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Sunday, April 20, 2008

"In Defense of Reverend Wright!"

I just saw this over at Crooks & Liars and I had to post it! If you don't know (in this instance its a good thing, means your not watching faux or at least that fool bill O) Bill O'Reilly has been constantly trashing the Rev. Wright and trying to keep that bogus controversy going on about what the Rev actually said in that speech...From The ProductShopNYC:

The controversial speech that Obama's pastor, Rev. Wright, gave about 9/11 has been showing for two straight weeks on every major news outlet because:

1) It''s the first major thing that the blood-thirsty media has to bash Obama;
2) Most of white America has never seen an African-American pastor give a Sunday sermon;
3) Hillary keeps pushing it; and
4) It made for a great soundbyte.

And now, what a shock!, it turns out that what Reverend Wright said was completely taken out of context by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and virtually every major news outlet. It turns out the "God Damn America" line is actually part of a sermon in which Rev. Wright was quoting Ambassador Edward Peck from a Fox News Channel interview that he gave in the wake of September 11th.

Check out the what the Rev. really said at youtube. Fair & Balanced my ass! Chopped and hacked spliced together and looped continuously to make the sheeple react to the big bad black preacher who was paraphrasing some one else. The man was a marine, he loves this country much more than any of the chicken hawks at Fox! If you listen to what he says he is absolutely (w)right. I would go listen to him speak, even at a church.

Anyway, here is one priest that steps up and defends Rev. Wright and Farrakhan (YUP) at the same time putting the SMACK DOWN on one of O'Reilly's stalkers acting like a reporter...
Priest Pwns Bill O’Reilly’s Minion On Rev. Wright

From BradBlog:

Turns out the man in the video above is a Catholic priest by the name of Rev. Michael Pfleger, and apparently Bill O’Reilly did use a part of the interview above on his show. Approximately 5 seconds of it. On April 2. And yet, despite how well Pfleger deflects the nonsense tossed at him by O’Reilly’s ambush reporter (as seen in the above, not on his show) O’Reilly has been flogging the same “racist, hate-monger” nonsense for weeks. As if that’s not bad enough, after the 5 seconds shown from the above interview, O’Reilly went on to do a full 6 minute segment discussing whether or not…wait for it…Pfleger should be sanctioned by the Catholic Church! I wish I was kidding. (Watch the Bill O’Reilly video over at BradBlog) That’s what I’m talking about. Talk about showing up for a match of wits unarmed.

That is the response Barack should have given, but seeing the bogus ass reaction he got this time they would have really had their panties in a bunch if he would have gotten militant with them!

It is really time for people to Wake Up! We have been in a Dreamscape for the last 20 years in this country and it is time to wake up! Faux news and all the rest of the news is the reason we are in the predicament we are in! If we do end up having four more years of Bush because McLame gets in the White House it will be the fault of the media and the sheeple who live in fear and believe whatever they see and hear on TV!

The New Defenders of The New Media!

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