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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Think About It Tuesday - How Soon We Forget!"

So you think your bigger than the game?! You think your last name is bush or cheney? I have been seeing a lot of black folks upset here recently about Michael Vick...Poor, well going to be poor Michael Vick...Don't get me wrong, I do feel a little empathy for Vick but only because he got caught up in the Rethugliclan Noise/Hate Machine...That's is the only reason, otherwise Fuck Michael Vick... DUMBASS! He had it made...playing a game for millions of dollars and all he had to do was stay outta trouble...I know with that kind of money it is easier said than done but 100's if not 1000's before him have done it, why not Vick?! WEED! Plain and simple! It was that real good shit like Ricky Williams was smoking and just like Ricky it made Vick say, "Fuck it, I am the Man! I can do anything I want!" That ego by itself is a beast then add some weed to the mix and you have superego on stupid and then you say and do stupid things (note pic above)!

This is why I am so adamant about keeping abreast about what is really going on in the world and country with them crooks in DC...They are so eager to find anything to take the heat off of them that even the littlest thing that happens gets amplified 10 fold by the Noise/Hate Machine! So here we have Michael Vick and he doesn't realize because of the weed that he is living in these kind of times...He doesn't read my blog, doesn't pay attention to the news and probably has a lot of "yes men" around him that kiss his ass and only tell him the things he wants to hear...Sort of like the Shrub...These same "yes men" that threw him under the Hate/Noise Machine! Again not realizing what was exactly going on because weed won't let you concentrate on one thing for too long and Vick stoked the fires with this little incident...

after a tough loss to the New Orleans Saints! This was the beginning of the end! However, his career really started falling apart last season right after the water bottle incident at the airport...From The Smoking Gun:

Vick In Airport Water Bottle Incident

Container held for further review after possible pot residue found

JANUARY 18--Miami police are investigating NFL star Michael Vick after airport screeners yesterday seized a water bottle from him at a security checkpoint and later discovered that the bottle included a "concealed compartment" that appeared to contain a small amount of marijuana. According to a Miami-Dade Police Department report, a copy of which you'll find below, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback was "reluctant to turn over his water bottle during the screening process" at Miami International Airport (the athlete was booked on an AirTran flight to Atlanta). Vick subsequently relinquished the 20-ounce Aquafina bottle, which was placed in a recycling bin by a Transportation Security Administration screener. Suspicious as to why Vick hesitated in handing over the bottle, TSA screener Gertrude Joseph retrieved the bottle, notified her supervisor, and brought the item to the TSA operations center. There, officials discovered that the bottle's label "contained a seam which separated the top and the bottom of the bottle. Both ends were sealed by clear partitions and what appeared to be a silicone sealant." The concealed compartment, the report notes, contained "a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with Marijuana." MORE!

That is what started this whole pitiful downfall of the superstar! The significance of the whole bottle incident is the fact that the water bottle in question is made and sold to drug smugglers...Hmmmmmm! Maybe we don't realize EVERYTHING that Mr Vick was into...Read that whole piece above it's interesting to say the least and the Gun brings you lots of information that you would never hear on TV! I almost forgot this: He was gambling...He had other players in the league gambling also ...If they were gambling on dogfights what else were they gambling on? The game?! You see how they just recently went after that referee...See how they are hating on Barry? They really don't like cheaters in the game unless it's one of them...Mark MacGuire comes to mind! What if Mike flips on other players who might have been at his house betting on the doggies?! This is not just about the white man going after the black man this is the hate/noise machine going after someone that they can generate some hate and noise to take the heat off of them...He is the "blond girl of the week"!

How soon we forget...Imus and how black folks were so upset that he called the sister's some "nappy headed hoes"! I don't know how folks can forget so easily because recently I was accused of the same things in relation to a joke blog post by a friend that I jokingly commented on and folks got heated...My wife was mad for two days about it...The sister's are real funny acting bout they hair...Remember how Rev. Al was all on TV and the big debate raged on about should he be kicked off the air and whether this was about free speech?! The team got on TV, most who have never heard of Imus before that day, were so upset and boo hoo boo hoo...Yeah, he shouldn't have said it, but if it was Chingy or TPain that said it in a rap song it would have been just "jiggy" with the team...But I digress...The point is all the noise black people made about Imus can you expect any less about Michael Vick?! White folks have been pissed off since OJ, then they was bitched slapped by the whole Michael Jackson acquittal and lets not forget about Kobe and we all want to be like Mike right? WRONG! Not in this instance...Anyone named Michael should have realized he better watch his ass after all these black folks been getting away with,child molestation, drug dealing and...well murder...Ray Lewis?! The list goes on and on! However, we protested and organized boycotts against Imus's advertisers, and most of us had never heard of Imus before that either...However, we went after Imus like he was the Devil incarnate, and we got him taken off the air and black people cheered like they did when OJ was found not guilty and we was happy in the hood once again! We will forget the fact that White folks cultivate and adopt these monsters and when they don't perform like they expect or want they try to give them back to black folks...Michael Jackson was so fooled by all the "love" white folks was showing him he bleached his skin to become a white person..."It doesn't matter if Your black or white?!" Oh really Mike?!

But how soon we forget...There were much worse people saying much worse things than Imus about black folks and they didn't even make a whimper...Faux Noise smears blacks all the time but yet and still we got a lot of black sheeple still watching faux and amening that bullshit...What most don't realize and I hope the little video points it out also but black people nor Al Sharpton had anything at all to do with Imus getting canned...Imus got Imus fired! He kept calling bush and cheney murderers, war criminals and liars! Almost everyday since the Occupation of Iraqnam began...The 1st caller was dead on!

That is the real reason he was fired! "We all know they are war criminals and should be hanged!" Not because Sharpton or black folks...They could care less how we feel about what one of thier minions say about us...You have Lush Rimpballs, Glenn Beck and the "Coultergiest" doing it all the time...Yet they are still on the air, and Imus got fired?! Now the problem with all of this and Michael Vick is the fact that white folks don't forget stuff like this and they are caught up in the same hate/noise machine wave black folks got caught up in with Imus and this is payback...All they see is black folks getting Imus fired..Jesse and that Rev. Al! They don't realize that Jackson and Sharpton don't have that kind of power, by how the media portrays them and the story to meet a certain rethuglican perspective...

Was Michael vick a dumbass...Yes! Not too mention he is a little sick in the head for doing that too innocent animals...Not a wild animal but house pets...Mans Best Friend! Did Michael Vick have horrible timing? Most definitely and just like most folks that mess up like this they had a lot of people around him that just sponged off of him and when the going got tough they split...Maybe balck folks need to get mad at his boys for not taking the fall...Vick could have made his millions payed them off for doing the time and all would be lovely...We have to learn to pick our battles better black folks...While we are worried about Michael Vick, Genarlow is still sitting in jail in Georgia and the Jena incident still has not gotten the attention from the MSM that it deserves but we all know about this Michael Vick bullshit! For real they should throw his ass in the ring with one of them dogs and see how he makes out...If he wins all is forgiven and he can play ball...If he can do it with a chewed up arm or leg!

How Soon We Forget!
The New Defenders Of What's Right!


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Glenn Beck definitely should NOT have accepted the plea deal and should have fought those charges all the way. He killed all those Pit Bulls in self-defense.

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