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Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Music Video - Remo Conscious - Lies!"

Well it's finally finished! It took me over two months to get this right...I found a good program that let me fine tune the pictures but it wouldn't stay in sync...I gave up trying to work with the program over the holidays and by the time the end of December rolled around the trail period on the first program expired....So I went searching for another program and came across Proshow Gold! I got the program that took me two months with program A done in two days! Great prog! However, this is about the video...I heard this track on some ones yahoo 360 Blast and it really stuck with me...Not only did this kid not utter a single curse except the B word...Bush, he was also dropping some serious knowledge and made me go do some research...He has a verse about milk that goes

"...Milk does a body good? How so? It causes diseases! Don't believe me? Read about BGH and RGF1! The diary industry has us drinking poison!"

So I went and looked up BGH and who else did I find? Monsanto! So I will be doing a little post about them in the future...Lot of good info in this track and I think i captured it well...So without further adieu...

Remo Conscious - Lies

I used over 160 pics and like I stated earlier it took over two months to get it right until I got the right software then it was two days...Hope you like it!

Peace, Love & No More Lies!
The New Defenders Of Freedom!

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