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Friday, May 02, 2008

"Video - Our Soldiers - KRS_1!"

If only TV was used for good, it would be a wonderful thing but since it is not We need to turn it off. Only on TV can people be made to believe that something another man said, taken out of context and looped for dramatic effect, is somehow indicative of how all people of color feel or at least presidential candidates of color that happen to go to that particular church and listen to a particular reverend or sermon. Have you noticed that neither of the other candidates have had to answer so many questions and has been under so much scrutiny as the black guy. Don't think this is about race?! Race holds a much higher place in the American psyche than misogyny, but they run a tight race or is that racist? Barack has to fight the ignorance of the American sheeple and on top of it all the media onslaught he has faced and will continue to face until people stop listening to everything they see on TV and just think...While your at it watch my videos..

Our Soldiers - KRS-1 - Anotha' Dusty_Digital_Dime

Our Soldiers

Yeah that was nice...For real though...You really want to know what is going on in the world around you?!? Not how you want it to be but how it really is?!

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