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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Conspiracy Corner - Secrets & Symbols - Part 1"

EVERYTHING We Think We Know About The World Around Us Is Based In Lies & Deceptions, EVERYTHING!" -Nutz!

I remember a while back we had a big discussion about the United States of Amerikkka formally apologizing for slavery. NJ is the latest adopting a resolution, btw. In that discussion we came to the conclusion that while it was a very small step, a journey starts with a step, it is the symbolism that meant the most. Since then that post and page with all this tinfoil hat shit I have been saying for years has been taken down by the Ya-hoes, more symbolism no doubt! Yeah I'm still steamed about that...

"letting go...in 1,2,3..." So anyway, what was determined was that Amerikkka thrives on symbolism, the sheeple love to see the flag waving and hear someone chanting "America...America!" 08-08-08 in Bejing! Even with all of China's civil rights abuses they still are allowed to hold the Olympic Games. Yeah that's more symbolism too. We love to label everything a conspiracy and believe the wildest of crap even though all of our senses are telling us something is not right. Since when does steel and concrete burn then explode into dust? But I digresstified...

We can see by the popularity of movies like National Treasure and the reality show it spawned that there are more people than not that do believe in the symbolism and secrets that America has right on the money itself, what most brush off as "Conspiracy Theories"!

When I say everything I mean every single system of control and slavery that is in the world has been designed and engineered for that specific purpose. The mass majority of them used as population control presented as some noble cause. Planned Parenthood, birth control aka eugenics. Then there is the big three wars, plagues and starvation. All designed to control the population. They have went as far as limiting the birthrate in some Asian cultures. Are you really free? Anyone can see that there is no freedom in that sense of the word.

There is an illusion of freedom and through this illusion the powers that be have been able to keep us from revolting by creating the Matrix with all it's shiny lights and lulling the rest of the populace to sleep either; tired of trying to keep up in the rat race or struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Remember, even if you are winning the rat race your still a rat. Someone has to win huh why not you?

A rat race is a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape whilst running around a maze or in a wheel. In an analogy to the modern city, many rats in a single maze run around making a lot of noise bumping into each other, but ultimately achieve nothing (meaningful) either collectively or individually.

We see oh how true this is when we turn on the news or pick up a paper, yet we persist in the same pursuits in the same ways and we wonder why nothing changes, because if nothing changes then nothing changes. All goes back to the illusion of freedom. You can say or do anything at all you want until it somehow effects the money flow or you piss the right people off!

Our minds are our enemies, especially if it is untrained or in fear. It would rather be right with itself than have to constantly try and decipher all of the contradictions it comes into contact with on a daily basis. It would rather medicate, or extrapolate than to deal with the hard realities of those contradictions. We find it much more convenient to live in the happy past or an imagined future of glory than it is to live in the here and now. In the hard realities of the present. Our minds has all these tricks for coping and I know I beat this one drum until your deaf, but the chief tool the mind uses is cognitive dissonance. "Two conflicting ideas cannot occupy the same mind at the same time."

When we talk about the mind and how it communicates with other parts of the body it uses symbolism. The mind takes the stimuli from the other senses and converts them into images and symbols that it can readily categorize. One of the most easily recognizable symbols of any country is that country's flag. It coupled with Nationalism has been the apparent cause for a lot of wars and other hostilities. That is what it appears on the surface but it is much deeper than that. The apparent unity nationalism causes is brief because in turn it causes division on a worldwide scale. You end up unified against them who is unified against the next person and so on
. The same condition exists within the narrow minded confines of religion also. That is where the most symbolism exists anywhere, also the most confusion as to what all the symbolism actually means. From the cross surrounded by the circle to the bible is all steeped in traditions and symbolism that really has very little to do with what people have been told that it has. Everything that we were told to hold dear is nothing but a mockery of us.

The part that gets me is that the people that have had it the worse, that all the death and destruction ultimately falls on are the ones that are first to defend a system that has no love at all for them.

"When Facism Comes To America It Will Be Draped In The Flag & Carrying The Bible" - Sinclair Lewis

From the Statue of Liberty to the book she is carrying (highlighted in the pic below) is all steeped in a tradition that totally twists the meanings of what it was supposed to be. The Statue of Liberty has absolutely nothing to do with liberty but the most complete form of slavery ever known to mankind.

To Be Continued...Same Time Next Week Folks...

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