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Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Robotic Chair!"

I know I have been MIA, especially as far as bloggin' and some may have noticed or not and I have been a really lousy friend as far as returning quick comments and what not over at the PLY...Thanks btw! But I did think this was pretty cool. I peeped it over at Crooks & Liars yesterday:
Open Thread

The Robotic Chair (1984 - 2006) is a generic-looking wooden chair with the capacity to fall apart and put itself back together. With shuddering force the chair collapses to the floor then with persistence and determination proceeds to seek out its parts and upright itself. Found at the online art gallery VVork

Notice the leg that falls on the floor? I would have loved to see it crawl around on the floor until it found it's other piece. I guess they were pressed for time. Still! This was a work in progress that they finally completed in 2006. If we are just hearing about it now that means they are waaaay ahead in the technology. Can you say Terminator?! Imagine bombing the shit out of some cyborg robot and it slowly but surely puts itself back together and attacks your ass again and again.

I remember an old Star Trek episode where these two planets were at war and had been at war for 1000's of years because that was the only thing they knew (sound familiar?!), but instead of using actual soldiers, they had a computer calculate the damage and casualties. Then they would send these people to a vaporizer room and vaporize them. See how his-story repeats itself?! Hitler tried to vaporize a lot of folks too. They have much better and higher burning furnaces now...WAKE UP!

The Weekly (C)Wrap-Up! is on it's way! Stay tuned!

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
The New Defenders Of The Bionic Man!

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