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Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Stem Cells & Vetoed Bills!"

(Photo-Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison.)

I don't know if you have been following the debate about stem cell research but if not The Decider decided to veto a stem cell research bill that would have eased federal restrictions on the money for funding of stem cell research...Now it is only for the use of embryonic stem cells and there are other stem cells that might be used to perform the same functions as the embryonic stem cells but more testing needs to be done...The significance between adult stem cells and the embryonic stem cells is the fact that embryonic stem cells can assume the form of any tissue in the body, whereas with adult and other forms of stem cells they are not so sure...Here is a little background on stem cell research from CNN Crooks & Liars:

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Bush has vetoed funding the best lines of cells (totipotent) to pander to his extreme-conservative–religious base. Media Matters has a list of articles that give us background on “Stem Cell Research Misinformation

That is more than enough information to get you up to speed on the actual debate about stem cells...I am going to try to get you up to speed on the hypocrisy of the whole debate...

The big point bush used is the bullshit line about "destroying life to make life is immoral" or some other such nonsense like he really gives a good shit about life...However killing for oil is alright! The same folks hollering about your killing a baby are the same ones advocating the death penalty...Bush was even executing white women in Texas...So now he wants to tell us about his sanctity for life...

Even more simple minded is the fact that if they are not used for potentially life altering cures, like fixing spine injuries, and organ harvesting (no more waiting on donor hearts and other organs) the stem cells end up getting thrown away and destroyed anyway! Now like I said before there are other promising things happening down the line with other stem cells (check out the video above)but it's just insane to me that they will not allow funding for the research on cells that are going to be destroyed anyway...Which is the whole argument, which is bogus at best...Another reason why we need to get back to separation of church and state again...When you have bogus ass religious beliefs being taught like intelligent design and *SMGDH* intelligent falling in school over scientific fact and theory...That is another example of how rethugs play the word game...A belief in a scientific theory is not the same as a belief in your God of Choice...A scientific fact is based on trail and error testing and concrete results...A belief in religion or some other form of deism is just that a belief with no basis in reality...REAL: A man throws a rock into the air it will fall back to the ground...BELIEF: The Bible is God's word...The religious right think that life begins at conception and ends at birth...They fight and march in the streets to stop abortion, but once they do and the children are born how many of them go out and adopt a kid or two that they fight so feverishly for as a zygote...The same crowd that will ride by the inner cities that they created and turn up their noses at the poor hungry black and Hispanic kids that they fought so valiantly to get them here...Then the people here in America that can help would rather spend the money in Africa or adopt a "Real African"...Sounds a little colonial to me! These same people that if all of a sudden a loved one of theirs gets a disease that might be cured by Stem Cell Research, then they become "champions of the cause"...There's that universal apathy again...As long as it does not affect me(you)personally we could give a "hot sam!"

The majority loses again...
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President Bush addresses members of Congress during the Congressional Picnic,
Tuesday, June 19, 2007, on the South Lawn of the White House Washington. (Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP Photo)

President Bush Bucking the Stem Cell Trend?

Bush's Veto of a Stem Cell Bill Comes as More People Say They Support Research

ANALYSIS By GARY LANGER, Director of Polling, ABC News
June 20, 2007

President Bush's pending veto of stem cell research legislation comes at a time when public support for such research is at an all-time high. Most Americans long have backed stem cell research — 58 percent or more in ABC News/Washington Post polls since 2001. That's peaked, at 68 percent support, in the latest ABC/Post poll to measure views on the issue, in April. MORE!

Stupidity rules the day...The ribble, rabble 30%'ers are still calling all of the shots and the democrats just sit back and wait and wait. I guess like a lot of us are too, for them to just stop and start playing nice...Especially, without media support of any kind to keep them honest except the blogosphere! It's politics and party over country...The same bullshit that has been going on for the past 12 (twelve) years!

Now before I lose my place here, I have to remind myself that he vetoed federal funding but private funding is available...Now that does open up a few doors but private funding is big business which is the enemy! If the research was federally funded it could be regulated at research facilities like NIH and the results would be shared with the world a lot quicker...Private companies are going to want to charge a major premium so that only the rich and wealthy will be able to afford new organs or new treatments...Sort of like now just no waiting for organs and getting bumped by someone with more money than you! Not too mention big Pharma can still hawk their miracle cure pills, regulated by Bizarro World Bush appointees at the FDA that are allowing any drug to come to market no matter how bizarre the side effects are, and how bogus the testing is...The latest being a "fat" pill that you need to always bring a change of clothes and wear black or dark colored clothes not to make you look slimmer but in case you have an accident because one of the side effects is diarrhea and anal leakage...EWWWW!

I do know this...They GOP is through...Science is always going to win out over myths and lies...That should be plain to see..Through science we unlock the mysteries...Over time we have come to find out the Earth was NOT the center of the universe and NOT flat as once believed and that their was no such thing as spontaneous generation...Just like we left all that foolishness behind we need to add religion in it's current form to that list, but we have a man that wants to take us back to that era...the 12th century the dark ages once again...The disparity of the money spent on new ways to kill and destroy and the money spent on finding new ways to make life better for everyone is staggering! I mean for real what do you think Jesus would do?! I think he would want to "save" as many people as possible...

God Is Science
The New Defenders Of Life

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