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Friday, September 19, 2008

"The Weekly (C)Wrap-Up - Palin's Privilege!"

So I dodged a bullet this morning...I stayed up all night as usual last night not realizing I had to go to court this morning. The last time I was summoned was a mere 4 months ago and I didn't even show up for that date. In all honesty I was hungover that morning, but this time I decided to stay up, go downtown and show up for my civic duty. So I put on my "GUILTY!" T-Shirt with the big letters and went to court today.

I was really dreading the whole sit and wait style of jury duty in Baltimore City, because I knew I had to write this Weekly (C)Wrap-Up!, so as to keep the masses informed about what is really going on in their world. They summons 1000 people a day in Baltimore City and then you are herded into this waiting area and you wait until your number is called. Well today I was expecting to be sitting for 8 hours, but the gods heard my plea's of deliverance from that place of "In-Just-Us" and when I got up to the counter to sign in, because I lost the summons slip, the guy at the counter looked at my ID then matched it to his computer print out and said, "You are free to go! We are only using the first 600 people and your number 603! Nice shirt!" I vaguely head that last part as I was halfway out the building after he said, "free to go!".

I bring all that up to offer you the first story in this week's (C)Wrap-Up! From Yahoo News:


The First Dud(e) of Alaska Refuses To Testify Despite Subpoena!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - The husband of
Gov. Sarah Palin will ignore a subpoena from Alaska lawmakers investigating whether the Republican vice presidential nominee's firing of a state commissioner constituted an abuse of power, officials from her campaign said on Thursday.

Todd Palin was among 13 people, including several Palin administration staffers, subpoenaed by a legislative committee to testify in private or at a hearing scheduled for Friday.

The governor's husband, however, refuses to answer questions to a panel that he believes is politically motivated, according to campaign officials for Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Palin.

"The objections boil down to the fact that the legislative council investigation is no longer a legitimate investigation because it has been subjected to complete partisanship," campaign spokesman Ed O'Callaghan said. MORE!

You know the next time I am summons to come to court I am going to use the "First Dude Defense", claim the court summons is politically motivated and ignore it! Yeah I know, my black ass will get put under the jail for that, but not rethuglicans. The laws of the land do not pertain to them.

Up next is our old racist buddy George "Macaca" Allen, remember this asshole?


The one that had a Confederate flag and noose in his office?! The one that called a campaign worker of Indian descent "macaca" (a racial slur)? Well, seems the rethugs of North Virginia are planning a "Unity Rally" to improve relations with all the diverse ethnicities in that part of the state and who is going to be the featured speaker at this rally? Yup! George Allen Jr. I guess the GOP figures that it's been a couple of years so people have forgotten about the fact that George Allen once bragged about killing a dear and stuffing the head in a black person's mailbox. Or I guess they thought we would forget that he called that Indian kid a "macaca" which is a type of monkey. Maybe the GOP is just that delusional and is assuming that you are too. I mean the communication director for the state party had to say this, from Thinkprogress:

“George Allen has an excellent record on issues of diversity, reaching out to people,” Gerry Scimeca, communications director for the state party, told us. “His whole career, his whole life have been a testament to a guy who’s treated people equally across racial lines, across every kind of line.” […] MORE!

You see the look on the horse's face?! Even it can't believe Allen is speaking at this "Rally"! Allen being a featured speaker changes the whole meaning of the word rally!

Since I just happened to be up early this morning and the wife usually watches NBC (nothing but crooks) so against my better judgement I happened to catch the "Today Show" and they had Ari Fleischer on talking about the mortgage crisis and this whore had the nerve to say, "If people would not have tried to buy houses they couldn't afford then the us wouoldn't be in this predicament" or something to that effect. Of course I lost it this morning after hearing that. What a bunch of sleazy lying scumbags these GOP whores are! Then to top it off I went to Crooks & Liars and saw this:

Larry Kudlow blames Congress and low income families for housing crisis: ‘Guilty Liberal Consciences’ Forced Banks To Make Bad Loans

Larry Kudlow proves once again that he’s nothing more than a right wing, free market, Milton Friedman hack that just lies at will. Doesn’t he have a conscience? Nope…It’s never the big money freepers that horde the wealth of this country and have no restrictions on what they can do thanks in part to Mr Deregulation himself, John McCain. Jon Perr has more...

video_wmv Download |video_mov Download |(h/t Heather) (rough transcript)

Kudlow: It’s time for the Congress, Republicans and Democrats to stop encouraging—exhorting and forcing banks to make low income loans with no documentation. Stop that—literally pushed these lenders to make low income loans

Scarborough: Hold on a second. You cannot blame this on low income people that are getting a house.

Kudlow: I’m not blaming them. Kudlow: Sub prime, sub standard loans were a creature of the US Congress in the 90’s and the 2000’s.

Scarborough: Are you saying that poor people have caused this crisis?

Kudlow: Not poor people. Members of Congress who were rich people. But their Liberal guilt consciences forced banks and lenders to make lousy sub-standard loans and that has to be repealed…not everybody can afford a home, Joe. Some people have to rent.”

What a crock. Kudlow blames it all on the liberals. What a joke this man is. This is another case that proves conservatism is dead. Of course not everybody can afford a home. Sorry, the irresponsible lending practices went on because it kept Bush’s economy chugging along for years before it crashed and burned. The ownership society Bush and conservatives called it. Morning Joe actually takes him apart for even suggesting that low income families are the root cause of our economic problems in the housing market. It’s up to the lenders to qualify people for loans. PERIOD.

I watched this crisis unfold and saw people walking into fairly expensive homes in Venice, CA with no down payments and either low or no interest loans. Yes, I’m a renter now. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the property values skyrocketed (went up to 1 million) because of these lending practices. People can apply for a loan all they want, but that does not automatically mean they should be approved. That’s up to the lenders. Liberal guilt is never an issue and a lie, Mr Kudlow. They aren’t supposed to hand over thousands of dollars without knowing that they will be paid back. The predatory lenders made boat loads of cash at will with a conservative philosophy in hand. Just ask your best friend for a hundred bucks and see what happens…Naomi Klein writes: Disowned by the Ownership Society

Washington think-tanker Grover Norquist predicted that the ownership society would be Bush’s greatest legacy, remembered “long after people can no longer pronounce or spell Fallujah.” Bush has turned out to be the ownership society’s undertaker.

I hope these work….Contact Larry Kudlow here: Larry.Kudlow@cnbc.com Larry.Kudlow@nbcuni.com Call 877-251-5685 up until 7 pm EST and let him know how you feel in a respectful way. MORE!

Yeah remind Larry that this too is Bush's bullshit. Remind Larry that Bush campaigned on home ownership. Called it the "Ownership Society" to get everyone in homes and which was really just propping up the economy and the way they tried to get folks into homes was the sub-prime loans. Yeah we can put Larry in the running for "Asshole of the Week along with Fleischer!

Next up and I should have followed up the "First Dude Defense" story with is the sweetheart interview Palin has done with Sean "Insanity2x" Hannity, however I am going to let Jon Stewart at the Daily Show fill you in on that love fest. You thought the Gibson interview was sweet wait until you see this...

Ha! Jon could play her on SNL he has the voice down. Do these people ever answer the questions?! Here she is again evading a slo-motion softball from one of her rabid ticket only having adoring fans at a supposed town hall meeting. I understand completely why Barack doesn't want to play silly "town hall" debates with McSame. First and foremost they will packed with McSimpson plants and if they do let the public attend the crowds will be because of Barack and I wouldn't let the old man ride my coattails either, but before I get off on a rant here is the video from the other day that I snagged from Crooks & Liars (most of them are snagged from Crooks -I'm ordering basic cable tomorrow so I can make my own):

And this is what Amerikkkans prefer to a smart well spoken articulate black guy?! He even has a white VP and people say racism is dead in this country...Yeah WHATEVER!?!

So I just saw this pop up over at Crooks also and thought I would re-post it too. This time it is Olbermann...

Okay moving on...The big big news is all of the government bailouts of these mega corporations! I posted about that here and I don't want to re-post it today, however I did want to mention that we are only hearing about the big major or multi-national Wall Street corporations, but local companies closer to home like Constellation energy in Baltimore has been greatly affected by the fluctuating markets and the demise of these other major player's in the Corptocracy...From The Baltimore Sun:

Our view: Warren Buffett may be just the savior Constellation Energy needed to stay afloat, but the deal and its myriad ramifications merit close scrutiny by Maryland regulators

This week has brought a stunning reversal of fortune for Constellation Energy Group, its shareholders and employees. Seven days ago, the company was trading at more than $55 a share. Now, it may be scooped up by a Warren E. Buffett company for a mere $26.50 a share under a tentative deal announced yesterday that may have spared Baltimore Gas and Electric's parent from financial meltdown.

Is the proposed merger of Constellation with Iowa-based MidAmerican Energy Holdings Group in the best interests of its owners, workers and BGE customers? Constellation executives say yes, but a great deal more will need to be known before the rest of us can accept that judgment.

The Maryland Public Service Commission is one of the various government agencies that will review this deal. We would urge state officials to hire qualified investment bankers and others with appropriate expertise to explore every aspect of the transaction with far greater care than was given the state's deregulatory efforts nine years ago. MORE!

There's that dirty word rethugs hate so much...Regulation! Let make no mistake about it de-reuglation is the enemy and the cause of all this countries financial woes. What did they think would happen when they gave the wolf free reign over the hen house?!

There was a lot of stuff I wanted to get around too but it is getting late and this is dragging a lil bit. Plus it is the first time in a couple of weeks so I will go easy on ya's! Have a great weekend in spite of them! Go Skins! Go Ravens!

Go Away GOP!
The New Defenders of the "First Dude Defense!"


RiPPa said...

Ok first off...

I ain;t feelin that "first dude" bullshit at all. They try to make that shit sound all cool. Maybe we should start calling John McCain's wife the FIRST BROAD!

And yeah, wassup with his refusal to cooperate? What even happened to the transparency his wife spoke so highly of? I think its a stupid move on the part of the GOP who are backing this move. But hey, its just some more of that double talk.

Oh lord and that Allen dude? I'm guessing Ward Conerlly was busy or something this weekend cuz lord knows he's the one they need to use to reach out to the minorities. Bottom line, those assholes dont give a damn about the minority vote. If they did, they would have talked some shit about immigration by now.


Mighty funny how that has been swept up under the rug here lately.

Thankfully tho, the Palin love affair is like molded bread right about now. I think the mistake was having her wait so long to speak to the press. But then again, just hearing her speak is enough to turn you off the way she dodges bullets.

And speaking of didging bullets...

you already know how its only natural for them folks to always blame the victim. Sure its the poor people's fault for buying those cribs they couldn;t afford. All of this while the housing market was taking off and they were making money.

Good wrap up dawg!

10-acious_D (predatorius politicalis) said...

If They never put the loans out there people would not have jumped on them. These scumbags hope you forget a cornerstone of shrubs campaign promises was home ownership. They also hope you forget that it was the only thing propping up the economy...These bad loans and housing. They hope you also forget the fact that they sold the debt, but are keeping the properties...To sell again?

I hope the Palin mania thing is gone away, because it was getting scary...People might talk that shit on Multiply, but they see that is more of the same!