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Monday, June 04, 2007

"Maniac Monday's - Pain, Percocet & Punditry!"

Main Entry: ma·ni·ac

Pronunciation: 'mA-nE-"ak
Function: noun

Etymology: Late Latin maniacus maniacal, from Greek maniakos, from mania

2 : a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something


Main Entry: Mon·day

Pronunciation: 'm&n-(")dA, -dE

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English mOnandæg; akin to Old High German mAnatag Monday; akin to Old English mOna moon and to Old English dæg day

: the second day of the week

- Mon·days /-(")dAz, -dEz/ adverb

I can see how some people can become hooked on pain pills...As I have been recovering for the last couple of weeks from a recent surgery...See Story Here! The first little hint of pain has you reaching for the Percocet...Oxycodone if you have an HMO like Kaiser...325mg of Tylenol and 5mg of actual "get high"...Not that I would get high off Percocet unless I was in serious pain like I was before the operation and immediately after...All I wanted to do is take a couple of pills and try to sleep the pain away...Now I must admit the real pain I was in prior to the operation is essentially gone and by the time I left the hospital and I was dealing with trying not to laugh too much or cough...The coughing really hurt the sutures But I made it through the first week without too much pain and a lot of Percocet...I would wake up feeling beat up a little not realizing I was stretching in my sleep which pulled at the sutures...I would wake up in the middle of the night with some vicious "charlie horses"...I would immediately grab for the Percs...I had to stop myself...Some mornings when I wake up I wanna take a couple of percs and go back to sleep but that is just setting myself up for addiction...They are not sleeping pills although I can make the case that they make me sleep because they stop the pain long enough but that is bullshit and "once and addict always and addict" so I am very careful of that...Plus that is all I need on top of everything else I am labeled as..."Pssst, you heard? D doing oxy like Skittles!"

However, maybe I can get a job on radio
talking about politics?! I can be the black counterpart to Rush Limpballs! Anyone can be a self righteous dope fiend bigot...See them all the time in Baltimore City...Well actually the dope fiends are unified in they "dopefiendedness" in Baltimore...Kinda like Team Evil in DC...Their scruples are about the same too!

I could talk about how "We The People!" and Empowering the people but they would ignore my message and try to find out who I am sleeping with...Unified in their defense of their "lifestyle", but I better not defend mine! Oh wait I tried that and I came out with the shitty end of the deal...Bitter?! Yeah I could be and I keep it close to the surface just in case, but that is what this blog is for here on Yahoo...Personal Psychoanalysis...So I don't catch a case...It doesn't cost me $100 bucks an hour also!

I guess some folks really do enjoy pain...Not talking about them S&M folks either...I guess you can call me one of them that like the pain...Not physical pain, but that mental anguish...I would think most "Dreamers" suffer through this...They can see so clearly what everyone refuses to see and thinking about the reasons why causes the pain...You can't take a Percocet for this kind of pain...I guess I could smoke an extra blunt a day...Sort of like taking anti-depressants but who got money like that?! So I just come and commiserate with you 360...I read through a couple of different blogs and think to myself, like I do when I am watching Jerry Springer or Maury, "I am so glad my life ain't as fucked up as theirs!"

Just Take A Pill
The New Defenders Of Pain!

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