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Monday, November 12, 2007

"Maniac Monday's - The Stupidity Of Racism!"

Even knowing that the mass majority of people are STUPID I am still amazed when I run into supposedly intelligent people that still believe the "myths of race"! I have come across these fools before on 360 but for some reason never in real life. Now I don't care what anyone says, I will even defend their right to say it, but people have to realize that there are consequences for the things they say and do for that matter! I really have a hard time believing that with all the doctors and lawyers and business owners and sports and entertainment stars of color that there are some people that still cannot see that we are all the same.

There is ONE race of man! We are different cultures and colors but we are all men and women. I could argue that man and woman are of different races because of the differences in the make-up of the bodies and men can't bear children but even that is a stretch because of the simple fact we all have to eat, shit and die. We all age and should evolve with time and the majority does at least physically, but mentally is where the disconnect comes in.

It goes back to the effects of slavery in America. In order to make slavery or any kind of violence, subjugation acceptable to the masses that are doing the violence or subjugation, the "subjugators" have to dehumanize the people that they are trying to enslave. When Hitler was gassing Jews, I am sure there were people that were against it, but they went along with it and was quiet so as not to suffer the same fate. Not to mention the propaganda that went along with it that Jews were evil, less than human and inferior. That mentality never went anywhere it just became more insidious and covert. It became a tool for the rich to keep confusion going on with the masses so that they can continue to live the good life while we struggle and fight about stupid shit like which color of people are this or that. It is the same with politics, maybe even worse because of stupidity and racism. Most people vote against their best interests especially poor ans stupid people! They don't mind that they are catching hell because they are not in the top 2% as long as they perceive others are doing worse than they are! The Rethugs are seen as traditionalists and the Dumbocrats are seen as liberals. When in fact we all want the same things. To live our lives and be happy without having to deal with all the fake divisions that separate us!

I was going to say religion is the biggest divider of man but it doesn't come close to the real truth that race is the biggest farce ever perpetuated on man. Religion is a very close second because it gives people the "moral authority" to kill in some gods name over differences in color, culture and beliefs, in other words just plain insanity! Insanity as defined by me is "doing the same things over and over and expecting different results". We have been going on and on about race and religion for thousands of years and nothing has changed or gotten better and yet we persist down the same avenues thinking that it is going to be...somehow different this time! I have been wondering for years when we are going to make a change, because if nothing changes then NOTHING changes. Time for a change, a way over due change. I am tired of living through the insanity. If you're not tired of the insanity you are part of the problem.

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The only way around this is to forget the differences which are all cosmetic anyway and embrace the similarities, the biggest being the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Promise of America that has been denied to so many, by so few! We have doctors, lawyers and politicians of all colors and cultures yet we still have stupid people that claim Blacks and Latins are inferior! They waste all of their time being immersed in a failed philosophy of hatred and division and then claim that somehow they are superior...and to what I ask? I have never been one that believed anything different no matter how many white Ph.D's have written books that claim blacks are inferior or that claim anything other than people are people and the potential for greatness is invested in us all by the Creator. Anyone that thinks differently is again part of the problem. How can anyone with half a brain claim that a culture of people are inferior, with all of the evidence to the contrary? We see it and hear about it all of the time, about poor black kids from the ghettos making it through college and becoming whatever he/she desires to be! It has happened all throughout history and the oppressor has had one hell of a time keeping that truth hidden with his tools of the media, propaganda and playing on the fears and prejudices of stupid people. If you are a racist or you think you are somehow superior because someone claims it, kill yourself because you are a burden to the rest of us trying to make the world a better place for all, not just a few! It is really a sad commentary to think that people are still that stupid after all of this time.

Dave Chapelle really tried hard to break through the myths of racism on his show. most people don't realize it because they are stupid but that show was not about just saying the "n-word" but toi point out how stupid it is to get hung-up on words and phrases that people use to trivialize the accomplishments of others! Check out the video, Dave really slams the racists with this little bit of irony...

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