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Thursday, August 02, 2007

"The Repost Project - Stupidity!"


I don't know if you been paying attention (and if you are not then you might be Stupid) but there is a whole lot of Stupid shyt going on in the world, being done by Stupid Greedy People and it is really getting out of hand from the President of the US to Joe Schmoe down the street...With all that in mind I feel it's time for a review...The first thing I want to do is show you guy's the movie about Stupidity then I have cut and pasted my original Stupidity Theory from an earlier blog post of mine to reference...If you don't remember anything else try to remember the 5 Basic Laws...

SO here is the video...It's about an hour long, and in combination with the 5 Basic Laws and some helpful pointers from ya Unka Nutz below you will be able to spot and avoid a Stupid person and your life will be all the better for it...Try it today!


Okay first let's get a little clarity as to what exactly constitutes stupid...From Merriam-Webster Online:

Main Entry: 1stu·pid Image Pronunciation: 'stü-p&d, 'styü-
Function: adjective Etymology: Middle French stupide, from Latin stupidus, from stupEre to be numb, be astonished -- more at TYPE
1 a : slow of mind : OBTUSE b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c : lacking intelligence or reason : BRUTISH

2 : dulled in feeling or sensation :
TORPID stupid from the sedative>

3 : marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting :
SENSELESS stupid decision>
4 a : lacking interest or point
stupid event> b : VEXATIOUS, EXASPERATING stupid car won't start>

- stu·pid·ly adverb
- stu·pid·ness noun synonyms STUPID,
DULL, DENSE, CRASS, DUMB mean lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions. STUPID implies a slow-witted or dazed state of mind that may be either congenital or temporary <stupid students just keeping the seats warm> <stupid with drink>. DULL suggests a slow or sluggish mind such as results from disease, depression, or shock dull>. DENSE implies a thickheaded imperviousness to ideas dense to take a hint>. CRASS suggests a grossness of mind precluding discrimination or delicacy crass, materialistic people>. DUMB applies to an exasperating obtuseness or lack of comprehension dumb to figure out what's going on>.

We can even expound on the definition even further...There are Laws of Human Stupidity...YUP and I got them right here...

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

by Carlo M. Cipolla, Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley
Whole Earth Review, Spring 1987

1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

At first, the statement sounds trivial, vague and horribly ungenerous. Closer scrutiny will however reveal its realistic veracity. No matter how high are one's estimates of human stupidity, one is repeatedly and recurrently startled by the fact that:

a. people whom one had once judged rational and intelligent turn out to be unashamedly stupid.

b. day after day, with unceasing monotony, one is harassed in one's activities by stupid individuals who appear suddenly and unexpectedly in the most inconvenient places and at the most improbable moments.

2. The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

Although convinced that fraction
s of human beings are stupid and that they are so because of genetic traits, I am not a reactionary trying to reintroduce surreptitiously class or race discrimination, I firmly believe stupidity is an indiscriminate privilege of all human groups and is uniformly distributed according to a constant proportion.

3. A stupid person is a person who caused losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

When confronted for the first time with the Third Basic Law, rational people instinctively react with feelings of skepticism and incredulity. The fact is that reasonable people have difficulty in conceiving and understanding unreasonable behavior. But let us abandon the lofty plane of theory and let us look pragmatically at our daily life. We all recollect occasions in which a fellow took an action which resulted in his gain and our loss: we had to deal with a helpless person. We can recollect cases in which a fellow took an action by which both parties gained: he was intelligent. Such cases do indeed occur. But upon thoughtful reflection you must admit that these are not the events which punctuate most frequently our daily life. Our daily life is mostly made of cases in which we lose money and/or time and/or energy and/or appetite, cheerfulness and good health because of the improbable action of some preposterous creature who has nothing to gain and indeed gains nothing from causing us embarrassment, difficulties or harm. Nobody knows, understands or can possibly explain why that preposterous creature does what he does what he does. In fact there is no explanation- or better, there is only one explanation: the person in question is stupid.

4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be costly mistake.

One is tempted to believe that a stupid man will only do harm to himself but this is confusing stupidity with helplessness. On occasion one is tempted to associate oneself with a stupid individual in order to use him for one's own schemes. Such manoeuvre cannot but have disastrous effects because a) it is based on a a complete misunderstanding of the essential nature of stupidity and b) it gives the stupid person added scope for the exercise of his gifts. One may hope to out manoeuvre the stupid and, up to a point, one may actually do so. But because of the erratic behavior of the stupid, one cannot foresee all the stupid's actions and reactions and before long one will be pulverized by the unpredictable moves of the stupid partner.

5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person. The corollary of the Law is that: A stupid person is more dangerous than a bandit.

According to the Second Basic Law, the fraction of stupid people is a constant which is not affected by time, space, race, class or any other socio-cultural or historical variable. It would be a profound mistake to believe the number of stupid people in a declining society is greater than in a developing society. Both such societies are plagued by the same percentage of stupid people. The difference between the two societies is that in the society which performs poorly:

the stupid members of the society are allowed by the other members to become more active and take more actions; there is a change in the composition of the non-stupid section with a relative decline of populations of areas I, H1 and B1 and a proportionate increase of populations H2 and B2.
There are some other factors that have to be taken into account but the most important one is:


It is not difficult to understand how social, political and institutional power enhances the damaging potential of a stupid person. But one still has to explain and understand what essentially it is that makes a stupid person dangerous to other people-in other words what constitutes the power of stupidity.

Essentially stupid people are dangerous and damaging because reasonable people find it difficult to imagine and understand unreasonable behavior. An intelligent person may understand the logic of a bandit. The bandit's actions follow a pattern of rationality:nasty rationality, if you like, but still rationality. The bandit wants a plus on his account. Since he is not intelligent enough to devise ways of obtaining the plus as well as providing you with a plus, he will produce his plus by causing a minus to appear on your account. All this is bad, but it is rational and if you are rational you can predict it. You can foresee a bandit's actions, his nasty maneuvers and ugly aspirations and often can build up your defenses.

With a stupid person all this is absolutely impossible as explained by the Third Basic Law. A stupid creature will harass you for no reason, for no advantage, without any plan or scheme and at the most improbable times and places. You have no rational way of telling if and when and how and why the stupid creature attacks. When confronted with a stupid individual you are completely at his mercy. Because the stupid person's actions do not conform to the rules of rationality, it follows that:

one is generally caught by surprise by the attack; even when one becomes aware of the attack, one cannot organize a rational defense, because the attack itself lacks any rational structure.

The fact that the activity and movements of a stupid creature are absolutely erratic and irrational not only makes defense problematic but it also makes any counter-attack extremely difficult-like trying to shoot at an object which is capable of the most improbable unimaginable movements. This is what both Dickens and Schiller had in mind when the former stated that "with stupidity and sound digestion man may front much" and the latter wrote that "against stupidity the very Gods fight in vain."


In a country which is moving downhill, the fraction of stupid people is still equal to s; however in the remaining population one notices among those in power an alarming proliferation of the bandits with overtones of stupidity (sub-area B2 of quadrant B in figure 3) and among those not in power an equally alarming growth in the number of helpless individuals (are H in basic graph, fig. 1). Such change in the composition of the non-stupid population inevitably strengthens the destructive power of the s fraction and makes decline a certainty. And the country goes to Hell.

Now I know that is a lot to digest and the theory makes perfect sense...Well, if you not stupid...Ha! So now that you know what you are dealing with you can make better informed judgements about people, especially the people WE put in charge of our welfare...Here is the link to The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity!

I guess the question would be if a person is profoundly Stupid like Iraq War supporters or Bush supporters for that matter then there isn't any hope...Then there are degree's of Stupidity and one dosn't neccessarrily have to remain stuck in any level of Stupidity but the closer you get to and the more a person does Stupid shyt the harder it will be for them to rebound...IM JUST SAYING! Test it out for yourself...I have and it's almost down to a science...Like the Monday Morning Theory...Which postulates that Monday's are a Stupid peoples day because they have been sitting at home all weekend bored because they are stupid and without friends, no Internet at home or cannot get it to work and can't wait to get back to work on Monday's where they have a captive audience for eight hours to ply they trade...It's a beautiful theory when applied to today's world...There is no other excuse, definition or meaning to it...MOST PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID! This is not just a local phenomenon, but it is a worldwide epidemic!

I can vouch for those folks in Vineland, NJ...I lived down the street a bit in Pleasantville, NJ...Seems that whole state might be a little stupid!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does!
The New Defenders Of Getting A Clue!

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