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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Media Lies!"

I get so sick of hearing these so called news anchors and journalist (used as loosely as possible) trying to lead the American Sheeple. Have you ever wondered why the call TV programming? Do you think that you are immune to that programming? Think again, especially if your drinking the water. Now I understand why more NY'ers are not more upset or why the people in Ohio keep voting against their best interests. Why the rest of the country is not more upset about losing jobs, homes and ultimately lives and livelihoods. Why they will not see past the flag waving, mis-truths, deceptions and out right lies. When the media did tell us about finding all that crap in the water we find out that the majority of the crap were anti-depressants and the like. Hell even if we wanted to be mad we can't!

However, this is about the media CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the rest of them are withholding information, making stuff up, misdirecting, mis-informing and dis-informing. I get so tired of seeing McCain on the TV lying. He is not forgetting who the enemy is and who we are fighting but deliberately trying to confuse the issue for the sheeple. All he is doing is echoing the BS of the BCS and the Neo-Clowns! War, War and More War! They want to bomb Iran. Remember McInsane made that little joke using the Beach Boys tune "Barbara Ann".

I see the Madison Avenue touches all over McStains campaign. I guess they are dusting off the Ronald Reagan script and are trying to run it with McPlain in the lead role this time. You can see he is working on his excuses already! The media is giving him a free ride too! They are brought and paid for rethugliclan whores. They will do anything and say anything to keep making insane profits even kill your sons and daughters for the next 100 years if McWarhero gets his way.

The best they could come up with Barack is something someone else said that he knows. Yet people watch this crap on the TV and believe it without finding out for themselves. You wouldn't believe all the mouth breathers that watch Faux who still believe Barack is Muslim. I was watching a 60 Minute clip and they were talking to some pinheads in ...Ohio and even after Morley Schafer, I think it was, corrected him he still believed what he saw on the TV than a man telling him that what he heard was not true! I hear folks repeating them lies and crap all of the time, half the white folks that are mad about what Reverend Wright said have no problems with Hagee and the rest of the Christinsanes, not too mention only heard the media soundbyte of two different speeches put together.

Here is another thing if you are still undecided after 7 years of the BCS please just die, because you are dead weight on the rest of us who are trying to move forward and not backwards as we have done for the last 20 years in this country! Look it up for yourself! We are last or near last in just about every category from healthcare to education to now...the economy! However, the "liberal media" is telling you to wait a few weeks and get them "economic stimulus checks" and go shop!

Here is a good site to go to if you are tired like me of hearing the same old stupid rethug-conservative bullshit!


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