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Monday, June 16, 2008

"Maniac Monday's - The Veep-Stakes!"

Now that both candidates for president has been established both candidates are in a VP search to pick their running mate for Novembers election. While we haven't heard much from the Obama camp about who he might pick, however we do know who is on Grampa McSimpson's short list. Now McLame's campaign manager said, "They are not going to pick a clone or any crazies!" Well I guess he must have a different definition of crazy. One of the guy's on his short list, and I highlighted him in last Friday's Weekly (C)Wrap-Up! He is currently the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby "Demon Slayer" Jindal! He is super conservative to the point of being stupid , he performs exorcisms and now we come to find out he is a big proponent of teaching Intelligent Design in schools...From Crooks & Liars:
Face The Nation: Jindal Thinks Intelligent Design Should Be Taught With Evolution

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I try very hard to be tolerant of others’ beliefs. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I certainly don’t want to begrudge others answers that work for them. However, I draw the line at the whole false equivalence of the Intelligent Design/Evolution argument. In fact, even though I recognize it goes against the Constitution, I’m not sure that shouldn’t be a test for elected office: If you feel that the idea of Intelligent Design (which can not be proven in any kind of scientific way) should be taught alongside with evolution (which is as much a theory as gravity is), then you do not belong in a position where you can make that decision.

Which makes Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal all that more frightening for being on the short list for the Republican Veepstakes. On Face the Nation, Jindal tells guest host Chip Reid that even though we should teach our kids at the highest levels of science, it’s wrong to “withhold” from them the concept of Intelligent Design.

As a parent, when my kids go to schools, when they go to public schools, I want them to be presented with the best thinking. I want them to be able to make decisions for themselves. I want them to see the best data. I personally think that the life, human life and the world we live in wasn’t created accidentally. I do think that there’s a creator. I’m a Christian. I do think that God played a role in creating not only earth, but mankind. Now, the way that he did it, I’d certainly want my kids to be exposed to the very best science. I don’t want them to be–I don’t want any facts or theories or explanations to be withheld from them because of political correctness. The way we’re going to have smart, intelligent kids is exposing them to the very best science and let them not only decide, but also let them contribute to that body of knowledge.

Really? Should we also let students “decide” on whether the theory of gravity makes more sense to them than the notion of a benevolent God moving us around on puppet strings? Does that contribute to the body of scientific knowledge?

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I too used to be tolerant of other peoples delusions of godness but that was a long tome ago before I realized that most folks are stupid. intelligent Design is NOT SCIENCE has nothing to do with science and should not be taught anywhere but a church were all the crazy folks are at so that they and only they can hear it. It reminds me of this cartoon: The image “http://www.sciencecartoonsplus.com/images/miracle3.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. We definitely don't want this guy running as VP for McGonna-Get-Slain-By-Barack-In-The-Debates, because we all know McBush will be on a constant "death watch" if he wins this election. Then we would have the "Cancer Curing" "Demon slayer" as president, passing laws to allow "Intelligent Design" and even better "Intelligent Falling" to explain gravity no less, to be taught to our kids! This whole post would be rather comical if it wasn't so scary! Stranger things than this have happened in the last 7 years of Bizzaro Americana!

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