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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally Some Validation

"This kind of validation is sweet because I did nothing but write what I had been writing and felt with every part of my being for a long time. The words validated themselves!" -Menace

FINALLY! I am not going to lie I absolutely LOVE IT when all the shit I have written and been saying for the past two years when I wasn't writing gets validated! I mean to tell ya! This is for all the people that cussed me out, called me crazy, said I was full of shit, called me a conspiracy theorist and then discounted everything else I would write because THEY were brainwashed, short sighted and would rather follow the herd than to think for themselves. To This Very Day! For all of the people I admired, called my friends and acquaintances who turned their backs on me after that last election, because I only voted for Barack because he was (half) black not because of all the slick shit he was saying that had my man Jesse Jackson crying like a baby, but not because Barack won but because Jesse was thinking it should have been him saying all that shit. You all should have known that I only voted for the brother because of the delicious irony of a black man being the HNIC of the most racist place on the planet. Nothing Else! I will admit I got caught up a few times and even then I still voiced my concerns and doubts, but I wanted to believe. However those doubts still overrode the feel good speeches he was giving. I knew he was retuglican lite like $Bill Clinton and would serve his corporate masters well!

I can remember it like yesterday when I commented on a post over at Multiply as to why I thought it was absolutely absurd that Obama should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize and I was viciously attacked, ridiculed and ultimately decided that the sheeple were on their own and stopped writing. I played it off at the time but it really hurt considering I had been validated a few times before. For example about the apologies for slavery that although the federal government never professed it there were a few states that did. I mean unless your counting the ultimate profession electing Obama to office but remember he is half white and part of the American elite. Check his bloodlines! Sorry to tell you this but lil Tyrone, Pepe or Billy Bob can NOT be president even if he does speak eloquently.

I knew this day would come just like the truth about all of the rest of the lies THEY have told. I blogged about the secret societies and told you all who was really ruling the world and about how they both democrats and rethuglicans were all the same, how the Democratic party always played the lesser of two evils and reminded everyone that It Was Still Evil nonetheless. I will warn you again about the coming depression and the NWO that is coming. About how the real war is in America and it IS class war! It's all here just scroll through my shit! Oh M Gee! It is so good I decided to start writing again so that I could write this post. However, I am through gloating and will present without further comment my validation!

Lifting the Veil from S DN on Vimeo.

I Told Ya

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