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Monday, September 01, 2008

"Abstinence Works, Abstinence Only Programs Do Not!"

You know what..This stuff just writes itself! Okay, there is a rumor going around about Grampa McSimpson's VP running mate Sarah Palin. I haven't touched it because there is nothing solid yet. I will let the National Enquirer take that one but...This next item still plays real bad for the Abstinence Only Christian right crowd"! How can a lady who espouses teaching abstinence to other people's kids, can't make it happen in her own children's lives? Kind of like a preacher who has had a couple of wives trying to preach about marriage. But just like that preacher someone is going to be foolish enough to take every word that preacher says as truth even seeing that he has had several wives of his own. That's why these foolish programs are continued to be funded. While this one incident is not going to make a big difference in the mania of the Christian right, it is just another example of how miserably Abstinence only programs are failing, like all the other programs the rethugs have put in place, "no child left behind" is all that needs to be said. Good programs that work like SCHIP get vetoed. If you do not know by now McLame's unvetted VP pick is catching a lot of heat in the media, more so on the blogs but even the Times has picked up on this story...

September 1, 2008, 12:25 pm

Palin’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant

Bristol Palin and her brother, Trig, in Dayton, Ohio on Friday. (Photo: Jim Wilson/The New York Times)

Additional updates to this post are here.

Updated | 3:05 p.m. Eastern Time ST. PAUL — The 17-year-old daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain’s running mate, is five months pregnant, the governor announced today, adding a new element of tumult to a Republican convention that had already been disrupted by Hurricane Gustav.

The daughter, Bristol, plans to marry the father, according to the statement, which was issued by Governor Palin and her husband, Todd.

“Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned,” the statement said. “As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows that she has our unconditional love and support.” MORE!

Now in Bristol's defense...What the hell else are you going to do in bumf*ck Alaska?!? But on a more practical note momma is a breeder (4 possibly 5 kids herself) why not her daughter. Maybe if they taught dude about condoms or taught her daughter about how to protect herself she wouldn't be in this predicament. Stats time...

The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $7 billion annually.

The fact that just under 1/3 of all girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years is a sobering thought. Obviously, teen pregnancy is a problem in the United States. And the following statistics back that up:

  • Every year around 750,000 teenagers will get pregnant.
  • Depending on the state, teenage birth rates are incredibly different. Nevada has the highest rate: 113 per 1000 and North Dakota the lowest 42 per 1000.
  • Unmarried teenagers having children account for 24 percent of all unmarried expectant mothers.
  • More than 2/3 of all teenagers who have a baby will not graduate from high school.
  • Billions of dollars are spent taking care of teenage mothers and their children and they are more likely to be in the poverty bracket. On the flip side, millions of dollars are spent in prevention programs.

The good news is that teen births have dropped by almost a third since the beginning of the 1990s. With pregnancy prevention programs and more understanding and teaching about safe sex, this number will hopefully drop even more. Here are a few other statistics that hopefully point to even better prevention rates in the years to come:

  • In 2002 the abortion rate among teenager mother was 50 percent lower than its high point in 1988.
  • Among black teenagers, the pregnancy rate dropped around 40 percent since 1990.
  • Among Hispanic teenagers the pregnancy rate dropped around 19 percent since 1990.
  • Among white teenagers, the pregnancy rate dropped around 34 percent since 1990.

So while teenager pregnancies are dropping, it is still a constant problem as there are more and more kids who enter their teenager years each year. Teenager pregnancy programs are important to as the above statistics are showing that these programs yield good results. These programs should be continually studied to make sure they are up-to-date and working in the education of teenagers on the problems of teenager pregnancy. MORE!

Teen Pregnancy Statistics Sources:

  • Department of Health and Human Services: Office of Public Health and Services, “Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs,” [online].
  • Guttmacher Institute, “U.S. Teenage Pregnancy Statistics National and State Trends and Trends by Race and Ethnicity,” [pdf online].
  • National Center for Health Statistics, “National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 55, Number 1,” [pdf online].
  • TeenPregnancy.org, “Preventing Teen Pregnancy: Why it Matters,” [pdf online].
  • TeenPregnancy.org, “So What?” [online].

You have to talk to kids about things like this and make sure they are getting good information not bad information from friends and siblings too or even worse the person who is trying to sex them up. This also attests to the hard time rethugs have with reality...The above numbers represent reality, the above situation for Bristol Palin is reality, except the part about the family forcing them to get married which is trying to fix a mistake by making another one. She is 17 years old! That is going to make for a great life, because we all know how those shotgun weddings work out! I wonder if they are going to let Palin put her daughter's trailer on the south lawn when McBush is ordained or is that too close to the helipad?!? Opps got off track...Abstinence only is a fairy tale like Jeezus or Talking Snakes...

Abstinence Works!

The New Defenders of the Chastity Belt!

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