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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"With Us Or Against Us - Sign the Damn Bill - UPDATED*!"

Once again we are at a crossroads with a lame dick errr duck President and a Congress that still acts like they are in the minority and without a real mandate from the people...They still act like the Shrub and all his evil minions are still untouchable...This is inarguably the most corrupt, and morally bankrupt administrations ever in American politics and yet 5 months into the year and we are no further to stopping this "Occupation" and none of the Shrubs serious Constitutional violations have even been addressed...They are moving either slowly and very methodical or scared and timidly afraid ...However, it seems that nothing is going to stop this idiot short of Impeachment" and Imprisonment for War crimes to start with, hanging for Treason as a tasty finish...But I am a dreamer...Until the Sheeple can see for themselves it is almost a waste of time and energy...Their is very very clear evidence that the Media in this country is nothing more than a Propaganda tool for the GOP, running under the guise as "the Liberal Media"...The Bill Moyer's Report from the other day clearly shows how all of the major media outlets save one, was cheer leading this war and scared of the "With Us or Against Us" threat that the President made after 911 not for the terrorist's benefit but for anyone that spoke out against this foolish Occupation of Iraqnam...IT IS NOT A WAR! From Crooks & Liars:

Not exactly a day of celebration….

(courtesy of tellusthemission.org)
Four years ago today, President Bush declared under a "Mission Accomplished" sign that major combat operations in Iraq had ended. In the four years since, Americans have seen that the mission was in fact far from accomplished. But instead of learning their lesson, the president and the Republicans in the Senate who want to keep giving him a blank check are still distorting the facts about what's happening in Iraq - making claim after claim of progress, when the facts on the ground tell a far different story. Read on…
Democratic Caucus's Senate Journal: Mission Accomplished?
Media Matters has a great round up of the media's fawning acceptance of Bush's premature victory statement. Ava has a new video called Mission Accomplished - 4 Years Later
Greg Mitchell takes a look back at the NY Times and their coverage

Like I said before, our soldiers are now refereeing a Civil War...Nothing you hear from the MSM is accurate as far as the real situation on the ground...Even Michael Ware who has been in Iraqnam for the past 5 years is being reigned in as far as calling St. McCain delusional after his stroll through a Baghdad market complete with his own personal army...I just recently heard that the Iraqnam Parliament was going to take a two month break without accomplishing anything, and only being pressed about getting an "Oil Ministry" completed from Bushco...Kindagreasy is leading that charge...We can now conclude that the Iraqnam government is all but failed...The recent withdrawal of Al-Sadr and his bloc was the death blow...This two moth break is the bleed out...

Surely this works out in the Decider's favor...How can we possibly withdraw now...He will proclaim! "Someone please roll the transcripts!"

At the beginning of the year President Dickhead said,

"A successful strategy for Iraq goes beyond military operations. Ordinary Iraqi citizens must see that military operations are accompanied by visible improvements in their neighborhoods and communities. So America will hold the Iraqi government to the benchmarks it has announced."(President Bush, Janury 10, 2007)

Later today or Tomorrow after he vetoes the bill he will use these standard talking points...

The Democrat Congress supports a "Surrender Date" and is "Waving a White Flag" to "Embolden the Enemy." Nancy Pelosi is trying to "Micromanage the War." How can Democrats Confirm General Petraeus But Oppose His Mission?" If they get their way, the insurgents will "Follow Us Home."

Yadda yadda yadda...We have heard all of this garbage before and it didn't work then it is not going to work now...Except on really really stupid people and the criminally insane!

Is he going to sign the bill? Probably not! What should be the democratic response? Send him another bill with stricter guidelines? Cut off funding?!? I mean that is the only way your going to end a war being run by a bunch of chickenhawk neo-clowns...

May 1, 2007

Reid: Congress Gives President Opportunity To Fully Fund Troops, Change Course In Iraq

WASHINGTON, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada released the following statement as Congress sent the Emergency Supplemental conference report to the President:

"As we close one of the deadliest months of the war in Iraq and the State Department reports that terrorist attacks have dramatically increased, the reality on the ground in Iraq and around the world proves what we all know - the Iraq war is not making America more secure and a change of course is needed. Today we renew our call to President Bush: There is still time to listen to the American people, fully fund our troops and change course in Iraq. This bipartisan bill does just that. A veto means denying our troops the resources and strategy they need. After more than four years of a failed policy, it's time to remove our troops from an open-ended civil war and for Iraq to take responsibility for its own future.

I have to agree with Harry on this one it is time to get out of harms way let them decide what they want...This has never been about the Iraqi people and spreading democracy...Those were more of the bullshit talking points...It's about Iraqnam's oil...No calls from Shrub to end the violence, just get that oil ministry done! Speaking of talking points I found an interesting list at PERRspectives:

The following GOP Iraq talking points appear to still be in use:

These are actual quotes by our Dear Decider and his other evil minions...I mean for real who else could make up such stupidity?! Would break down all these quotes but why bother...If you need specifics let me know in the comments otherwise you can reference and cross check them yourself...

It also pisses me off is that the Shrub keeps using the troops as props and playing on peoples fears and patriotism...Most of that money is NOT going to go to our troops but building and rebuilding projects, not to mention the Shrubs private team of mercenaries...Google Blackwater...HERE! is a good link! Here is a little nugget for the conspiracy theory buffs...Blackwater is more than likely reponsible for the bombing of the Golden Dome and starting all this civil unrest in Iraqnam...Just a hunch...


Of course the Slug vetoed the bill and like I explained above you can use any of the many and varied talking points or even the quote above but it all equals about the same thing...A resounding FU to the will of the people or to any compromise with Congress which leave no other option than to play serious hardball...

msnbc-pelosi.jpg Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid addressed the media today to respond to President Bush's excuse for vetoing the Iraq spending bill and the will of the American people. It also appears like the Democrats are reading the blogs. As Nico did earlier today, Nancy Pelosi quoted 1999 George W. Bush where he called on President Clinton to lay out a timetable for removing troops from Kosovo.

video_wmv Download (1693) | Play (1341) video_mov Download (653) | Play (1036)

I would have included President Bush's remarks, but it was the same old tired song and dance — "artificial timetables," "micromanaging the war," "embolden the enemy," etc. etc. Just go back and look at any of his speeches/press conferences.

UPDATE: (Nicole) Here's transcripts of Reid's statement; Jim Webb also has a few things to say (video up at dKos)

Put Impeachment Back On The Table

The New Defenders of Democracy!

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