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Thursday, July 14, 2011

F@#* Pizza Boli's @ 5020 Sinclair Ln

I am normally an easy customer to get along with just don't be giving me any attitude cause you hate your job, yourself or you hating on me cause I'm buying some shit you can't. Remember stupid if I don't buy it you don't have a job. Pay Attention! Customer service 101: No Customers, No Business, No Job! Got it? Good!

So all this started a couple months ago with Pizza Boli's @ 5020 Sinclair Ln. next to Kimmie's carryout, who is still on my good side so far and Radioshack another store I will not spend another dime in due to piss poor customer service and lots of attitude. However, right now it's all about Pizza Boli's! That day I was craving a slice of pizza like a pregnant woman craving pickles and ice cream. I had just landed on Planet Baltimore a few weeks earlier from Jersey where they do know how to make a great pie and I wanted me a slice so I went in Pizza Boli's. I asked for a slice with sausage on it and the girl behind the counter looked at me like I was speaking gibberish. She then told me they don't have sausage, and I looked at her like she was speaking gibberish. What pizza place don't have sausage? I guess she caught the look on my face and said no sausage on slices and of course I wanted to know why and she just said they don't. Of course I was like I will pay for it, but she just repeated herself and said they don't put sausage on their slices just pepperoni. I like pepperoni too but it gives me indigestion so I didn't want any pepperoni, but I did want that slice of pizza so I caved in and paid the $2.00 bucks for a regular cheese slice and walked out. I may have muttered, "what kind of shit is that when you can't get a slice with what ya want on it?" The slice was alright but it wasn't great especially without sausage.

I thought that was really odd and it really bugged me because it is the only pizza place with-in close walking distance
and since when does a pizza place not have sausage on their slices if ya want? I have seen slices with just about anything you could imagine in Jersey and even downtown Baltimore, from anchovies to zucchini, but Pizza Boli's 5020 Sinclair Ln only offers cheese and pepperoni. Other places uptown on Planet Baltimore offers slices with sausage why not Pizza Boli's? That is the only reason I want a car again so that I can get to places that will appreciate my business and not take it for granted.

I thought maybe the counter girl was having a bad day and taking it out on me, but one day I saw her walking across the parking lot and I asked her about the sausage thing and she still didn't have a satisfactory answer and although it was a strange conversation to begin with when she thought it even stranger that I would get mad about not being able to get sausage on my slice. I should have known then that I was wasting my time and any further attempts to get sausage on my slice from this particular Pizza Boli's was going to be fruitless. I remember another attempt another day to get sausage on my slice and I walked out disgusted this time actually making enough fuss to get another customer to ask me about them not giving me sausage and we both just shook our heads, but that is not why I am writing this post about them.

Yesterday I wanted pizza and tried Pizza Boli's @ 5020 Sinclair Ln again with the same results but at least I got a reason why this time and it was because the sausage is frozen and it wouldn't be properly cooked while heating up a slice. Okay while I didn't like the reason I understood. I of course left this time without buying a slice of regular old cheese pizza and walked home still wanting some pizza though. I thought okay since I can't get a slice with sausage maybe I can get the whole pizza with sausage on it and proceeded to call Pizza Boli's @ 5020 Sinclair Ln and order. From the time I called and was placed on hold I knew that this was a bad idea I should have hung up but I want what I want when I want it. When she came back on the line I detected a lot of attitude in her voice and she was acting like she couldn't hear what I was saying. I was asking what specials they had and she proceeded to tell me one medium one topping $8.99 and one large with one topping $10.99. Nothing at all special about either one of those offers, but I ended up ordering anyway. Now the whole process was getting me angrier and angrier especially because I was spending my money and this chick was giving me A LOT of attitude. After I hung up it came to me that all the attitude and pretending she couldn't hear me or understand me was an attempt to get me to say never mind and not order anyway. Okay no problem, first of all the specials sucked ass and her attitude really sucked ass so I gave her her wish called back and cancelled the order where upon she told me not to call back to her shitty pizza palor anymore in effect telling me they do not want my business. Not realizing she had already lost my business! I almost forgot to mention she also told me it would take 45 minutes to get me my pizza and they are literally 5 minutes on foot from where I live!

Her telling me not to call back is really not a problem because the pizza tastes like crap and looks the same as it tastes anyway . Not too mention that the place looks dirty along with the people that work in the place cooking the pizza. I think they are owned by some real "african americans" and while I thought it was a myth, some of them actually do treat black people like they are beneath them. Now here is where I get even angrier! At them for treating their customers like they have to eat their shitty pizza AND the customers that let them treat them that way. I know their are other people who also just want a slice of pizza with sausage on it and wonder why Pizza Boli's @ 5020 Sinclair Ln can't or rather won't serve them and settle for pepperoni or regular old cheese slices. They are wrong for not offering their customers what they want and you as the customer are wrong to keep supporting a business that doesn't give you what you want. While they are one of a few places uptown that offer slices they are not the only one.

I finally called Papa John's @ 5246 Harford Rd. and the young lady that answered the phone although she put me on hold came back on the line promptly, was not giving me attitude and they had real specials! And while they said it would take 40 minutes I think they made it in under 30. The moral of this little rant/story is I should have known better and Pizza Boli's @ 5020 Sinclair Ln has lost my business and hopefully a lot of other business of other people who are tired of their shitty attitudes and pizza. I will be contacting there main offices and relating this to them also. They cater too a predominantly black area and they treat us like they do yet we still spend our precious dollars with them. We as black people have got to demand better from these businesses. Like I said before some of these people on Planet Baltimore are real special!


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