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Monday, August 01, 2011

Manic Mondays - My Mania

I woke up this morning and I did not feel that usual dread I do most mornings because I feel all is lost and there is no sense in trying anymore. That it is going to be another day wondering if I am ever going to get a job or even a job interview because I swear I do not want to spend another day wondering if I will be able to hold my head up and act like the man I pretend to be from the shame of not being able to provide for myself and loved ones. It was also the first morning in a couple weeks that I woke up because my body got the proper amount of sleep and not because the new neighbors above me were stomping over top my head or the stress of facing another day dealing with that situation and not going up to the roof and giving them a little bit of their own medicine which would have probably felt better than the actual good nights sleep. I could bang on the ceiling and start a war of attrition but I do realize that my karma just like the United States can't afford another war and not too mention I have to realize that I have absolutely no control of what someone else does. Maybe they don't realize that what comes around goes around or they don't think about that. More than likely the latter. I know there is a simple solution to this and just about any conflict that may arise and that is to simply think about how you yourself would want to be treated and act accordingly but I guess when people are caught up in the moment they really do not think about that or rather they really don't think at all UNTIL they are on the other side of it, but today none of that mattered because they did and it was all quiet and peaceful.

When I left my house this morning I noticed the heatwave had dissipated and it was a nice breeze flowing. Seems people have recognized that global warming is not some made up liberal plot but is actually man made from cars, industrial pollution and cow farts. That they have started driving less not because of the ever increasing gas prices, but their concern for the environment and their children and their children that will inherit these problems. I heard that conservatives and teabaggers like Sarah Palin have given up on the lie that CO2, CO1, Methane and other greenhouse gases are good for humans and the environment. I always think about that absurd commercial that shows a highway with a 1001 cars on them spewing black smoke and some yo yo coming on and talking about how a pack of cigarettes are worse than that. Fill your car with automobile exhaust and smoke you die. Fill it with cigarette smoke you may get sick or smell really bad but you live.

While I was at the bus stop I actually saw a guy start to throw his trash out his car window and I guess he saw me standing there with the tear in my eye like that slot Indian dude Iron Eyes Cody from those old littering commercials and decided against it and actually pulled over and placed the trash in the trash can. I didn't really have a tear in my eye but I did shake my head with a disgusted look on my face, but I guessed it worked. Then like magic everyone else I saw today actually put the trash in the can instead of throwing it on the ground next to the can. What struck me as odd is that those same people that usually throw the trash on the ground and out their car windows are normally the very same people screaming the loudest about the big ass killer rats that roam the streets of Planet Baltimore kicking cats in the ass. I also noticed that the apartment complex where I live has started making people recycle by putting signs on the three dumpsters instead and fining people for not sorting. I mean it only makes sense after the Planet City Council spent so much money and time on a massive campaign to get everyone to recycle and save a few bucks in the process for more police protection.

I heard that the oil companies agreed to re-write a new energy bill that have them paying much more in taxes because they realize for the last ten years they have made record profits and since they have been more than just partly responsible for what is going on with the environment. I mean they let oil spew from an underwater leak for literally months and that is just here in the United States. We are not even skimming the surface (pun intended) of all the different environmental disasters and oil spills that didn't get as much press as the Valdez and the latest the Gulf Oil spill. I also read that Exxon finally paid for the Valdez oil spill with interest for all the years they held it up in court, again from the enormous profits they have made over the last two decades since the spill.

I read or heard that our leaders stopped playing politricks and passed a debt ceiling bill that taxed the rich who were paying less in taxes than people making hundreds of thousands of dollars less than them and struggling to pay their bills while working harder and longer. I heard they cut military spending and entitlements. I read that Congress gave up on massive spending cuts that only hurt the poor and working class and didn't touch Social Security or Medicare and fixed that disastrous Medicaid Prescription program. I heard the President and Congress made a reverse NAFTA type deal with Canada to allow we the people to get cheaper prescription drugs, so that my mother and elderly aunts and uncles and the rest of we the people's elderly or sick didn't have to decide which was more important month to month, eating or taking care of their health. I heard he stopped spending billions of dollars in stupid overseas wars against abstract ideas and concepts and brought our soldiers home. He eventually put those billions of dollars to use helping those soldiers get re-acclimated to life at home and rehabilitation programs and giving tax breaks to companies that created jobs here in America and not in China, India and elsewhere.

Someone told me that President Obama actually signed a bill that officially closed down Guantanamo Bay and 100's of other secret prisons, stopped renditions and torture, formally brought back habeas corpus and stopped all military tribunals saving us millions of dollars that he put back into education and fixing America's rotting infrastructure. I taped a brilliant speech by the president like the ones he made on the campaign trail urging the world to come together and stop world hunger and to cure all the treatable diseases in Africa and other third world countries where people were dying from simple diseases like malaria and complications from drinking dirty water. He urged the world's pharmaceutical companies to stop stifling promising research into real cures and not just medicating them with overpriced drugs that had more side effects than the diseases they were supposed to be helping. I remember hearing him say some things in his speech about equality and true democracy and I was happy and smiling because I finally felt that this man was actually gonna make America live up to it's promise. Instead of just talking though he actually wrote out a plan to accomplish all these things I heard him urge the world to wake up and and that resonated with me until I woke up and realized I had been sleeping and all of this had been a dream...I think it was a combination of the stomping above me, the trash that actually hit my foot from someones car and the sheer absurdity of all of this stuff happening over night!


I heard the president actually really caved in and gave the republicans and teabaggers 98% of what they were asking for and these assholes are still talking about this is not a deal they can vote for. I really wish that was a dream but alas it is the cold hard reality of just how determinedly destructive a few stupid people with a little bit of power can be!

Yeah I Am A Dreamer

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