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Thursday, May 03, 2007

"No Surrender...No Retreat - UPDATED*!"

Yesterday I heard some more bad news that broke my heart...The dems were considering caving into The Decider and giving him the clean bill like they said they wouldn't do...I cannot for the life of me understand how this president with his 20% approval rating can demand anything! There is absolutely NO credibility left in this administration...They have repeatedly been caught in lie after lie, scandal after scandal and still with out any oversight or accountability...I am also still trying to figure out what the hell the dems are waiting for ...They have a mandate from the People...


The democrats have all the power in the world to stop this occupation of Iraqnam but yet they keep playing politics and silly games with The Peoples Emotions not to mention the soldiers lives...When I voted in November I was very optimistic that things would finally start to get back to normal...But here we are 5 months later and here we are 5 months later...Same shit different day...I guess it is up to We the People to make Nancy P and Harry Reid understand under no circumstances do we give in YET again to the whims and follies of a madman, stuck somewhere between Bizzarro World and Never Never Land!

Over in the House of Representatives they tried to override the Shrubs veto but came up short...There were even 6 democrats that voted against the override...Here are there names make sure if they represent you or you state you let them know they will be getting a pink slip in '08...From Crooks & Liars:

It's another heartbreaking moment brought to you by all the Republicans in Congress that rubber stamp Bush and his policies. We can throw in these seven House Democrats as well who voted against the veto bill today.

John Barrow, Georgia
Dan Boren, Oklahoma
Lincoln Davis, Tennessee
Jim Marshall, Georgia
Jim Matheson, Utah
Michael McNulty, New York
Gene Taylor, Mississippi

This has got to stop "By Any Means Necessary" Even Impeachment madame speaker...But under no circumstanceS do We the People want you to give in to insanity any more....


Here is another TV ad that needs to be played 24/7 365 on Capitol Hill until the Democrats stand up, get some real resolve, and really start doing the will of the people! We want the Occupation to end, We want accountability, We want a return to the Rule of Law! More From Crooks:

John Edwards has come up with an ad on George Bush's veto of the Iraq supplemental.

Now is the time to contact your elected officials and make sure that they don't back down. ESPECIALLY if your representatives are Republicans looking at re-election in 2008, contact them and tell them you want the timelines to remain in the bill.

John Edwards is asking for donations to buy airtime for this ad in DC right now. Please help if you can.

And please, call your representatives in the House and the Senate. Tell them that concessions

are unacceptable. The American people want the troops out of Iraq. Ask that they support submitting the same bill again and again until George Bush accepts that he will not get a blank check to wage an unwinnable occupation in the midst of a civil war.

Now Is the time to make your voice heard! Call, write and pass this information along...Do something...Just don't complain when it's your child getting drafted to be cannon fodder for the Iraqnam Occupation!


I guess this is a little bit of encouraging news...

Reid: 'Nothing is off the table'
Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2007 3:33 PM by Mark Murray

From NBC's Ken Strickland
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Bush Administration came forward today with proposals for a new Iraq supplemental. And while President Bush's veto stemmed primarily from his opposition to the bill's timetable for troops withdrawal, Reid said "there is nothing that's off the table, including timetables."

In his weekly off-camera briefing, Reid refused to give details of his meeting today with White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, but acknowledged that Bolten came to the negotiating table with some ideas. "That was part of the deal," Reid told reporters. "The ball's in the president's court. He vetoed it and they had to come forward with some proposals. And they did."

While Reid held firm that timetables for withdrawal could still be part of a new funding bill, he quickly added, "There are many different things that can be done in this legislation to focus on ending this war, not just timetables." MORE!

Now like I said this is encouraging news and it also brings up another interesting point...I READ then heard about the Dems possibly caving in...Which is another indictment of the MSM and how it manipulates what we see and hear..

Remember when President Dickhead made that speech where he said, You gotta repeat everything over and over until the propaganda sinks in"? Again I make the same links as before, that our kids are not being taught to think, but are filled up with certain cues that cause them to react and not reflect...Turn off the TV and read a book!

Democrats Playing Kabuki Theater
The New Defenders Of Democracy!

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