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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Think About It Tuesday - Terror Threats Or Thought Crimes?!"

...I believe the only thing we have to fear is Fear itself, and the man behind the curtain Well I heard him say: dreamers have become an endangered species And I'm aware of the rude awakening...Papa Roach

This is not the first time that this has come up...The timing of terror plots and significant events in the news...Keith Olbermann took a look back in August of 2005 and has recently updated his time line...It seems that every time there is a real significant news story, normally that coincides with one of this Administrations f*ck ups, dirty deals or outright lies and bullshit...In comes some really insignificant news story aka "Blond Girl Of the Week Story!" The latest being Paris Hilton sentenced to prison...However, that is not getting the traction the Shrub needs so he has to pump up his trump card...TERROR! He is becoming the President who cried wolf or was that Wolfowitz?! NONE of the threats have been real...Always in the planning stages, never finding any real weapons or bomb materials, just plans and snippets of conversations from ex-employees (Sears Tower, JFK Airport)...Come on now...Take the Fort Dix incident for example...10 dudes acting like pizza delivery drivers was going to take on a fully locked and loaded military base?!? Well that is what they gleaned from the available evidence...From The Smoking Gun:

...One of the charged conspirators, Serdar Tatar, was familiar with Fort Dix because his family owns a pizzeria nearby and he had delivered food there. Tatar allegedly obtained a map of the military base and provided it to his cohorts. The wannabe jihadists often viewed terror training videos, clips featuring Osama bin Laden, and a tape containing the last will and testament of at least two of the 9/11 hijackers. They also viewed tapes depicting armed attacks on U.S. military personnel and erupted in laughter when one plotter noted that a Marine's arm was blown off in one such ambush...MORE!

Okay so they were laughing at some video clips...Yes it is in extremely poor taste but not a crime..."One mans tragedy is another mans joke"...I guess we shouldn't but we laugh at other's misfortunes all the time...Most of our sitcoms are based on bad/sad things that happen to other people and the things they have to live through...

If the Shrub wasn't so pressed for any good news at all in his imaginary War on Terror or the Clusterfuck known as Iraqnam, he might be able to thwart an actual plot...They are really reaching...This latest thwarted plot coming on the heels of the Democratic debate and pushing the NSA Scandal, The Attorney Scandal, Plame, etc right out of the public eye...I don't think CBS or ABC reported anything at all about how Gonzo and Card was pressing a sick Aschroft to sign off on their illegal domestic wiretapping program...

Check out the videos and answer the poll at the end of this post...Coincidence's?!

Keith Olbermann - The Nexus of Politics and Fear - Part 1

Keith Olbermann - The Nexus of Politics and Fear - Part 2

Hmmmmmm, I guess it's another one of those things that just happens since the USA has become Fundie Christian Bizzarro World over the last 12 years! Blowjobs=REAL REAL BAD! Lying, Stealing, Killing, trashing the Constitution=Ehhhhh?!

The Question For Today is: "Do you think these latest round of "Thwarted Terror Attacks" were/are actual credible attacks or just thought crimes or even worse fluff in the news to take our minds off the real issues?!...How the neo-clowns are trashing America!

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