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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Stupid Is Spelled T-E-X-A-S!"

Here we go again! I am really mad and I miss my other page because I had some good sh*t over there about this very same stuff...First there was the "Dildo Diaries"...A real expose on Texas politics in all it's stupidity...The image “http://www.dildodiaries.net/images/dildo_diaries.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Now we have the "Intelligent Design" idiots who have taken over the Texas school board...From Texas Freedom Network:

August 7, 2007

AUSTIN – A recorded lecture reveals that the new chairman of the State Board of Education harbors a shocking hostility to both sound science education and religious tolerance, the president of the Texas Freedom Network said today.

“This recording makes clear the very real danger that Texas schoolchildren may soon be learning more about the religious beliefs of politicians than about sound science in their biology classes,” TFN President Kathy Miller said today. “Even worse, it appears that Don McLeroy believes anyone who disagrees with him can’t be a true Christian.”

Gov. Rick Perry appointed McLeroy, a Bryan dentist, as chairman of the state board in July. McLeroy’s statements during his lecture are particularly insulting to Roman Catholics and millions of other Christians who see no conflict between their religious faith and accepting the science behind evolution, Miller said.

“Texas parents should be very concerned that the governor chose an anti-science, religious ideologue to lead the state body that sets policy for our public schools,” she said. “He might as well have put up a sign that said, ‘Only my kind of Christian need apply.’” MORE!

I love how not even the whack jobs can't come to a decision on who is more whacked out in their beliefs...Remember the Pope came out and said, "all other religions were bullshit and Catholicism is the only way", now you got this whack job in Texas saying his whacked out fundamentalist views are the real Christian values...Here is the big problem for all these fundamentalist idiots, no matter the "faith", and it is this: No one faction is ever going to be more "holier" than the next...You can see it in Islam all the time...First one group claims Supreme Islam, then they are killed off by the next group who is "more supreme in Allah" and so on and so on till they kill each and everyone of they stupid asses off! Same with Christians! Well actually Christians want to kill everybody else off that doesn't believe the same bullshit they do...What kills me dead is the fact that they cannot see for the dumbing down required in order to literally believe all that bible bullshit, that there "beliefs" are no more sound than the next man that believes literally in the "Jetson's" as future prophecy...Let me re-iterate this factoid...I could careless what he believes even that Christian nonsense, he is however going after the children...From The Wall:

Following a long spiel about biblical truth, McLeroy told the audience to ignore intelligent design’s religious foundation when talking to the general public. Not to worry though, the “time to address [Biblical issues] will be after we have separated materialistic prejudice from scientific fact.”

The second step, he said, is to point out that evolution wrongly depends on “naturalism;” that supernaturalism or divine influences are unfairly excluded from the conversation. Finally, forget the scientists and target people without a firm grasp on evolutionary theory.

McLeroy lamented the fact that he failed to convince fellow board members that “are good, strong Christians” to see it his way in 2003. Even though they were active in church, he said, they didn’t even care that evolution conflicted with their Christian worldview. He was sure he would have gotten a few more votes if he’d just mentioned evolution ignores God.

So, step one: lie about your motives; step two: change the definition of science; step three: target the most impressionable among you. MORE!

That is my em-pha-sis! Factoid by factoid..."Intelligent Design" is about as intelligent as putting your head between a door and it's jam and slamming it! "Cutting off your nose to spite your face"! Ignoring 1000's of years of theory and not some faith based bullshit but scientific fact and theory which is a lot different than what "you believe", but rather is real in the sense that it can be tested and logically reasoned out to it's ultimate conclusions, backed up with test's and evidence of the theory's validity...

Let me try to explain that better...Aging is a process of evolution, same with learning or the lack of...People are not just born full grown, they do not just know everything when they come out the womb...Over time they "learn" or evolve through the stages of life, if not we get stuck in out dated modes of thinking...See above!

Factoid 1. You have to suspend belief in reason and logic which proponents of this garbage have done, therefore they have to trick you into thinking their "theory has a scientific basis or at least not one based in lunacy...Factoid 2. Go after other stupid\gullible people of like mindedness and run your game on them because people who think and believe in reality will not subscribe to the idiocy...Factoid 3. When they speak of the "most impressionable" it can only mean one group of people and that is the kids...Thank god kids are not born stupid just made that way by the school system and they do see the contradictions in what they are being told and what they see in nature but when you are bombarded by the "message" and nothing else it does become the basis for early beliefs... "Christiannsanity" had me until I was in my 30's! There is a lot of truth to that quote about repeating a lie often enough it becomes true in some folks minds...So they reinforce it every Sunday and then bible study, prayer meeting and on and on! They keep you in that world so as not to join the real world...They want to take us back to a time where the world was flat...It is the same thing as me teaching that the "Flintstones" accurately depict the past and the "Jetsons" is how life is going to be in the future!

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” -A. Hitler

In other words they will believe what the Authority tells them instead of the truth...We see it play out all of the time...Kids will consult other kids before they go to parents or an adult...They get their information from TV...Or that "Lovelines" radio program...Another quote by this evil bastard that is more accurate than any he ever made in is wretched life...

“It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.” -A. Hitler

That is one of the most accurate statements I have heard in my life...I have battled against faith on this blog and my last page before it got canned probably by some christian that didn't like what I was saying...lol! The real reason I mention Hitler so much in this post about Texas is because it was the state that spawned that sociopath KKKarl Rove and I mention him only to say that he is not leaving politics, that is some bullshit and him leaving doesn't get him out of his subpoena, and KKKarl has been using the Hitler play book since 2000 when they stole the election...

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“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”


We can apply that to the whole BCS Neo-clown takeover in 2000! It has been a lie, orchestrated by liars, who have an audience of millions that love to be lied to...

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