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Thursday, August 02, 2007

"The Cult Of Christianity"

My Brotha Rippa just blogged an great post asking about opinions on the Bible and Religion and this has been bouncing around my head for a few days...Like Minds?! HA! Not too mention a really estranged conversation with a friend in the Circle...Although that convo went nowhere...I still love ya, just disappointed you can't see past the lies that is religion and embrace that "Inner Spirituality"...I also think and this is a big problem for most, that they cannot make the distinction between God and religion...Sort of like sex and love...Being in love and being in love with being in love". God is the ultimate authority, there should be no books and other people between you and your God...If you don't have a personal relationship with your God then you are worshiping someone else's interpretation of God...I cannot figure out what is so hard to understand about this...God is not some shared mass delusion, but a personal living entity inside us...It is what makes us wake in the morning, eat when hungry, procreate etc...It is me and you...We have let man take away our personal power and the god within and given it to a series of men and the ultimate man God in the flesh Jesus...

If you have been reading me at all you will know I have no love for religion and how it has been used as control for all of these centuries...I consider myself a deist and that means I can reason the existence of God through nature and the miracle that is me, but I also believe God set the world in motion to evolve, without his interference...Which ultimately goes back to my "God in You Theory", that is briefly stated, that we are all given everything we need to make it to the next level of existence...We are given choices (free will) and all the choices are laid out before us...The better choice the better the outcome the better the life...God is the voice inside that warns us when we are about to mess up...I cannot for the life of me understand why people will question everything in their lives except this foolish belief in a man that didn't exist until the Bible made it so...You won't take my word on this politics stuff even though my shit is right on, but yet and still you take the word of some church representative unquestioningly...I try to appease my spirit not some man or man of a book...

There is absolutely no other independent record of the historical Jesus outside of the Bible...You would think that all the noise Jesus made someone outside of the cult would have written about it...I mean you have to realize at that time people walking on water and healing the dead should have garnered the slightest bit of interest from the general public...The Cult Of Personality...We gravitate to the shiny, loud, and wrong all of the time...Take cults for instance...The Cult of Bush, Jim Jones, David Kouresh (Jesus in glasses)and one and on they all behave similairly...

Cults have the following characteristics:

  1. Attachment to a teacher, book or belief system.
  2. Regular displays of intolerance or arrogance towards others.
  3. Humiliation of those who ask questions that could make the leader or the group feel insecure.
  4. Feelings of superiority born from comparison with others.
  5. An inability to support, endorse and appreciate the wisdom and compassion of others.
  6. A wish to expand their religious empire.
  7. Eviction of those who show doubt. (excerpt from Christopher Titmus "Light On Enlightenment" pg. 67)

Yeah Christianity matches up real well with the Characteristics of a Cult...

The next couple of charts show just how much of the Bible is really God's word and some rip-off of the Egyptian religions...Ummmm, yeah just about all of it...Any bible story you can come up with I can show you the corresponding story that was written thousands of years before Christianity was forced upon the world...



The Mysteries The miracles
The Sem, or mythical representations The parables
The Ritual as the book of resurrection The Book of Revelation
The sayings of Iu or Iu-em-hetep The Sayings of Jesus
Huhi the father in heaven as the eternal, a title of Atum-Ra Ihuh, the father in heaven as the eternal.
Ra, the holy spirit God the Holy Ghost.
Ra the father of Iu the Su, or son of God, with the hawk or dove as the bird of the holy spirit God, the Father of Jesus, with the dove as the bird of the Holy Spirit.
Iu or Horus, the manifesting son of God Jesus the manifesting Son of God.
The trinity of Atum (or Osiris) the father, Horus (or Iu) the son, and Ra the holy spirit The Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Iu-Su or Iusa, the coming son of Iusāas, who was great with Iusa or Iusu Jesus.
The ever-coming Messu or Child as Egyptian The Hebrew Messianic Child.
Horus (or Heru), the Lord by name, as a child Child-Jesus as the Lord by name (Gospels of the Infancy).
Isis, the virgin mother of Iu, her Su or son Mary the virgin mother of Jesus.
The first Horus as Child of the Virgin, the second as son of Ra, the father Jesus the Virgin’s child, the Christ as son of the father
The first Horus as the founder, the second as fulfiller for the father Jesus as the founder, and the Christ as fulfiller for the father.
The two mothers of Child-Horus, Isis and Nephthys, who were two sisters The two mothers of Child-Jesus, who were sisters.
Meri or Nut, the mother-heaven Mary as Regina Coeli.
The outcast great mother with her seven sons Mary Magdalene, with her seven devils.
Isis taken by Horus in adultery with Sut The woman taken in adultery.
Apt, the crib or manger, by name as the birthplace and mother in one The manger as cradle of the Child-Christ.
Seb, the earth-father, as consort to the virgin Isis Joseph, the father on earth, as putative husband to the Virgin Mary.
Seb, the foster-father to Child-Horus Joseph, as foster-father to the Child-Jesus.
Seb, Isis and Horus, the Kamite holy trinity Joseph, Mary and Jesus, a Christian holy trinity.


Seb, the builder of the house, the carpenter Joseph, the carpenter.
Seb, the custodian of the mummied dead Joseph of Arimathea, the keeper of the Corpus Christi.
Sut and Horus, the twin opponents Satan and Jesus, the twin opponents.
Horus, the sower, and Sut, the destroyer, in the harvest-field Jesus, the sower of the good seed, and Satan, the sower of tares.
Sut and Horus contending in the desert Satan and Jesus contending in the wilderness.
Sut and Horus contending on the Ben-Ben or Pyramidion Satan and Jesus contending on the pinnacle.
Horus carried off by Sut to the summit of Mount Hetep Jesus spirited away by Satan into an exceeding high mountain.
Sut and Horus contending on the mount Satan and Jesus contending on the mount.
Sut undoing the good that Horus does Satan sowing tares by night.
S’men, for Khemen, a title of Taht Simeon.
S’men, who held Child-Horus in his arms as the young solar god Simeon, who took the Child-Jesus in his arms.
Anna or Annit (a title of Hathor), with Taht-S’men Anna, the prophetess, with Simeon.
The Petar or Petra by name in Egyptian as Revealer to Horus Peter, the revealer to the Christ.
The house of Annu Bethany.
The group in the house at Annu The group in the house at Bethany.
Horus in Annu Jesus in Bethany.
Asar or Osiris Lazarus.
The two sisters Mertae The two sisters Mary and Martha.
Osiris, whom Horus loved Lazarus, whom Jesus loved.
Osiris perfumed for his burial Jesus anointed, when the odour fills the house.
Osiris prays that he may be buried speedily Jesus begs that his death may be effected quickly.
Osiris prepared for burial under the hair of Hathor-Meri Jesus prepared for his burial beneath the hair of Mary
Osiris, who slept in the tomb at Annu Lazarus, who slept in the tomb at Bethany.
Osiris raised from the tomb by Horus in Annu Lazarus raised from the tomb at Bethany.
The mummy Osiris bidden to come forth by Horus The mummy Lazarus bidden to come forth by Jesus
The Great One who does the work of washing Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.
The star, as announcer for the Child-Horus The Star in the East that indicated the birthplace of Jesus.
The seven Hathors (or cows) who minister to Horus The seven women who minister to Jesus.
Anup, the Precursor of Horus John, the forerunner of Jesus the Christ.
Anup, the Baptizer John the Baptist.
Aan, the saluter of Horus John, the saluter of the Christ.
Aan, a name of the divine scribe John, the divine scribe.
Hermes, the scribe Hermas, the scribe.
Mati, the registrar Matthew, the clerk.
Taht, Shu, and black Sut The three kings, or Magi.
Nut at the pool of the Persea, or sycamore-tree, as giver of divine drink The woman at the well as giver of the water.
Horus born in Annu, the place of bread Jesus born in Bethlehem, the house of bread.
The vesture put on Horus by the Goddess Tait The swaddling clothes put on the infant Jesus.

Offerings made to the child by the worshippers in Annu Offerings and worship of the Magi.
Child-Horus with the head of Ra Child-Jesus with the solar glory round his head.
The Bull of Amenta in the place of birth The ox in the birthplace of the Child.
The ass, Iu, in the birthplace The ass in the birthplace (catacombs).
The lions of the horizon attending upon Horus The lions attending the Child-Christ (pseudo- Matthew).
Child-Horus emerging from the Papyrus-reed The Child-Jesus in the catacombs issuing from the Papyrus.
Horus, the ancient child The little old Jesus in the catacombs.
Horus, the gracious child Jesus, the child full of grace.
Horus, one of five brethren Jesus, one of five brothers.
Horus, the brother of Sut the betrayer Jesus, the brother of Judas the betrayer.
Amsta, the one brother of Horus in the human form James, the human brother of Jesus.
The two sisters of Horus The sisters of Jesus.
Horus the lad in the country and youth in town Jesus as the child in the country and youth in town.
Horus baptized with water by Anup Jesus baptized with water by John.
Horus in the tank of flame Jesus the baptizer with fire.
Horus in his baptism becoming the beloved Son of God the Father Jesus becoming the Son of God the Father in his baptism.
Horus the husbandman with the fan in his hand Christ coming with the fan in his hand.
Horus the Good Shepherd, with the crook upon his shoulder Jesus the Good Shepherd, with the lamb or kid upon his shoulder.
Horus with the four followers in the Mount Jesus with the four disciples in the Mount.
Horus with the seven great spirits in the Mount Jesus with the seven spirits in the Mount (Rev.).
Herrut the Apap-reptile, slayer of the younglings in the egg Herod, the murderer of the innocents.
Isis commanded to take her child down into Egypt for safety Mary warned to take her Child down into Egypt for safety.
Horus as the typical fish Jesus as Ichthus the fish.
Horus as the fisher Jesus as the fisher.
The four fishers with Horus as founders of the kingdom The four fishers with Jesus as founders of the kingdom.
Sebek, the father of the fishers Zebedee, the father of the fishers.
Two fisher-brethren, Kabhsenuf and Hapi Two fisher-brethren, Simon and Andrew.
Two other fisher-brethren, Amsta and Tuamutef Two other fisher-brethren, James and John.
The seven on board the bark with Horus The seven fishers on board the bark with Jesus.
The wonderful net of the fishers The miraculous draught of fishes in the net.
Horus as the lamb Jesus as the lamb.
Horus as the lion Jesus as a lion.
Horus (Iu) as the black child Jesus as the little black bambino.
Horus as Ahi, the striker with the flabellum Jesus wielding the scourge of cords as the striker.
Horus identified with the Tat or Cross Jesus identified with the Cross.
The blind Horus, in two characters, as the God and Manes The two blind men of the Gospels.
Horus of twelve years Jesus of twelve years.
Horus made a man of thirty years in his baptism Jesus, the man of thirty years in his baptism.

Horus (Iu), the son of a beetle Jesus, the good Scarabaeus.
Horus (or Ra) as the great cat Jesus as the cat.
Horus as the shrewmouse The mouse of Jesus dedicated to “Our Lady.”
Horus, the healer in the mountain Jesus, the healer in the mountain.
Horus as Iusa, the exorcizer of evil spirits as the Word Jesus, the caster out of demons with a word.
Horus, born as the shoot, branch, or plant from the Nun Jesus born as the Natzer of Nazareth, so rendered in the course of localizing the legend.
Osiris as the vine-plant, Aarru Jesus as the vine.
Horus, the bringer of the fish and the grapes in Egypt Jesus as bringer of the fish and the grapes (catacombs).
Horus, the child standing on two crocodiles which adore him The Christ-Child adored by dragons=crocodiles.
Horus, the child of a widow The Child-Christ who lodges with a widow in Egypt.
Horus, the child of the widow in Sutenkhen The Child-Christ with the widow in Sotenin (pseudo-Matthew).
The golden Horus The corn-complexioned Jesus.
Horus full of wine Jesus the wine-bibber.
Horus, who gives the water of life Jesus as giver of the water of life.
Horus in the lentils and the grain Jesus the bread of life.
Horus as Unbu in the bush of thorn Jesus in the crown of thorn.
Horus the just and true Jesus the faithful and true.
Horus-Mat-Kheru, the Word made truth at the second coming Jesus the spirit of truth at the Second Advent.
The human Horus glorified in becoming a (Khu) spirit The spirit not given until Jesus is glorified.
The world made through Horus The world made through Jesus.
Horus the bridegroom with the bride in Sothis Jesus the bridegroom with the bride.
Horus of both sexes Jesus as the bearded Sophia; Charis, the female Christ.
Horus who exalteth his father in every sacred place Jesus who exalteth his father in every place.
Horus as Remi the weeper Jesus as the weeper.
Dumb Horus, or the silent Sekari Jesus silent before his accusers.
Horus behaving badly to Isis Jesus speaking brutally to his mother.
Horus the gladsome Jesus the jocund.
Horus as prince of the divine powers Jesus the prince.
Horus the uplifted serpent Jesus uplifted as the serpent.
Horus as the Bennu Jesus as the phoenix.
Horus who giveth light by means of his own body Jesus the light of the world.
Horus the hider of himself as Har-Sheta Jesus the concealer of himself.
Horus the word-made-flesh Jesus the word-made-flesh.
Horus the word-made-truth Jesus the doer of the word.
Horus in the bosom of Ra Jesus in the bosom of the Father.
Horus the Krst Jesus the Christ.
Horus the avenger Jesus who brings the sword.
Iu-em-hetep who comes with peace Jesus the bringer of peace.
Horus called the illegitimate child Jesus called the Mamzer.
Horus the afflicted one Jesus the afflicted one.
Horus the unique one Jesus the unique one.
Horus the lord of resurrections from the house of death Jesus the resurrection and the life.
Horus as the type of life eternal Jesus the type of eternal life.
Iu (em-hetep) the child-teacher in the temple The Child-Jesus as teacher in the Temple.

The revelation of Horus, given by Ra, his father, to make known the mysteries of divine things to his followers The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show unto his servants.
The revelation written down by Aan (Tehuti), the scribe of divine words The Revelation written by John the divine.
The saluter Aani, who bears witness to the word of Ra and to the testimony of Horus John, who bears witness to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
The secret of the Mysteries revealed by Taht-Aan The secret of the Mysteries made known by John.
The books in Annu The book of doom and the book of life in Patmos.
The books and their bringer The book and its opener.
Seven dungeon-seals The book with seven seals.
The great mother Apt, the pregnant water-cow The woman sitting on the waters.
The crocodile as great mother The dragon as great mother.
The great mother as Hathor, the abode The woman that was the great city personalized.
The great or enceinte mother in her lunar character The woman arrayed with the sun about to bring forth the child
Isis, who brought forth Horus in the marshes The woman who brought forth in the wilderness.
Isis pursued by the great crocodile The woman persecuted by the dragon.
Isis, hawk-winged The woman with eagle’s wings.
The bride as Hathor-Isis, with the calf or lamb upon the mount of glory The bride as the lamb’s wife upon the mount.
Atum-Huhi, the closer and the opener of Amenta Ihuh, who carries the keys of death and Hades as closer and opener.
Atum-Ra, the holy spirit The spirit.
Hathor-Iusāas the bride, with Horus the lamb (or earlier calf) upon the mount The bride with the lamb upon the mount.
Anup and Aan, the two witnesses for Horus The two Johns as witnesses for Jesus.
The seven Khuti or glorious ones The seven spirits of God.
Horus, with the seven Khabsu stars, or gods of the lamp Jesus in the midst of the seven golden lamp- stands.
Sebek-Horus the lamb on the mount Jesus the lamb on the mount.
Horus the morning star Jesus the morning star.

There is so much more I just ran out of characters to bring it to you...Click HERE! to see them all! All that many occurrences CANNOT be just a coincidence...NOPE!

So here is my proof! Where is yours? Not your feelings but tangible evidence? Is it because of limited knowledge which is no excuse because of the myriad of information sources, or is it because you have your fingers in your ears talking about "lalalalalala" when someone tries in a rational, logical, non emotional manner to explain it...The undeniable amount evidence should, in rational minds, send up a bunch of red flags...However, Christianity was pounded into our psyches...Anyone that thinks they found Christianity is fooling themselves...It was forced upon us by the sword and trickery...

In Religion We Trust!
The New Defenders Of Deism

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