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Saturday, November 18, 2006

"The NFL Week 11 Pre-Game Show!"

Okay Imma make this short and sweet today because I got a slight hangover...I only had two shots of Crown last night...Doubles but only 2?! Must have been the purple?!...Hmmmm a little hair of the dog? Maybe?

Alrighty Then...It's getting down to crunch time in the NFL where every loss for a team could mean elimination from the play-offs for those teams still with a chance...We might even see some 10-6 teams make it this year...It is going to be interesting to see...Remember there are a few games on Thursday this week 3 to be exact...One on the Football Network on cable...Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about that yet, not looking good for those of us not stealing cable, I already have to watch my Monday Night games time delayed in still shots cause I dont have cable...Well right now...If you on the Eastside and got the cable hook-up holla at me! Okay, let's get started...First up is...

stlouis @ carolina

The Rams have lost back to back games and are probably going to lose this game today against the Panthers who got back on track last weekend by beating the Bucs 24-10...Take the Panthers! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: FOX...More Info!

newengland @ greenbay

Brady had a bad day last weekend against the Jets...The Patriots were just out played and a fiesty Jets team that nearly beat New England earlier in the season got the job done...Now while the Pack has been playing with renewed life this should be a chance for the Patriots to get back on track...Time Sunday 1pm TV: CBS...More Info!

atlanta_2 @ baltimore_2

Michael Vick cannot come into Baltimore with that wreckless ball handling that has plagued the Falcons the last few weeks...The Ravens are one of the best teams in the league when it comes to giveaway/takeaway stats this season at like +20 or something insane like that...McNair orchestrated a beautiful 20 point comeback last week and the Ravens have a 3 game lead in their division...Take the Ravens @ home Sunday! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: FOX...More Info!

oakland @ kansascity

The Raiders...What can I say...? Ummmm, Art Shell got fined last week for criticizing the Refs, the week before a defensive lineman got fined for kicking a Seahawk player in the groin (nutz), they lost a tough game against the Broncos last weekend and have been looking a little better in terms of playing football...Thuggery they get an A+ (they hold the record don't they?)...Trent Green KC starting QB who has been out with a severe concussion for 10 weeks is going to replace Damon Huard who has been playing better and better as the weeks go by and winning for the Chiefs...I don't think this is a good move but We Shall See...I know the Raiders can't wait to get after Green and it should be interesting to say the least...Let's not forget, the Raiders Beat The Steelers! HA! I am going to go with the Chiefs, but lets not also forget this is a bitter rivalry...Well any game against the Raiders is bitter! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: CBS...More Info!

buffalo @ houston

Hmmmmm, like I've said before I secretly root for the Texans every week..No secret anymore...I like David Carr! No not like that! This week I might even pick them to win though...Might! Buffalo has been a mystery this season looking great at times then really bad the majority...They should be able to get some offense going this week against the Texans last rated defense, but the Texans are coming off their victory against the Jags should have some momentum at home...I guess it comes down to who makes less mistakes...I'm going with the Texans! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: CBS...More Info

minnesota @ miami

The Dolphins have had some type of awakening on defense these last couple of games and since beating the Bears DOWN a few weeks ago have been winning! The Vikings are sliding back down the other way...I like the 'Fins on the strength of their defense against the lost offense in Minnesota...They ain't up there tricking again are they? 'Fins and the win! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: FOX...More Info!

cincinnati @ neworleans

The Bengals gave UP 42 points last week in the second half and let the Chargers win a great comeback game for them heartbreaking for the Bengals offense which was in high gear last weekend! FINALLY! Too bad the defense is slipping now when they are needed the most...I guess they are tired now having had to prop up the offense for the first half of the season?! The Saints are no strangers to getting points on the board, close games and winning the close games ask Philly! Should be a good one, I like the Saints in the Dome...Time: Sunday 1pm TV: CBS...More Info!

chicago @ nyjets

The Bears are back in NY this weekend at the same stadium that they beat the Giants down in on Sunday Prime Time...The Bears offense weathered the initial Giants defensive onslaught and then got it going in the second half after some adjustments...The Jets are coming off the big win against the Patriots and should have some confidence on their side but the Gnats were supposed to beat the Bears too!...I like DA BEARS! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: FOX...More Info!

tennesee @ philladelphia

The Eagles put the smack down on the struggling 'Skins last week coming off the bye and look to do the same at Lincoln Fi against the Titans for there second home game in a row...The Titans lost a real heart breaker at home agianst the Ravens by a point in a game where they dominated for three quarters...Vince Young is going to be one of the great QB's in this league and he is going up against one of the NFL's elite in Donavan McNabb...I like the Eagles for the win but it should be a good game and if the Titans go in this one like they did against the Ravens it should be REALLY good! (A Beagle Beatdown?)! Time: Sunday 1pm TV: CBS...More Info!

pittsburgh @ cleveland

Both the Champs and the Brownies have been playing like...Well the Brownies...Pittsburgh looked good against the Saints who had a chance to win that game last week, but the Champs held on to win after a fumble by rookie Reggie Bush seemed to let the air outta the Saints...The Brownies got the win last week shocking the football world over the Falcons...I am still going to go with the Champs but they are going into the Dogg Pound anything can happen! Time Sunday 1pm TV: CBS...More Info!

washington @ tam

The 'Skins are changing QB's and giving their 2nd year rookie draft pick Jason Campbell a chance to get some snaps! I guess that now the Redskins are outta the play-offs they will start playing some football and Gibbs wont feel the need to coach so much and let this team play football...The Bucs are in the same boat but they have less offense than the 'Skins...I gotta go wit my team...Time: Sunday 1pm TV: FOX...More Info!

detroit @ arizona_2

Ummmm, the Lions come "meowing" into Cardinal stadium in Arizona sporting and unimpressive 2-7 record...The Cardinals seem to stink up that brand new stadium every other week or when ever they call themselves playing at home...Ummmm, I am going to go with the Lions cause the Cards just plain SUCK! Time: Sunday 4pm TV: FOX...More Info!

seattle @ sanfrancisco

The Seahawks should be back to full offensive strength against the 49's this week with the returm of Hasselbeck and Alexander but the 49's are on a hot flash...They have won their last two and are one game off of playing .500 ball...I like the Seahawks with the return of their starters...Time: Sunday 4pm TV: FOX...More Info!

indiannapolis @ dallas

The Peyton/Harrison Pitch and Catch Clinic travels down to Texas to take on The Cowgirls this weekend...Nothing can stop the Colts from going undefeated but them...They have shown that as long as there are a couple of seconds on the clock Peyton can get it done...They won by 1 point last weekend...The Girls went to Arizona last week and put the smack down on the Cards, losing to the Skins the week prior (YES!)...I gotta go with the Colts...Time: Sunday 4pm TV: CBS...More Info!

**Sunday Night Football**



Before you Bolt fans get excited this is not the Bengals defense that gave up 42 in the second half that the Bolts are going to see this weekend in Denver...The Broncos have the top rated defense in the league with outrageous numbers...I still don't think they are better than the Ravens D, but they have been consistent...Now the Raiders exposed Denver a little last weekend and the Bolts have MEA_Mega O with Philip Rivers going 24-of-36 for 338 yards and three touchdowns, and LaDainian Tomlinson scored 3 rushing TD's also last week in Cincinati...It's should be a good one! I am going with the Bolts! Time: Sunday 8:00pm TV: NBC...More Info!

***Monday Night Football***

nygiants_2 @ jacksonvillegif

The Giants are all busted up and are in need of some defense help...Seems if a team can get past the initial defensive avalanche they throw at you in the first half...A halfway decent pass rush from the Jags and someone watching "I Will Not Call Him Tiki" Barber and that tight end what's his name this shoulod be a win for the Jags...But they last to the TEXANS...Ohhh man, is Leftwich back? I still like the Jags they just need to stop turning the football over! Time: Monday 8:30 pm TV: ESPN...More Info!

I will be back later with some other goodies for you guys...Enjoy your Saturday! Hope your team wins even if it is the Cowgirls! Don't forget there are 3 games on this Thanksgiving...Boy my ass is in heaven...Good Food and Football all day! N*gga What?!? Imma be happier than a fag wit a bag of dicks! "Throw the Ball, Run the Ball, Kick the Ball!"

Peace, Love & Any Given Sunday
The New Defenders of Freedom!

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