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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"He's Too Effin' Old!"

The Democrats might lay off on talking about how old McLame is but I have no problem with it. He is even older than Yoda.


That is old. It begs the question "How old is too old"? From
The LaTimes:

Thanks to the high-definition TV revolution, we can all see the ravages time has wrought on McCain: the wrinkles, the facial scars from his battle with melanoma, and the arthritis that has crippled his arms and legs. Watched on a regular station, McCain still looks vital and smooth. On my high-definition channels, however, he looks like he has one foot in the grave. Polls show that voters do think that age is a handicap in a president, and they are right to think this: The presidency is a grueling position from which even relative young-uns such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have emerged looking prematurely ancient. It's reasonable to wonder if McCain's body is up to the task, particularly considering the abuse it took in Vietnam -- and the fact that his father died of a heart attack at the age of 70. MORE!

I saw Juan Williams on TV the other day and he looked like he has aged a 100 years since 2000! It's from all the lying and "cooning" he has done since then, so McBush doesn't stand a chance. You can go back and look at all the pictures of the GOPigs and it is all the same. All of them to a person looks like they have aged 100 yeas in the 7 they have had to destroy this country. It's all the lying and intellectual dishonesty!

"How Old Is Too Old"

We really have to consider this mans age. We all know that it is all downhill after 40 and this man is pushing 40 twice. From Slate:

McCain's Brain: How might the senator's mind deteriorate over the next eight years?

John McCain. Click image to expand.

John McCain is old and, as several news outlets have reported, he's only getting older. This wouldn't be a problem if his opponent in the general election were equally chronologically gifted. But Barack Obama is one of the youngest Democratic nominees ever. If he won, he'd be the third-youngest U.S. president. The contrast is stark. Standing side-by-side, the two candidates look like a still from Finding Forrester.

McCain's age is already causing problems. His slip-ups are billed as "senior moments," while Obama's are innocent mistakes. In response, the McCain campaign has mastered the swift and stinging rebuke. When Obama backhandedly praised McCain's "50 years of service," McCain's camp cried foul. When Obama suggested McCain was "losing his bearings," strategist Mark Salter wrote a memo accusing Obama of ageism. MORE!

I admire the writer's optimism giving Grampa McSimpson 4 years let alone 8 but you all remember Ronnie?! Those last few years he was in the "House" was not an act. His ass was senile.
Time will tell. I look forward to him and Barack debating we should see the glaring difference in age then.

He's Too Effin' Old!

The New Defenders of Dementia!

Jones Act
Jones Act


erb1 said...

I'm not just concerned with his age. The military honors bestowed on him of which his entire campaign is based upon had a high price. I'm concerned with his age and mental and physical state as a result of those scars.

To WANT war says a lot.

10-acious_D (predatorius politicalis) said...

Hmmmm...He was indeed a POW but he was not a hero and they say that he was not in too much stress as a POW either...Check out this link: http://www.counterpunch.org/valentine06132008.html

It's long but it's complete and I believe most of it!