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Monday, August 04, 2008

"Maniac Monday's - The New American HIV/AIDS Pandemic!"

I was sitting here the other night when I heard a preview for the local evening news and they were talking about there were new AIDS/HIV stats. I told my wife watch them try and say that it is now worse in America than it is in Africa and sure enough that is the first story they ran with! So I was never a big believer in the numbers because governments in collusion with big business which includes Big Pharma lies. Here is the story from CNN:

CDC: More Americans HIV-positive than previously believed

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- There are more new cases of Americans infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, than previously believed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Saturday.

A woman uses the Oraquick rapid HIV testing device at a New York health clinic in 2006.

A woman uses the Oraquick rapid HIV testing device at a New York health clinic in 2006. About 56,000 people became infected with HIV in the past year, which translates to about 40 percent more cases than officials had estimated, said Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of the CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention.

Previous CDC estimates suggested about 40,000 new people were infected each year. But those estimates used "limited data and less precise methods," said the center, which is now using technology capable of determining when someone was infected.

The new method can indicate whether someone has been infected with HIV during the previous five months, rather than relying on statistical models.

Diagnosis of HIV can occur years after infection, he said.

"The fact that 56,000 Americans each year are contracting HIV for the first time is a wake-up call for all of us in the U.S.," Fenton said.
iReport.com: Are you living with HIV infection? Share your story

"These numbers are a scathing indictment of how profoundly U.S. and CDC HIV prevention efforts have failed," said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which calls itself "the nation's largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care." MORE!

The first thing I want to address are the numbers. If you test more people you have the chance to increase the numbers of people supposedly having the disease. The second point is the test they are using can show positive results if you have a cold at testing time or you have hepatitis or even another STD like herpes. Third there is no empirical data that actually shows that hiv/aids is spread through heterosexual sex. There was a study done with heterosexual couples where one of the partners were HIV positive. It was shown that with only 25% using protection that it would take at least a 1000 unprotected contacts with a person with the virus to spread it to their partner. This part of the report also made me a little snitty too:

According to the report, 53 percent of new HIV infections occur in homosexual or bisexual men. African-Americans account for 45 percent, or 25,000 new cases annually, meaning they are seven times more likely to contract HIV than whites.
Why are blacks 7 times likely to get the disease? An individual human because he appears to be African-American is suddenly 7 times more at risk? What this says to me is that the author and the CDC thinks 1) Blacks are statistically more sexually irresponsible than whites, or 2) Blacks use more illegal drugs and share needles more than whites, or 3) Blacks are genetically predisposed to contract the disease when exposed to it. My assumption that the numbers are skewed therefore the conclusions they made according to the numbers are skewed. There is no real genetic differences in the cultures that support that assertion. Because I am sure the virus doesn't differentiate as to skin color. This goes back to my assertion that they are testing more people which helps inflate the numbers. Not too mention that the test looks for hiv antibodies in a persons system and if a person has had contact with the virus then the antibodies will be present but that should indicate the body has built defenses against the virus to fight it and a person is basically immune. That is how the flu shoot works. People are "infected" with a mild strain of the flu to develop antibodies so that the body can fight off potential invaders. Back to the numbers. Just last year UNAIDS posted these numbers:

World region Estimated adult prevalence of HIV infection
(ages 15–49)
Estimated adult and child deaths
during 2007
Worldwide 30.6 million - 36.1 million 1.9 to 2.4 million
Sub-Saharan Africa 20.9 million - 24.3 million 1.6 million
South and South-East Asia 3.3 million - 5.1 million 270,000
Eastern Europe and Central Asia 1.2 million – 2.1 million 55,000
Latin America 1.4 million - 1.9 million 58,000
North America 480,000 - 1.9 million 21,000
Western and Central Europe 600,000 - 1.1 million 12,000

Source: UNAIDS 2007 estimates. The ranges define the boundaries within which the actual numbers lie, based on the best available information.

The first thing I ask is how can we go from 480,000 -1.9 million cases to 20.9 million - 24.3 million in just one year?! Then the next number that sticks out is the estimated deaths. This is supposedly the deadliest disease on the planet at the present time, a death sentence if you are in Sub-Saharan Africa, but yet the numbers seem to indicate that not all people that have HIV antibodies get the virus or aids and die. Now lets look at what is actually killing all these people in Africa. The number one cause has got to be access to better medications. The medications that they are getting now are toxic. These people are not dying from aids/hiv but they are dying from the same things they have always been dying from. TB, malnutrition, malaria and most likely the toxic aids drugs they are being given at highly subsidized prices. This little snippet from Reuters through Alternet is a big reason why the Fear Factor has been raised in America about AIDS and that is mainly in the black community and coupled with the low death rates is to get more funding...
Millions of dollars have been poured into treatment and prevention programmes and into developing new drugs and vaccines. Even so, UNAIDS warns that billions more are needed.
Nowhere is there mention of a cure just more money for more drugs and money for silly little Abstinence-Only programs in New America. The last point I want to make and that is that both the CDC and NIH (National Institute for Health) are basically military institutions. We all know how forthcoming the military and our government is in telling the truth now don't we?! However, do not take my word for it check into it yourself. The next video is about 2hours long but it raises a whole lot of questions that refute and put the "official story" to the test.

Deconstructing the AIDS Myth!

So like always when you hear things like the AIDS Pandemic has almost quadrupled in a year flags should raise and not for the reasons they say. It is all about the money and if you follow the money you will see who is responsible for the sudden jump in cases!

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