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Monday, April 14, 2008

"Maniac Monday's 2 - The Pot Calling The Kettle Barack!"

I'm sure you have heard the latest bullshit from the corporate media about Barack's latest comments about how the people are bitter and base how they vote on stupid stuff like guns and gay marriage instead of real issues that affect them and vote against their best interests because of this bitterness. apparently this is a bigger issue than the pope's visit, than Bush with his cavalier attitude about knowing and signing off on torture and apparently it has been pulling bigger ratings than the weekly blond girl of the week stories that dominated the headlines before Barack started kicking Hillary's ass all over the country in this extra-long and drawn out primary season. while McCain just keep skating along lying his ass off, cussing folks out and generally just being a cranky old, rich, crazy white guy...kinda like Monte Burns on steroids.

People are bitter and more than that, they are afraid. When that fear permeates everything around us, like the economy, jobs, food, gas prices, our own government, each other people are more easily lead by the media and it is plainly obvious that it works and it works well. You see and hear it so much that in peoples minds who are too busy occupied with keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, the 30 second sound byte is gospel. The part that struck me as particularly odd was when Hillary had the nerve to say what Barack said was elitist...This coming from a women who just released tax information confirms that she and $Bill are part of that 1% in America that is hording all of the wealth! The Hillary pot calling the kettle Barack! This is all media driven bullshit to distract away from the facts and the real truths that the media keeps trying to gloss over...She is the elitist and she thinks she is part of the "ruling elite" here in America I saw this self deluded, projection style drivel over at the times online:

April 14, 2008

Barack Obama's 'guns and religion' blunder gives Hillary Clinton a chance

Hillary Clinton says her rival is exposed as an elitist with comments that look like an attack on small-town attitudes in the United States

Hillary Clinton believes that Barack Obama has finally handed her a real opportunity to win the Democratic nomination after his comments that “bitter” small-town Americans “cling to guns or religion”, perhaps the greatest blunder of his presidential campaign.

Mr Obama and a reinvigorated Mrs Clinton appear before 1,000 Pennsylvania steelworkers this morning with the former First Lady’s aides convinced for the first time in weeks that they have an issue to undermine her rival fatally.

Mrs Clinton was buoyed yesterday by Republican strategists who declared that Mr Obama’s remarks would become a general election “nightmare” for the Illinois senator if he became the Democratic nominee because they made him look like a liberal elitist. (no link Google it)

Now maybe Fux thought they would get a different reaction when they went out and started interviewing folks about this latest bullshit media hyped non-controversy, but the folks they did interview agreed with Barack and can see the real reality of whats going on and not the media propaganda that so many buy into. From Crooks & Liars:

video_wmvDownload |video_mov Download |video_wmvDownload |video_mov Download|(h/t Heather)

C&Ler Gion tipped us off to this funny bit over at DailyKos: FOXNews sent out a producer to get reactions from small town Pennsylvanians on Barack Obama’s comments re: the challenges of reaching out to voters who are “embittered” by the economic situation and distrustful of politicians.

If FOXNews hoped to find some highly offended voters, they were very disappointed.

I get the feeling that more and more people are starting to see through the thinly veiled charade but most people and all the sheeple still believe everything they see on TV. The people have 1001 other things to worry about and don't have the time to give much critical thought to what they are hearing and seeing and the Sheeple, well they are just dumb!

The New Defenders of The New Media!

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