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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"McSimpson Leading In The Polls?!"

I am so glad football has started because I am so sick of the media's take on the election and now I have something else to occupy my tortured mind. It is great that a whole lot of folks are getting in on this election but by the same token that means that a lot of bad information is circling around also. I cannot believe after all that has happened the last 8 years that people are actually gonna vote for another rethuglican for president. I heard that there is a new poll out that actually has McBush ahead by as many as 11 points?!?


I cannot believe for the life of me that people would opt for four more years of the same slash and burn politics that we have seen for the last 8 years, instead of voting for a smarter, younger more articulate person to lead this country! You can use any excuse you want, but the bottom line is any vote for a rethuglican candidate after 8 years, 20 if you count the years the rethugs controlled congress, is a vote for abject stupidity, hate, spite or plain old racism. BTW, you are cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

Now I am not currently enthralled with either candidate, but unless we start the revolution right now, it is either going to be Barry or Grampa McSimpson leading the country and if your not stupid you can see that another four years of the neo-clowns and the BCS is going to be the death blow to this country. McSame is not change!

Have you ever noticed the GOP steals everything. They went hard on the "change meme" at their klan rally in Minneapolis.
There is not an original thought in the whole GOP. That was the most white-est, tightest and stupidest bunch a morons ever collected in one place. Not your parents GOP! For example:

Well he might be someone's parent...Poor child! Now McLame is going to try to make you forget that they ARE the party that has fucked this country up at home and all around the world. This is all the rethugs have and this also sums up what the next four years are going to be like...Lies, distortions and more of the McSame!

Dumbshit is all they have left and it is working like magic!

Stupid You Can Believe In!
The New Defenders of A Smarter Electorate!

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