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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Think About it Tuesday - Idealism vs Reality!"

from here on out I will be doing a lot of reposts...I have to give a couple of other things priority...That doesn't mean I won't be working and posting new shit just not as frequently...The other reason is I need to get my page balanced...To the casual observer all they see is some loudmouth with a couple of blog post's acting like he know something...Whether you realize it or not, the mind does work that way...Especially the minds of the sheeple...They are very easily strayed..."Oh look at that shiny ball!" Got em!

Anyway, with all that said I hope these are not too outdated I will try to change references as needed but most of my shit was prophetic so it stood still be relevant...lol!

I haven't been writing for a minute and it's a two fold decision...The first reason is fairly obvious (stated above)...The other reason is a bit deeper (touched on yesterday)...I have been going around a reading some pages and not really jumping in the discussions because I have noticed that a lot of these post's become "amen fests"...The blog writer forms an opinion no matter how poorly researched and though out, then you see 50 other folks agreeing with bad information...It is a big reason for a lot of the mis-information that we pass along to our kids, who internalize it and it becomes the basis for their beliefs...Information in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing especially for those that know how to use that information for their nefarious purposes...We have been the targets of a campaign of mis-information and propaganda for 1000's of years with no end in sight because it works so well...Religion is one of the biggest contributors to mis-information and an awful lot of other evils in the world, but before I get to the religious aspect let's get some definitions...

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05.


the attitude that places special value on ideas and ideals as products of the mind, in comparison with the world as perceived through the senses. In art idealism is the tendency to represent things as aesthetic sensibility would have them rather than as they are. In ethics it implies a view of life in which the predominant forces are spiritual and the aim is perfection. In philosophy the term refers to efforts to account for all objects in nature and experience as representations of the mind and sometimes to assign to such representations a higher order of existence. It is opposed to materialism. Plato conceived a world in which eternal ideas constituted reality, of which the ordinary world of experience is a shadow. In modern times idealism has largely come to refer the source of ideas to man’s consciousness, whereas in the earlier period ideas were assigned a reality outside and independent of man’s existence. Nevertheless, modern idealism generally proposes supra-human mental activity of some sort and ascribes independent reality to certain principles, such as creativity, a force for good, or an absolute truth. The subjective idealism of George Berkeley in the 18Th cent. held that the apparently objective world has its existence in the consciousness of individuals. Immanuel Kant developed a critical or transcendental idealism in which the phenomenal world, constituted by the human understanding, stands opposed to a world of things-in-themselves. The post-Kantian German idealism of J. G. Fichte and Friedrich von Schelling, which culminated in the absolute or objective idealism of G. W. F. Hegel, began with a denial of the unknowable thing-in-itself, thereby enabling these philosophers to treat all reality as the creation of mind or spirit. Forms of post-Kantian idealism were developed in Germany by Arthur Schopenhauer and Hermann Lotze and in England by Samuel Coleridge; forms of post-Hegelian idealism were developed in England and France by T. H. Green, Victor Cousin, and C. B. Renouvier. More recent idealists include F. H. Bradley, Bernard Bosanquet, Josiah Royce, Benedetto Croce, and the neo-Kantians such as Ernst Cassirer and Hermann Cohen. 1
See J. H. Muirhead, The Platonic Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Philosophy The Idealist Tradition (1957); G. A. Kelly, Idealism, Poed.,litics, and History (1969). (1931, repr. 1965); A. C. Ewing,

Okay that long ass definition can be broken down like this...Idealism is everything we see or perceive as objects created by the mind...In other words idealism is the way we think things should be as opposed to the actual reality of the thing...For example: ideally all men are created equally and if you work hard you can become rich and famous...The reality is this is a country that is built on racism and if your not a white man or if you try to stay true to yourself there is only so far and so big THEY will let you get...Let's take another example...Dave Chappelle...He had one of the hottest show's on TV...Then all of a sudden there is an issue with the show and Comedy Central wants to take control and change it...Now a lot of folks will say that the show was all about him saying the N-Word and making fart jokes and on the surface that is what it appeared to be, but if you think deeper like THEY did, you will realize that it was much more to that show...

This is the reality we live in today...Too many people want and expect things to be a certain way due to listening to and ascribing to someone else's idealogy...Whether it is the Straussian Lies of the Neo-Cons or the constant fear mongering of the GOP against Muslims it's all someone else's idealogy as opposed to the reality...There is no big Muslim conspiracy to take over the world and force everyone to pray to Mecca 5 times a day, just like there is no gay agenda or War on Christmas or against Christianity, but there is definitely a War on Islam...The modern day crusades...Remember it was the Christians that originally went to Africa to convert the heathens to Christianity not the other way around...Furthermore, isn't that the aim of all religions? To make you see and believe their truth?

"When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the Land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible". Jomo Kenyatta

Ideally we want to believe that the missionaries really wanted to convert the heathens to Christianity, the reality of it being simple theft and misinformation makes a lot more sense than for a group of people being a cursed race...Since when did GOD become a racist and make a certain group of people "Chosen" and another group "Cursed"? That never stuck with me...Regardless of how it might be interpreted in the Bible...Another bit of idealism for another time...Ideally everyone get's the truth about the world around them...The reality is that most are clueless and really believe they are free, when we are all slaves to a system of lies and deceit...The Ideology of the world around us is that we should all live in peace, the reality is that we have a few lunatics from all three of the major religions pushing their "Rule the World" ideologies or even worse "End of the World" scenarios on the rest of the world and are making it hell on Earth for everyone else...I never used to believe that "Money is the Root of All Evil" until I saw this current administration at work...The only reason we are in Iraq is to control the oil in that country...If you dig deeper the reason for that is really simple...The American currency is based solely on oil now and Saddam was going to take his oil and back it with Euros...That is the same reason the Neo-Cons want Shrub to attack Iran...The dollar is in a lot of trouble and it's future under this current administration is very much in doubt...That is why we have the secret North American Union that no one is talking about...

Reality has got to start replacing all this Ideology if we are to move forward in this grand experiment called America...Ideally, Karma is coming...Realistically, Karma is coming!

RIP - Bill Walsh & Tom Snyder ( A Real Journalist)

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Yes, THAT IS REALITY. Again, another educational, outstanding post, Dusty.

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