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Monday, August 25, 2008

Maniac Monday's - Way To Go Joe!


I have got a new work schedule this week so that is why this is so late. It seems every time I get used to a set schedule something changes and the schedule changes. Guess I should be glad that I am employed at all huh?! Anywho, since I am trying to get this in before midnight and Tuesday sets in it is going to be short and sweet...Barack picked Joe "MBNA" Biden as his running mate. Now as far as I am concerned he is okay with me, except his loyalty to the credit card companies(pushed for the new bankrupcy laws) and his really pro-business state, CFR membership and his sons little stint with MBNA, and here is a little reminder of how Joe sometimes get's "hoof in mouth disease"...

Joe Biden - 7-11 Gaffe

I'm Just Saying...
The New Defenders Of The Slurpee

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