"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?" — Chuck Palahniuk

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Brain Farts #2112 - Poetry!"

Brain Farts #2112

they call me lucky number Slevin also known as the Unforgiven..the Pimp with a Limp, Lancelot Link top secret chimp..GoGo Monroe at the Chuck Brown Show, up on stage yelling, "Run Joe! Run Joe!"

Sprittle & Chim Chim in the trunk of Rex Racer, jumpin' over other drivers as high as a free baser..Pops in the Mach 5 givin' Trixie a lap ride..just Jack Kervorkian assisting in your suicide..

Furious Styles & the b-boys in the hood, in the Matrix with The Smiths can't be good..Precinct 13, the chalk outline at the crime scene, but it's just a spelling bee, Akeela knows what I mean..

the Big beat, the bi-polar bear dancing with the tiny feets, on a tiny iceberg covered in tattered ice sheets..
not made in America, lead toxic toys, tainted dog food and meats, but i Am Sheeple so i just consume & bleat..

Apocalypto, the
Jaguar Paw, the ancients knew the truth but they tell us lies and we beg for more..the mindless christian power struggle needs to end and let the new age of love finally begin..Power is out Ethics & Truth is in as the Universe tries to right it's self once again..

tiny champagne bubbles and a little razor stubble, five o'clock shadow and i turn into Mc Lovin, a little "boom chicka wow wow" and leave one in the oven..it's called Bootney Farnsworth meets Mongo Slade, a couple more of these versus and we all gonna get paid..

a trans-performer, DustyNutz Prime on the grind, turn into a rocket ship and leave the stupid people behind, the ones that struggle with the lies told to them by their minds, when the Truth is right in front of them and has been all throughout time..

remember, it's just a ride you can change it any time, unshackle yourself from his-story & free your mind..it's just a ride YOU can change it any time, unshackle Yourself from HIS-story & free Your mind...

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