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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Is The Media Love Affair With McLame Over?!?"

I have been watching the corporate news with some amazement here lately and it started on CNN and now it seems like a lot of other networks are picking up on it too, they are starting to call out McSimpson staffers and lackey's out on their bullshit and it is rather refreshing to say the least. Now I don't know how long this period of Glasnost is going to last and when I see the same things in Pravd...errr...I mean the WaPost I will really get excited but then again there is still Fux and the idiots who watch it. I have this dislike/hate type relationship with Chris Matthews who I refer to as Tweety! Just like when Tim Russert would take people to the videotape, when Tweety get's pissed and has heard enough bullshit he let's whoever is trying to bullshit him have it with both barrels. For example he had Rep. Cantor from Virginia on the show the other day and it was pure comedy...

Did you see the look on Matthew's face? He looked like he was about to go postal on Cantor. I saw a little Jack Nicholson from "The Shining" coming through.
Next up on Tweety's hit list was self deluding lying McPain staffer Nancy Pfotenhauer! The name should tell you enough but wait until you hear the bullshit coming out of here mouth. Plus she just looks weird, almost like her head is too narrow...

I think Tweety is a little tired of hearing the bullshit and on top of that a lot of those corporate media clones are getting pummeled in the stock market. So watching their portfolio's go down the drain on top of trying to justify the bullshit is just too much for Chris. Ohhh yeah and maybe he is really just pissed about him an Olbermann being taken off the presidential debate hosting schedule by the McStupid campaign ...Hmmmmmm!
The thing I really find encouraging in all of these new developments is that not only are people like Matthews and the rest of the bobbleheads is that the networks are also starting to question the bullshit McPlain has been serving up to them...Here's CNN (comedic news network) getting a few digs in they still tried to frame it as Barack was lying too and that their both guilty but we all know that is where the bullshit comes in...From The Jed Report...Check him out!

At least it's a start even though it's probably just temporary out of anger. Then last but not least even old ABC and the Disney folks must have gotten slighted or feel as though this is over for McBush and has even started questioning the McSenile lies! Here is a great line from Nicole Bell over at Crooks & Liars: "Dude, you’re losing ABC…that’s like FOX-lite"! that cracked me up because it is ohhhh so true...Anywho, the guy's and girls McPalin pissed off over at ABC had this report to file and it was on McPOW's constant flip-flops about the economy...

If I can remember correctly and I probably can't, but this is about how the tone was with the CMSM before McSimpson even got the nomination. Remember?! He was all but out of the race, no staff, no "Straight Talk" hahahaha! "Straight Bullshit" Express Driver and he was even carrying his own bags! Then all of a sudden he is the front runner in the primaries, and now rethug candidate for the top spot! That doesn't sound a little strange to you?!

Now I swear it seems like Johnny Mac is deliberately trying to throw his own campaign or at least someone is, because I know my government wouldn't be engaged in some kind of Kabuki theater just to benefit the masses. Right?!?

"We Are Watching A Poorly Staged Rendition Of 'Wag The Dog', Interpreted For The Morbidly Stupid & Performed By The Criminally Insane." -JCarlysle

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