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Saturday, August 11, 2007

"The Beyonce Experience!"

As you can probably tell from this picture I was not that close to the stage...In fact I was quite far away...Not in no mans land but close enough...section 228! My little hp camera was working overtime...Actually a couple of the first pics came out good that I took of Robin Thicke but I had to use the special double flash for night time flicks and of course I had to get Robin's hit...If not for the video at least for the track so that I can hear it again...Well anyway I got like 10 minutes of Thicke on video and that zapped the batteries...Not to mention the clips I got of Beyonce's all female band! Yup, but more on them later!

It was the best live show I had seen in 10 years! Reminded me of those old event type shows that the bands of the 70's put on at the Capitol Center back in the day...Like the Old P-funk joints...Robin Thicke started the show, well actually there was a warm up for him too but we missed her...Anyway, the sound in the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore "The Marena" sucks and Robins crew was overmodulating his shit...I am not saying I had some high tech recorder but dam! Here are some of the better camera shots I got before the batteries died on me...

Check out the video...It's like 10 minutes long because it was the last two tracks he did the first one is his it "Lost Without You" and I am not sure what the following track is "I don't have a clue" but it was aiight! Anyone know clue me in...

The Beyonce Experience - Baltimore - 08-09-07 - Robin Thicke - Lost Without You + Bonus Track!

Like I said I don't know the other track but the ladies in Baltimore seemed to know...They was singing and shit! LOL! Robin was good I ain't going to lie...Wish I knew more about his stuff...Maybe this will inspire me...Naaah!

I have to admit though B turned the thing out! Worth every dollar...The seats we had were $65-$100, but my monkey ass knows people I told y'all that! Perks from a wife who works in advertising at the local paper!

I had heard from a 360 friend that Beyonce give the crowd they money's worth so I was looking forward to the show and I was pleasantly surprised...The first thing that cuaght my attention was the fact that Beyonce had and all female band...It was big too...She had two drummers and a percussionist, two piano players and two keyboard players, a three piece sax horn section, Bass, Alto, and Tenor, bass player guitarist and the backup singers The Mamas...13 pieces in all and they were tight...I got some clips of just them I might upload at a later date you can find them at youtube if I do...

You can get an idea of the band from the pic above...

By the time Beyonce hit the stage my batteries were toast...I had taken a few shots but they were worse then the ones I am actually posting and I had taken that 10 minute clip of Thicke not to mention the clip of Beyonce, that cut out on me...*WARNING* The video is jumpy and you can barely make out who is on stage but you can clearly hear it's Beyonce with her fyne ass and I am still mad about not getting a picture of her in that thong! Next time ya mans is gonna be closer maybe even back stage...I got connections like dat!

"The Beyonce Experience - Crazy In Love!"

I also thought I would share these last pic and a promise that the next event Your Man Dusty Digitalis hits the pics that are going to be worthy of framing...Maybe at the Rally in Sept!? Don't much matter because I was THERE! Just read a comment left over at youtube about someone that couldn't get in and was outside crying when Beyonce was singing!

So if you get a chance to see the Beyonce Experience check it out it is worth it!

Peace, Love & "To The Left!"
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