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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Weekly (C)Wrap-Up - Only in Amerikkka - Part1!"

Hey 360 Friends, Family, Truth Seekers, Freedom Fighters and ohhh yeah I haven't forgotten about you NSA phucks...Hey guy's (giving a middle finger salute)...SPYING HARD or Hardly spying? I mean it is Friday and you guy's are government employess...Just asking...Tell our MASTER'S I am talking 'bout they asses again...But for real though 360 it is going to be a beautiful weekend and next week I will be in Conway, SC for Thanksgiving! WooooHoooooo! We haven't been back since this time last year...I can smell the ocean now...*cabbage patching*...

Okay enough with the pleasantries time to get down and dirty with these GOP whores! So put on your gas masks and lead laced tinfoil hats and let's get busy!

First and foremost like the title says, only in AmeriKKKa can a racist be promoted to Minority Whip of the GOP! Before I start talking about the irony of this let's go back in time a bit first so I can refresh you memories about Mr (meant in the loosest terms possible) Lott...From ThinkProgress:

Senate GOP: Lott’s Racist Comments Are No Longer An Issue, ‘Admire Him For Coming Back’

lotthur.jpg Yesterday, Senate Republicans chose Trent Lott (R-MS) as their new Minority Whip. In 2002, Lott was forced to step down as Majority Leader when “comments he made at former Sen. Strom Thurmond’s (R-SC) birthday party touched off a racially charged controversy.”

At the time, Sen. Charles Hagel (R-NE) said the remark was a “dumb statement” that “raises questions about his judgment.” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Lott needed to “proactively send a message to his colleagues in the Senate and the American people that he is absolutely opposed to any segregation in any form and racism in any form and discrimination in any form.”

What was racism in 2002 is a non-issue in 2006. NPR interviewed several senators — including Hagel and McCain — who said that Lott’s racist comments didn’t even come up in his whip nomination:

Here are the Senate Republicans’ comments from the NPR report:

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX):

HOST: In that closed room, did anyone mention specifically the Strom Thurmond birthday party incident that led to–

CORNYN: It didn’t come up.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME):

We understand what happened. There’s no point going over. It’s in the past now, you know, and he has expressed, you know, his deep regret, as he should.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ):

I think most people think he paid a pretty heavy price for the mistake that he made. We all believe in redemption, thank God.

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE):

Everyone has an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves if they want to do it, and I admire Trent Lott for coming back and offering himself. The conference spoke, and we go forward.

See this might not be an issue to the GOP but his racist ass is an issue with me as he should be with you...First the irony of all of this...It is planned, KKKarl is no dummy...He knows exactly the message he is putting out there and what the results are going to be...I guess he took hope in the Va senate race where we found out that racism in Virginia is at an all time high because it was very close race...So they say! Let's not for get about the whole Minority Whip thing...Think KKKArl isn't sitting in his office laughing about his evil genius? So Trent Lott is going to whip some minorities? The GOP is the most disgusting visable symbol of Bigotry, Ignorance and Immorality I have ever seen in my short but traveled life and believe me I have seen some shyt in my days! Let's not forget...I never really heard him apologize for what he said either...And no, leaving his position as Majority Speaker is not an apology but an admission of guilt...Now before the Tim's come around and start talking about Robert Byrd let's not forget Byrd said what he said 20 years ago and has apologized profusely and is ranked very high by the NAACP in reference to pro-civil rights...I see my favorite hate-filled insta-pundit Michelle "Boo Freakin Hoo" Malkin has jumped on the bandwagon...In order to deflect attention from the fact that the GOP is a bunch of racist whores (no link no credence)...Are their Dems that are racist's? You bet your sweet ass there are, but are they stupid enough to flaunt it is the real question...Not that that is any better but you can normally spot it...Too be fair and balanced (Bwwwaaaaahahaha) I will give you guy's a few folks to watchout for...Biden in Delaware get's an honorable mention for his racist Indian remarks about Eastern Indians and 7-11's! I will also give a shout out to Hillary for the "plantation" remark...BUT the GOP takes the cake! Let's look at a couple of other things that Lott has said in the past and the reason's not to forgive him, unlike Byrd!

“Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? How do they tell the difference? They all look the same to me,” — Trent Lott. October 2, 2006

‘’The people in this room stand for the right principles and the right philosophy. Let’s take it in the right direction and our children will be the beneficiaries.'’ — Trent Lott in a 1992 CCC meeting. The Council of Conservative Citizens is an offshoot of the KKK.

“Trent is an honorary member,” said Arnie Watson, a former state senator, Lott’s uncle, and a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens executive board.

A 1997 fundraising letter from the CCC also quotes Lott as saying “America needs a national organization to mobilize conservative, patriotic citizens to help protect our flag, Constitution and other symbols of freedom.”

Alright enough of that cracker let's move on...

My man John Murtha didn't get the majority speakers job like I hoped, it went to Steny Hoyer a man from my home state but Steny is part of that MIC (Military Industrial Complex) Machine...Remember Maryland has a lot of important military bases, weapons manufacturing and secrets too...So he won't be as willing to push for troop withdrawals and reductions in Iraqnam as would Murtha...Now, hears the problem...Cause I can just hear Tim now, "...What about Murtha and the ABSCAM Tapes"...My answer is, what about 'em? It clearly shows that Murtha turned down the money when offered to him on several different occasions...So that bombshell they thought they had is BULLSHYT! It clearly illustrates that he DIDN'T take the CASH! Now people are going say well he was in the room and discussing it and he kinda left the door open...But that is thought crimes BS and the GOP trying to project to discredit Murtha...Now here is where my intuition comes in...I read a WaPo article about the vote for majority speaker and I think Pelosi and the Dems played this right...Okay, their has been enough corruption in DC for the past six years to make the Gambino's proud...I know somewhere Al Capone is saying DAAAAAM, and Nancy is trying to set-up a zero-tolerence scenario from the door and she was also smart in respects to the fact that with her support of Murtha she keeps him relatively happy and in her corner...She will need Big John in the very near future...Seems like Nancy Pelosi is playing this one like a true playa...She is a very smart woman and a homegurl so right now I got her back...All she needs to do now is throw a couple of investigations in the mix and I will be alright...FOR NOW!

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Okay back to (c)wrapping it up this week...You know I had to drops some pearls of wisdom from our glorius leader the ever righteous dear decider from Vietnam no doubt...From Big John Amato over at Crooks & Liars:

He actually said this:

The president said there was much to be learned from the divisive Vietnam War — the longest conflict in U.S. history — as his administration contemplates new strategies for the increasingly difficult war in Iraq, now in its fourth year. But his critics see parallels with Vietnam — a determined insurgency and a death toll that has drained public support — that spell danger for dragging out U.S. involvement in Iraq.

"It's just going to take a long period of time for the ideology that is hopeful — and that is an ideology of freedom — to overcome an ideology of hate," Bush said after having lunch at his lakeside hotel with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, whose country has been one of America's strongest allies in Iraq, Vietnam and other conflicts.

"We'll succeed," Bush added, "unless we quit."

What a sick twisted joke the powers that be pulled on US...He stole that line from Kissenger...From TP:

In Vietnam, Bush Repeats Kissinger: ‘We’ll Succeed Unless We Quit’

Today, during his first visit to Vietnam, President Bush was “asked about the war here over three decades ago and the comparisons to the war in Iraq today.” Bush said there was a comparison: As in Vietnam, “We’ll succeed unless we quit.” Watch it:

Bush’s remarks virtually mirror those made by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. As Bob Woodward detailed in his book State of Denial, Kissinger is a frequent advisor to President Bush and has delivered the message to top administration officials that “victory over the insurgency is the only meaningful exit strategy: MORE!

Ummmph, Ummmmph Ummmmmph! These guy's are ten time worse than OJ! Speaking of which (Shameless Self Promotion #2) did you guy's read my take on OJ's recent 15mins in the spotlight? Ohhh man go check that out over @ The Tinfoil-Trirades .Blogspot.com...The funny thing is as much as WE want to forget about it and let OJ go we really can't...DIG! Remember how the country was all divided up on this strictly down color lines? Now Faux News is putting him back in the spotlight and We are sitting here talking about OJ and debating whether or not he did it and black folks saying no and white folks had him guilty beyond a resaonable doubt BEFORE the trial even began, and Trent Lott is now MINORITY WHIP!?! Ya'll can't hear KKKarl sNIGGERing...Come on now...I know you do! I got more...But I gotta go take care of my tab @ the Korean store, holla at the purple man, head downtown to pick up my prescription, meet my wife after work, maybe go to dinner have a couple of drinks and then come home and break the bedframe...Ya'll have a great weekend and I might be updating this because I really only touched on half the stuff I wanted too...I got some cool vids too...

***Sorry bout that real rough draft earlier but I was pressed for time!

Peace, Love & Race Relations
The New Defenders Of Freedom!

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