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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Conspiracy Corner - Googling Spider Goats!"

Like the title says, I went and Googled "spider goats" and surprising enough there was a few articles on "spider goats". Well believe it or not seems some scientists have cloned a few goats with some spiders and now they have goats that creates spider silk in their milk. Get this...the silk is strong enough to make bullet proof vests out of it (see article that follows)! However, this video is not about spider goats or googling, but about what is really going on in the background by shadow governments. It touches on a few of the biggest scandals or conspiracy theories of our times. The "liberal media, 911, The Federal Reserve, The NWO and more.

Google Spider Goats

I love the George Carlin bit...You guys better listen to what he says because it is true. The real rulers of this world don't give a got dam about the rest of us!

People believe the "Laws of Physics" were broken the day of September 11th 2001. A lot of people believe they witnessed three miracles that day instead of exactly what it was three controlled demolitions! I remember when the GOPigs were constantly shouting about the "Liberal Media" and all the idiots that joined in the brain dead chorus. Just like programmed monkeys. Who owns the TV stations and the media outlets?! Short answer: Big Business! Who controls what you ultimately see and hear? Short Answer: BIG Business! The greatest weapon of mass distraction in the world is the television and I personally got 6 of them if I count the one in my pc! I keep mine covered when I am not watching it so that it cannot watch me...I do that instead of taking the TV's apart!

I say all of that to say watch the video if your still thinking quietly to yourself, "but the media is liberal"! "Glass and Steel DO Burn!" "Bush is doing a great job!"...If you agree with any of the above statements PLEASE Watch The Video!

I will admit the Shrub is doing a great job...For his Neo-Con Zionist Illuminati Skull & Bones brothers...


The Spider-Goat Clones of Montreal

Copyright 1999 by Edward Willett

Cloned, genetically altered goats producing spider silk in their milk sounds like something out of The X-Files, but it was in all the papers last week when a company called Nexia revealed it had cloned three goats (Clint, Danny and Arnold), and explained why.

The cloning of goats brings to four (sheep, mice, cows and goats) the number of species that have been cloned since Dolly the sheep made headlines a couple of years ago, using a process called nuclear transfer.

A clone is an exact genetic copy of an existing animal. Every cell in an animal's body contains the complete genetic information for the entire animal within its nucleus. In nuclear transfer cloning, cells are taken from the animal to be cloned, then the DNA is removed from the nuclei. The DNA is transferred into mature, unfertilized eggs, which begin developing, just as if they'd been fertilized. The embryos are then transferred into surrogate mothers.

Each of the Montreal goats is essentially an identical twin of the original goat. They all have the same markings and the same head and body shapes.

Nexia didn't clone Clint, Danny and Arnold because of a shortage of goats. Nexia wants to create an entirely different breed of goats: goats that have been genetically altered to produce a substance similar to spider silk in their milk.

If you've just decided to swear off goat cheese, relax: the milk wouldn't be for human consumption. The goal is to retrieve the spider-silk proteins from the milk and turn them into a substance called BioSteel, an incredibly light fabric both biodegradable and strong enough to stop bullets. Nexia thinks BioSteel could be used in everything from body armor to spacecraft construction. It could replace plastics and other materials the body typically rejects for artificial tendons, ligaments and other prostheses. It could make super-thin, biodegradable sutures for eye or brain surgery. It could even strengthen the structural steel used in buildings. (Although it would have to be carefully sealed from the environment so bacteria wouldn't eat it.)

Spider silk is made of a protein whose molecules are capable of making lots of bonds with neighboring molecules. As spiders secrete this protein, it hardens and pulls taut, crystallizing into a strong cable able to withstand the impact of a hurtling fly.

There's a strong similarity between the way mammals make milk proteins and spiders make silk proteins. Nexia believes they can introduce the gene from spiders that causes certain cells to produce silk into goats, tricking the goats' mammary glands into producing silk along with milk. The goats would become biological factories.

Once Nexia has goats containing the spider-silk gene, it will clone them, then breed them normally to produce a herd of goats, all of which contain the spider-silk gene. MORE!

The New Defenders Of The Spider Goat!

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