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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Bush Vetos Troop Funding - You Can't Veto The Truth!"

Any other headline or by-line is bogus...There was plenty of money to help fund King George's war of choice and he turned it down...This is an interesting ad that will be running around the country later today and it really sums all of this up...We have a president that will only listen to the voices in his head...He doesn't listen to the generals on the ground, because he would know that there is no military solution to this Occupation...He doesn't listen to any views that contradict his small understanding of the big world! However he wants to slice it though, he cannot change the truth or re-write it...

You Cannot Veto The Truth!!
He was given his funding for his war and he turned it down...Do not believe any of the MSM hype from the talking points they have been using and that I have documented in my last post! Do not believe the bullshit that this bill was filled with pork, coming from the "pork-masters" the GOP...Here is a link to the Bill that the Decider decided to veto...Personally I think the Dems should keep sending the same bill and in a couple of months of him not signing it the funding will come to an end and the Occupation will be over anyway...Then the Dems can authorize funding for a safe withdrawal...I cannot think of many more alternatives? I am at a loss...I cannot understand for the life of me how 22% who are standing by this president and going along with his Bizarro World policies and Fascism here at home are overriding and overruling the majority that want our troops home and an end to this madness in Iraqnam?!? The MSM is a main proponent but common sense and a little bit of rational thought should be enough to wake some of the Sheeple...Ya Think?!

Veto = End Of Occupation
The New Defenders of Democracy!

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