!" LMAO!

Bill Maher - The Decider

At the very least I hope you at least got a laugh or two out of it...I did! Until next time...

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