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Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Stress in, Stress Out!"

Those conspiracy corner post's really do take a lot out of me, because deep down I really believe in all of that rah rah America shit and it really tears me up that this country doesn't live up to it's promise. I really cannot for the life of me fathom peoples insistence of believing the most outrageous distortions of reality because someone else said it was so over and over, knocking anything that doesn't fit with their personal reality or because of not looking at the bigger picture and are concentrating on winning instead of exposing the truth. Because in exposing the truth you naturally win but that concept seems to be lost on people with plane myopia.

Anyway, I have tried to break this down as little as possible for those that are suffering cognitive dissonance, so that they can be absorbed in small chunks but a lot of people have it really bad especially here in New America. Even when the science says that it is impossible for ANY of the 911 events to happen, even rational people still forget about how it is physically impossible for commercial airplanes to do that kind of damage to a building. Planes DO NOT dissolve into buildings without a trace of slowing, torsion or tearing then explodes through the other side. Not on 911 or any other day in the history of flying and buildings.

Here is the funny part to me and I am not making fun of my buddies but I compared the 911 truth movement to a cult with the official story as it's bible and a friend of mine got mad. Claiming that without Griffin and Jones that people would not be seeking the truth about 911 and no truth movement would exist. That is not true at all. What I thought was amusing was his reply characterizes exactly what I am trying to say about the "movement" being a cult.

Remember the characteristics of a cult right? Just in case let me refresh you memory:
Cults have the following characteristics:

1. Attachment to a teacher, book or belief system.

2. Regular displays of intolerance or arrogance towards others.

3. Humiliation of those who ask questions that could make the leader or the group feel insecure.

4. Feelings of superiority born from comparison with others.

5. An inability to support, endorse and appreciate the wisdom and compassion of others.

6. A wish to expand their religious empire.

7. Eviction of those who show doubt. (excerpt from Christopher Titmus "Light On Enlightenment" pg. 67)

Nope not cultish thinking at all! It is taking the Authority for the Truth and not the Truth as the Authority. We shall see as we break down the destruction of the towers just how many mistakes Jones, Griffin et al have made also but hey I am not in competition just spreading my truth around. I did see a great Daily show clip today and Jon really made a great point so I will post it and let my mind rest for a few hours before getting into the Weekly (C)Wrap Up! later today!

The Truth Hurts!
The New Defenders of Physically Impossible Tasks!

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