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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"TAIT - Godless: How Conservatives Blur the Line Between Religion and God!"

"Left to their own devices good men will do good things and evil men will do evil things, but to make a good man do evil you have to add religion!"

Way back in the day PT Barnum said, "that there is a sucker born every minute"! Well with this new global economy we can stretch that out to say there is one born every second...There are a lot of factors that go into that happening but the main one is the lack of critical thought that is taught in schools anymore. Kids are filled up with cues, which trigger reactions, they react properly they are pushed along...Then summer hits all that they "learned" is pushed out of their heads by summer vacation just to be filled up with more crap the following year in a vicious cycle of "Dumbing Down" of the youth! Thoughtful critical thinkers are enemies of the government and the corporate machine that has now switched us from a docile educated workforce to a docile uneducated consumer base that is shrinking by the day! You are a paycheck away from being outsourced...

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.- HL Mencken

I guess I have started to become a Deist...Yes I can see the existence of God in the beauty of the world and nature, but I believe also in the principle that God gave us everything we need to survive and make the right choices, which are all laid out for us...That is the free will part...God gave us all the tools ie: making us in his image, then setting us free to make our choices...The better choices you make the better your existence on this plane is...You better your chances in the way you deal with your brothers and sisters and before your spirit moves onto the next plane of existence you are judged on your deeds or misdeeds if you have done enough you move on, not enough you go back and try it again...You know that feeling that..."I have been here before?" Maybe you have!

I believe there is a little bit of truth in all the religions just too much man made up crap that negates most of the truth...Some men in Rome who at the time didn't really believe in Christianity rather Sol Invictus, decided which books in the Bible were God's word not all of the scrolls and texts that they found...The Pope decided what was God's word or not! Google Council of Nicea...All mans crap! Dogma what you have to believe on blind faith and building a religion..."Don't Think Just Believe!" That is the mindset you have to be in to go to the Creation Fun Park in Kentucky...They actually said that too...I was thinking maybe if I am in Kentucky I would stop by but I know they would throw my ass out because I would be walking through there saying, "This is bullshit!" Especially after seeing the snow white adam and eve as you first enter...Plus for the price of admission I can get me a bag of weed and some munchies, turn on Nick catch the Flintstones and have about the same amount of fun anyway! Let me recall my biology lessons...I cannot remember any formula that shown that two white folks could spawn the many and diverse cultures and colors of peoples around the world...But I didn't pay a lot of attention in biology...Not too mention that the way Christianist's view science and technology it wouldn't matter anyway...

What you want to believe is what you want to believe...Just don't try to legislate it to me, or teach it to my nephews...Or make some lame ass claims that a political party has more of this or more of that...This is where it definitely doesn't belong...Do we really have to talk about the morals of a political party...This is not even a true belief in the crap they are spewing about religion and how YOU should live anyway! This is also where the lines get blurred...God didn't say anything! Some man said God said this! Not a belief in God but what some man said about God in a book...A-MEN! It is an age old command and conquer scenario...Two madmen sitting in palaces decides my God is better than your God then sends someone else's son's and daughters off to die for their arrogance...


And it continues to this day...Conservatives where ever they are, I would venture to say that they are much more Godless to even equate the war on terror (snark) that they created, the clusterfuck called Iraqnam and the way it has been handled as something moral and just in the eyes of any God! PICK ONE! Religion is a tool to use for conservatives as it has been throughout the centuries, to control, enslave and offer your piece of heaven on earth after you die! That's more of the control thing! Funny thing to me is just like back in the day when the jews didn't believe he was the Messiah talking about peace and love, that most Christians today would probably not believe it's him either talking about peace and love...Especially the people who have distorted the message to suit their purpose, coincidentally the people in charge!

Church is nothing more than big business with a tax exempt card...A church I read about or heard about is trying to get a liquor license! Why not!?! Most of the church members be out in the club all week they can open them a spot and get that money for the Lord...As they leaving Sunday morning they can tell the people, "See ya in church in a couple of hours!" There has also got to be something illegal about a church claiming tax exempt status selling alcohol for God and profits? I can see the ushers now bringing folks drinks!

I guess God is the hateful bomb everyone brown who don't think like us, fire and brimstone, your going to hell and sin sin sin and gay's are bad and evil and hating them is good and they know what God wants because only THEY know what God wants even though they say He works in mysterious ways...He made the earth not 6 billion years but a few thousand days ago, that is what the creationist sold and like a snowball down a hill it continues to roll while it continues to control your archaic way of thinking that you already know, when it constantly unfolds, revealing new truths that need to replace the myths of old mental controls...The constant battle to steal my soul...

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