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Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Partying Like A Rock Star!"

Bush finally got his "Liberator's Greeting"! The people in Albania were cheering and chanting his name...The people were really excited about his coming to their country...They were expressing love and support and loyalty...My first thought was, "What the hell is wrong with these people...They just don't know!" Then I thought about it deeper and watched the video again and was struck by a couple glaring irregularities...Where the hell was the secret service at? Like Jon Stewart mentioned the other night...We can't get close enough to ask him a question yet they are giving the man head bumps and nougies! Also while watching the news last night and this morning I kept hearing about the watch! What would have happened if someone in that crowd had a knife?!? Where the Hell was the Secret Service?!? Now that can only lead to one or two other conclusions...It was either staged or the real leaders are trying to get the man offed...Remember they let him act like an ass the last G8...Feeling up Merkel and just acting boorish...But you can generally hear the love and support for the American President over there in Albania...

Here's the real deal though...This is not about a watch and there was genuine love and support for the American President...It could have been virtually any American President...In reality Bush is getting Clinton's love...Clinton was the one who bombed that madman Milsovic into submission and freed Albania...I read somewhere yesterday from an Albanian blogger the real reason for the sickening display of affection for Bush...It was misplaced...I am going to included the whole post...

06/10/2007 Donkey K. says:

I am an Albanian, and I can tell you that this huge warming welcome is not given to George Bush, but to the president of the USA, who for the first time visits my small country. (unfortunately he happen to be Bush, but if it was Clinton, or anybody else, it would have recieved the same). USA has historically helped albania in its most difficult times. Albanians are very thankful to USA for two main reasons:

1. Back in 1925 when the big European nations wanted to divy up albania to their neighbors as a WW! looting booty, it was with the help of USA and Widrow Wilson (the guy was a man with noble principles, who insited to let albanians the right of self determination, and form their own country. Unfortunately Kosova ended up in Yougosllavia's territory as a thanks from France and Britian to yougosllavia for being with them during WWI. Well, USA rectified that later in 99.

2. Kosova's war, where Milosevic, the same criminal man who caused 5 wars already, and a genocide in Bosnia (with the Sarajevo masacres), aimed to do the same. He wanted to get rid of Albanian Kosovars which were 90% of the population, and leaving in their historical lands. This pure ethnic killing and cleansing was stoped by USA (Clinton's Administration) in order to avoid yet another Bosnia.
So, this is some chearing up and big thank you from a tiny country to the few good deeds that USA has done (there is no oil in Kosova or Albania).
So, since then, we have provided some symbolic help to USA, hence we have a few hundreds of peace troops in Afganistan, Iraq, and now even in Lebanon...

It was the first time any American President has visited the nation so it was a big deal to the Albanians...However the fact that the Secret Service let the people get so close to bush is still a little disturbing...Not that I really give a shit a bout bush but that would have been tragic for the leader of the "Free World" to get shanked in the streets of Kosovo...WHERE THE HELL WAS THE SECRET SERVICE?!? They are a Muslim country! Am I the only one that caught that?! We as Americans cannot get that close to ask a question yet a bunch of Muslims was in touching distance...Check out the video...

Bush in Albania 2007 - Cheering in Fushe Kruja

I would like to see him try that shit in the streets of Baghdad! Whole different outcome...They would not be worrying about who got his watch but rather who got his arm! I saw Meredith on the today show wincing as people were grabbing and pulling on the decider, but she would not say it...Where the Hell Is the Secret Service?!?

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